Prom Night (2008) Poster

(I) (2008)

Plot Keywords

friend prom
hotel murder
killer party
teenager high school teacher
psychopath teacher
high school police officer killed
fire extinguisher flood
crime scene violence
virgin death of girlfriend
death of boyfriend friendship
coming of age survival
teenage girl drunkenness
husband wife relationship aunt niece relationship
uncle niece relationship bridge
bridgeport connecticut home invasion
rivalry barefoot
shower elevator
hallucination dancing
graduation teen movie
suspense haunted by the past
orphan police station
police detective cliche
slow motion scene cell phone
news report one day
ambulance fire truck
axe high school student
mugshot disguise
stalking race against time
pistol rookie cop
erotomania comic relief
anno domini stupid cop
stupid victim male nudity
gay foot fetish
bad gas cockiness
joke garbage
trash butt bolo
black stereotype clown
rapist pedophilia
sexual predator sex offender
masturbation child molester
pedophile pervert
turd flasher
mtv teen horror
characters killed one by one cut telephone line
flashback chase
horror movie remake underage drinking
throat slitting threatened with a knife
swat team strangulation
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
shot to death shot in the chest
murder of a police officer obsession
murder of family loss of loved one
limousine kicked in the face
hiding in a closet flask
engagement ring dj
death death of family
corpse murder of a child
breaking a mirror boyfriend girlfriend relationship
body in a trunk blood splatter
blood on shirt bitten hand
hiding under a bed slasher
slasher flick renovation
parents mirror
medicine cabinet broken dish
body in the ceiling blood
bathroom mirror uncle
stalker remake
psychologist prom queen
prom king police
nightmare master key
knife hotel suite
hotel staff hotel renovation
evacuation escaped convict
dream sequence detective
dance clique
aunt death of friend
death of child title spoken by character

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