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Great Family Show!
soonbadon15 February 2010
Our family REALLY enjoyed this show! It's so hard to find something we can all watch together as a family but this show was GREAT!!!! It's too bad they don't have more shows like it on TV. It was funny and the humor was clean - we didn't have to worry about the teenagers or the younger kids watching. We're all sorry to see that it was canceled. I hope to see more of Bill Engvall, Nancy Travis and the rest of the cast in the very near future. (I don't really have anything else to say but it won't let me send my review until I have a minimum of ten lines so now I'm just trying to write things to fill the space. Sorry - I didn't realize I would have to write so much!)
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I'm trying to like it, I really am!
BeDrinkable12 June 2008
Bill Engvall is one of those comedians that I pause for, whenever I see him. Which is why, when I spotted a television show with him starring, I decided to give it a shot.

From almost the first line, I was not impressed. And things just went from bad to worse. The jokes are not just flat, they're stale. He has problems communicating with his wife ... just like Dick Van Dyke! His kids don't listen to him, but he's proved right in the end ... just like Bill Cosby! His work keeps him away from home ... just like, eh, you get the idea. the jokes are recycled, the story lines are recycled, and the characters are recycled.

Now, I don't necessarily blame Mr. Engvall for most of this. TV after all, has a long history of pulling the teeth from comics to make them palatable for the general public. I was quite looking forward to the George Lopez Show, for example, only to be similarly disappointed. But frankly, based on the utter blandness of this show, I have to wonder, just what did Engvall fight for? Anything? Oh, and I gave this two stars instead of one because Nancy Travis is worth watching.
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It wasn't that bad....
Mudbug7116 October 2009
Wow.... You know what??? If you go, and do some research.... such as looking at most sitcoms of today, that are NOT centered around sex, drinking, sex, sluts, sex, violence, sex, beer, sex, racial stereotypes, sex, senseless action scenes, sex, bimbos, sex, making fun of handicaps, sex, toilet humor, sex, love triangles, sex, drugs, sex, more bimbo sluts, sex, pregnancies, sex, and boring drama.... oh, did I mention sex???? You will easily see that darn near majority of the reviewers will cry, moan, and complain about the same way. By saying that it was boring, stale, and old. Stick to the Secret Life of an American Teenager, or Desperate Housewives, where everything is about backstabbing, betrayals, and (that word again) sex. We have all been consumed with being practically immoral, and our standards as a whole have sunk pretty low. A show that is positive in any way gets bashed. Being good is a bad thing, now. And, ask yourself, why is that??? You cannot answer it, can you??? For the folks, who enjoy shows like this, you can either act like you don't, or stand up for having some guts, or nuts. This show was actually just average, I enjoyed it more, for trying to show just an average, everyday family, with real-life situations. Bill was funny, and Nancy was awesome. Now, with Tim Meadows, he was great. Now for the folks who did not like the show, you can celebrate, and rejoice, the show has been canceled. Now, you can get back to your lessons in backstabbing, bribery, adultery, teen pregnancies, deviant marriages, and dull boring drama B.S. This was a decently good show, too bad it is now gone. Maybe Hank, will be just as good.
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"IT" survived for 3 seasons?!
Bad Swon18 February 2015
Oh Dear Lord! Here's what bothers me most in a long (so very long) list of complaints: this guy is supposed to be a therapist! A caveman would have more sensitivity to people's problems in the 21st century than this guy! What is up with the screenplay? Just plain awful. Bill Engvall's acting is ridiculous. He only has ONE expression for any emotion: and guess what? It's NOT funny. The only reason I watched ALL 3 SEASONS of this garbage is Jennifer Lawrence; I thought: "hey I love J. Law's acting, how bad can the show be, right?" The fact that I almost got to the point of quitting J. Law on screen is a testament to how atrocious this "thing" is. Do not watch it! Unless you just have to because Jennifer Lawrence is in it (That's my reason anyway).
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Pretty darn good.
Batkid19 September 2007
Let's face it. Bill and the other guys from the Blue Collar gang aren't the most profane comics out there, but that's basically the

genius of their entire humor.

Bill can be dead hilarious without going over the top and having to be off-color too many times.

Anyway, it's just another family drama that's pretty well written and is guaranteed to get a couple of laughs out of you. None of the actors seem out of place here and it's good to see that other comedians Tim Meadows and Nancy Travis are still in the business.

