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Season 3

14 Sep. 2008
Dawn of the Dad
Jimmy decides it is time that he became a proper father and look after the children alone - to which end he sends Diana back to her house. However his incompetence spells inevitable disaster with the house being without electricity after he forgets to pay the bill and the kids being sent to school dirty. Alex and Molly decide to take action and threaten to move in with Diana unless their father lets her back home with them. He,of course,is only too glad to give in.
21 Sep. 2008
Not Love Actually
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28 Sep. 2008
Going Solo
Diana persuades Jimmy to join her local choral society,hoping to humiliate him but he is an unexpected hit and revels in the attention,and is asked to perform a duet with Diana. When she feels unable to carry it off he resigns from the society,telling her that he was thrown out but she discovers the truth. Molly is appalled when Alex arranges a double date with a brother and sister,which is predictably disastrous.
17 Oct. 2008
Bad, Bad Old Days
After Jimmy has an accident in the pub toilet and is seen returning two bags of alcohol illegally sold to Molly to the off-licence, Bobby and Kev assume that he has hit the bottle as a reaction to being dumped by Siobhan. They therefore abduct him and lock him in a bare room to go cold turkey before calling Diana to come and talk sense into him. Diana knows the truth but can Jimmy escape in time to prevent Molly going on a sleep-over to the Lake District?
24 Oct. 2008
The Lure of the Rings
When Alex becomes obsessed with the Lord of the Rings and dresses as a Hobbit,Diana persuades Jimmy to be a good father and accompany his son to a theatrical version of the book - dressed as Gandalf. Not only are they the only couple in costume but Jimmy has an embarrassing encounter with Siobhan's new boyfriend and,on arriving at the theatre,find they have neglected to bring the tickets. Diana meanwhile talks dirty to Molly to dissuade her from joining a group dedicated to celibacy before marriage.
31 Oct. 2008
When Kev gets injured at work Bobby encourages him to sue Jimmy but Jimmy manages to catch him out and expose his condition as a sham. Meanwhile Diana takes voluntary redundancy at work,leading to a variety of jobs until she is reinstated as a supply teacher and Jimmy gets a new girl-friend,quantity surveyor Lisa and Alex gets an incredibly tall one,Chelsea.
7 Nov. 2008
The Law of the Skip
Jimmy brings home a variety of articles he found in a skip,including a ping-pong table which both he and Diana adore. However Keith Parker,father of Molly's boyfriend Robbie,angrily visits Jimmy,claiming that his wife dumped the table without his permission and demands it back. Jimmy and Diana put up a united front,leading to a war of attrition and Diana encouraging the youngsters,who have been banned from dating,to be rebelliously romantic. Finally the ownership of the table depends on a play-off ping-pong game between Jimmy and Parker. But,when Molly's happiness is ...
21 Nov. 2008
Too Cool for School
Jimmy is unenthusiastic when Diana puts Alex forward for a scholarship to a private school,causing her to accuse him of indifference to his son's future - as well as being unmanly. So he buys a motor-bike to appear macho. Unfortunately it's a kiddies' model but it comes in handy at getting him through a traffic jam to wish Alex good luck - even if it reduces his status with biker Stella.
21 Dec. 2008
There Will Be Pud
Diana is planning a Christmas exchange with the Tucker family from Florida and,whilst they turn up to her house and regularly phone Jimmy with their gripes, she hits a cow on the way to the airport and returns to shatter Jimmy's idea of a quiet sofa-bound Christmas. When Jimmy's lottery win proves to be underwhelming Alex starts to sell Baby Kaka dolls,which he has been stock-piling for months but becomes attached to them and stops the sales. To cap it all the family gets all its Christmas presents stolen and Diana has to seduce the suspect in order to prove his guilt.

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