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[Greg, Guppy, Alice, Cyd and Abs have gone surfing. Guppy has been stung by a weaver fish in his foot and is in a lot of pain. Abs has a suggestion to get rid of the sting]

John 'Abs' Denham: Well there is the traditional remedy. We could try that. On-the-spot job.

Cynthia 'Cyd' Pyke: [grinning] Oh yeah.

Gurpreet 'Guppy' Sandhu: Well whatever it is, just do it!

John 'Abs' Denham: OK, you sure? Cyd, do you want to do it or... I should really do it, shouldn't I?

Cynthia 'Cyd' Pyke: Yeah, probably best. Anyway, I don't think I can.

John 'Abs' Denham: OK!

[Abs starts to unzip his wetsuit. Guppy suddenly realizes that the remedy involves Abs peeing on his foot to neutralise the sting]

Gurpreet 'Guppy' Sandhu: Oh no! Not that! Oh no!

John 'Abs' Denham: Guppy, you'll thank me after!

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