Overall, it's a pretty good sitcom to watch along w/ re-runs of "Everyone Loves Raymond," "Friends" and "Frasier."

So I also hope that this gets renewed for a second season & if it doesn't then that's TBS/TNT cable company's loss because this is hilarious.
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The Worst Sitcom Ever
walleybob2 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the First 3 episodes, I think, It is not funny At all. The audience, if there is one, never laughed, I never laughed. If there were one, It must of been a bunch of kidnapped children. I can't stand BillEngvall. The wife is a _____. The daughter is so dumb. The teenage boy is gay. The little kid is a brat. They all must of needed jobs really badly. Just poor writers and directors and no good actors. I am shocked it has been announced for a second season. That is all it will last hopefully.This show should down in the trash for good.

As a hater, I give this show a 1/10. It deserves it. If I was TBS, I would just cut my self.

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TBS, do society a favor...
eden05238311 August 2008
This show is repulsive. The "jokes" are delivered badly and they're not funny at all...not even a little bit catchy. The acting is absolutely terrible, not the least bit convincing. And what's up with Bill Engvall stopping the show you're watching for a good thirty seconds so he can try and promote this lame so-called comedy, sitcom...whatever?!. Talk about bad advertising-that has to be the worst! You don't want to irritate your viewers even before they see your show! Whoever thought up that idea must really be a moron.

And also, this show makes me regret ever having grown up in the south because the people on this show (mostly Bill) bring out the worst in southern people. Women must stay home and tend to the man when he gets off work, and God forbid let a black man walk in the house.
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Nice decent show the whole family can watch
jococ-131 May 2008
If you're looking for a good and funny family show (rare these days), this is it. From what I've seen so far there is very little in common with the sluts and idiots you will find on Friends and Sex and the City and multiple other sit-coms.

They even say Grace at the table over Chinese take-out.

Solid parental characters, a stronger than usual man-role for the father, a mother character who keeps him in check, normal kids, good values, and very entertaining from what I've seen so far. Definitely not prudish, a good mildly biting comedy.

I would compare this to "Still Standing" but perhaps even better as the Peason parents are less dysfunctional than the Millers.
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Pretty Darn Awful
depaulbeatkuHA15 February 2008
This show is pretty darn awful. First off, it fails on every level imaginable. The script made me suicidal. Do you recall the pilot? One of the "funny" parts was when the little kid made the remark, "you haven't WASHED your hands in a while." What? The jokes are terrible.

Next, the characters do incredibly dumb things. In one episode, the mom starts selling muffins to people in Bill's office. She is bringing home hundreds of dollars a day when she would normally just be sitting at home. However, this is to Bill's DISMAY. He hates her doing this! He's such a frigging moron! Then, she has to (get this) work HARD! OH NO! And we, the audience, and supposed to feel sorry for her, instead of saying, "heck with you! you need to work hard to make money!" So whats the message of the story? It's even if you make hundreds of dollars a day, if it's hard, then just be a house wife! And of course the episode ends with that dork going back to being a housewife.
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Really Bad
craigpaul23 June 2008
I appreciate people saying that if I don't like the show that I shouldn't watch it, and I generally don't. It's impossible, however, to avoid all of the promos and I just had to see if the show was as awful as the promos make it seem - and since they put the funniest bits in the ads, I wasn't surprised to find that it's even worse. The only reason I'm writing this note is because it's really frustrating unfair that so many talented people are out of work when this passes for a sitcom.

One other somewhat unrelated note - this is another in a long line of shows where unattractive men have attractive wives, an obvious result of men being the writers and producers of most of these shows.

It's surprising that women viewers don't object to this. It is, however, consistent with most men's attitudes - I can be a fat slob, but my women have to be hot.
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One of our favorite shows!
step8814 July 2009
Our family is watching reruns now waiting for the new season of The Bill Engvall show this week, and we are enjoying them just as much the 2nd time around! We all love this show, and never go through a show without a good laugh! The family has such good relationships with each other and it is one of the few "family friendly" shows any more. It is clever & always comes up with a different premise each week. The relationships are fairly believable, though somewhat exaggerated. Paul is our favorite character - he is hilarious. Bill and his wife are also very good. The 3 kids are all completely different from each other. There is a very cute teenage girl, a little brother that is a "brain" and another brother who is the opposite of a brain...We highly recommend this show. The world would be a better place. We are so glad it is on for another season and hope the exposure and popularity builds so it can continue on. Give it a try!
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sportellos2 July 2008
I remember the good old days of TBS. Nice, hilarious comedies that you couldn't wait for more episodes.

Now, we have things like the Bill Engvall Show. What a piece of garbage. The promos only make it worse. I seriously almost vomited when the following conversation occurred: "Didn't your ex wife have a job?" "Yeah she was a magician, she made our money disappear!" WHO THE F*CK GOT PAYED TO WRITE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Please, TBS, get new writers. We all need it. I just can't believe that Bill Engvall is getting PAYED for this. He's barely trying. The same goes for Tyler Perry's House Of Payne. TBS, I EXPECT A CHANGE!
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Terrible show
danielalcantar9 June 2008
The Bill Engvall Show is terrible on almost every front. Bill Engvall as a main character is one of the worst in recent memory. He isn't funny, he has no comedic timing and he is just plain laughable as a "therapist". The jokes and family situations are topical and predictable to the point of being cringe-worthy. The advertising campaign for this show is also the worst I've every seen. Pausing quality shows on TBS for a solid 30 seconds while Bill talks about his mess? Give me a break.

Perhaps my biggest problem with this show is the culture which is represents. NASCAR has signed the big contract with ESPN, Larry the Cable Guy's movies made obscene amounts of money and redneck culture in general is now right in the middle of the mainstream. Doesn't it upset anyone that NASCAR can't show the center of the track because of all the confederate flags on the RV's? Bill Engvall represents all this and more. The "family values" displayed in the show are nothing more than an excuse to show a white, upper-middle class family in which a heterosexual marriage heads the parenting role, being highly functional and displaying the kind of virtues that have allowed things like the Iraq war and Bush re-election to take place.

Never has a white, upper-middle class family been portrayed as being so steady and so "united". The undertones to Bill Engvall and his entire career are glaringly obvious. You can feel the pro military ideals oozing out of every trashy pore in this terribly written, racism-perpetuating show.
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Another Great Show That Was Cancelled Too Soon!
Ben Dover22 November 2010
Bill Engvall is one of my all-time favorite comedians, and this show was a fantastic showcase of his sarcastic down-home humor from his comedy albums (and it was a million times better than his buddy Jeff Foxworthy's self-titled mid-90's sitcom on ABC & NBC). What was great about this show is that it didn't resort to toilet humor, excessive profanity, and sexual innuendo like most modern "sitcoms" that are cluttering the airwaves today, and it was a fantastic alternative to the reality garbage on TV. TBS should be ashamed for pulling the plug on such an awesome show, and hopefully Warner Bros. will put the remaining episodes on DVD soon.
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Quite possibly the worst teleivion show of the last 15 years.
sithas-17 July 2008
TBS should be ashamed for optioning this miserable show. The acting is terrible, the meter and timing of every "joke" is miserable, and calling the plots laughably bad would be an insulting to laughably bad plots everywhere. It's as if they offered complete creative freedom to Bill Engvall with absolutely no oversight whatsoever, while simultaneously agreeing to never do more than one take of any scene for any reason, ever. The result is a downright insulting format reminiscent of 1987 when all ideas explored by this show were already considered stale.

Give me a break; whether or not you found the blue comedy tour humorous or not may be up to personal opinion, but this show manages to defenestrate even the slightest trace of humor from his act and strangle it like a prostitute you don't have enough money for. Absolutely a terrible, terrible show.
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Great Show
watching292 August 2008
I think this is one of the best sitcoms I have watched in a long time. It has an excellent cast [ Nancy Travis is hot ] , it's clean and the subject matters I can relate to. It's a good down to earth family show. The house they live in is cool...the old Leave it To Beaver House. I bought The first season DVD which has has nice bonus features. This show kind of reminds me of the Cosby Show - just in the way it relates to normal family matters - parents dealing with kids in everyday real life situations. And you'll recognize some of the actors who faces pop up as guests. I look forward to the second season and I hope this show does well enough to stay around for a few seasons.
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Pretty Offensive
ValaBlack4 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I know people talk about how it's great to see a show that isn't centered around sex - and I agree with that one point, that it would be great, if the show didn't seem to be fueled by sexism and racism.

I only watched this show because I love Jennifer Lawrence, and I found after a few full episodes, I had to start scanning through and mostly just watching her scenes. Even then, it was disappointing to see her have to deliver such terrible writing.

It was so predictable and incredibly offensive that themes of male dominance and women's place being in the home were consistently perpetuated and the kids were pretty spoiled much of the time. It was always father-knows-best and mother never being given credit for all she does. Similarly, there was talk about how Bill needed to show his power or he would lose it altogether, rather than equality in relationships and mutual partnership.

It was also extremely problematic to have an episode which basically promotes child maltreatment as acceptable if used to teach some sort of lesson. The episode in which the kids refused to clean the garage unless paid or rewarded (I will grant you this furthers my point of them being written as fairly spoiled), so Bill decides to revoke all of their privileges - which he states to include both food and light, among other things. These are not privileges, and what astounded me was that he brought all the food to their bedroom so the kids couldn't even make their own dinners. I suppose I could have let it go if they were at least given the option to fend for themselves, but to deny basic human necessities for survival is not punishment - it's abuse. I know it's a TV show, but to reinforce the notion that such treatment is acceptable under any means is absolutely abhorrent.

And those are just a few examples of why I take issue with this show. I appreciate some people liking it, but honestly, Jennifer was the only redeeming factor for me, and had she not been part of it, I certainly would never have continued watching past the first five minutes, if at all.
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Really unfunny show
Scott Marcus3 March 2017
I only watched one or two episodes. I don't need a show to be about sex for me to watch. But I DO need a sitcom to be funny, and the star to have some acting or comedic talent. And Bill Engvall is neither talented nor funny. He can't act at all. The writing is awful. One of the worst sitcoms ever.
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Pretty good show
Gabriel Aguilar22 August 2009
I cant understand why some people would put this show down its a very funny show maybe some people are to blind to see that.The acting is pretty good,I can identify with each actor,I know there personalities.Not a lot of people can identify with a blue collar other words the show is great in my book.At the start i didn't even think that this show was that great but after watching a couple of episodes i realized what this "Bill Engvall" was all about.I give this show my best wishes and hopefully it will stay on the air on TBS and maybe even expand to other T.V networks.Give this show a chance you might like it you just have to really pay attention.
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nilbog4416 June 2008
I'm embarrassed that this got on the air. the fact that anyone likes it speaks to how dumb human beings really are. the only thing that comes close to this bad are "tyler perry's house of payne" and "wild n out." i can't imagine anyone thinking this is remotely funny. it's sad to me that the writers/actors actually make money producing this garbage. there are good shows such as "stella" that only lasted ten episodes on comedy central while this gets aired. i'll never understand it. bad taste is rampant in this country apparently. i almost wish i was stupid enough to be amused as easily as the people who enjoy this. like the expression says, "ignorance is bliss."
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psychopath_198928 July 2008
This Has To Be A Joke Write.This Show Is Not Funny Its So Hilarious In A Way Because Its So Bad These Characters In This Show Have No Talent. I Really Never Thought Bill Engvall Was That Funny Any Way Or His Other Stuff Like Blue Comedy Collar. What Ever Happened To The Good TV Shows Like Full House Or The Wonder Years TV Shows That Were Made With Spirit & Heart& Passion Don't Waste Ur Time Watching This Show Its Flaccid & Silly & Also Pointless.There's A lot Of Shows Out There Im Sure That Are Just As Horrible But I Don't Know Cause I Don't Waste My Time.There Really Isn't Anything Good On Anymore The Good Shows Were The Ones That Were Made Back In Like The 1960s 1970s & The Early 1980s Where The HE*l Is All The Comedy Gone To.
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Absolutely Awful
fitch096 September 2009
This show makes me physically sick. What's even more insulting than the show itself is the fact that TBS tries to convince us that this is "very funny" with the words coming direct from Mr. Engvall's own mouth. Congrats TBS, you've reached a new low. It is quite sad that Tim Meadows has stooped low enough to play the token black guy in a horrible, horrible "sit-com" with this douche Engvall. I'm sure he's having trouble finding work, but come on, man--this is worse than doing gay porn. Farley, Hartman and other SNL pals are rolling in their graves right now. There are plenty of comedians out there who don't have to be "profane" to be funny, but this dude is not one of them. This style of cheap comedy needs to go away forever.
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