Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
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totalitarianism takes over in the wizarding world

Author: Lee Eisenberg (lee.eisenberg.pdx@gmail.com) from Portland, Oregon, USA
13 December 2010

If you've read all the Harry Potter books, then you should know that, as the series went on, they essentially became an allegory for totalitarianism. Certainly one can see that in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1". Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson reprise their roles as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, respectively. The three are now having to live almost in secret due to the almost fascistic takeover of the wizarding world by Lord Voldemort's (Ralph Fiennes) minions. In fact, while the three are undercover in the office building, the factory looks like something out of Nazi Germany or Stalin's USSR: the employees robotically help to publish material which pushes a fear of the "other" (in this case Muggles, or non-wizards). Harry, Ron and Hermione are like the French Resistance, one might say.

Anyway, it's a good thing that they broke the final book into two movies. So far, they're doing a really good job not only bringing the magic to the screen, but also warning of the dangers that totalitarian entities - represented here by the Death Eaters - pose. I recommend it.

Tom Felton, Jason Isaacs, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Brendan Gleeson, John Hurt, David Thewlis, Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, and Julie Walters reprise their roles from the previous movies, with new additions Bill Nighy and Rhys Ifans.

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Satisfying and simply great!

Author: Jona1988 from Finland
13 December 2010

Maybe the film company felt that by splitting the book into two movies they could make twice as much cash. But after seeing Part 1 I feel that even if money was the motive it was the right choice for the quality also. I was very satisfied with the film.

The seventh book was a great ending to a brilliant series. However if one splits it on the middle I think the first half is considerably weaker. The infamous camping parts where the book really started to drag. So one could expect the adaptation of the first part to feel a bit slower also. But I was positively surprised by how well they have succeeded, the film is not just very good on it's own but might even stand out as one of the better in the series. The series has gotten more and more mature for each film. Not just the tone and violence but also the characters, their emotions and such. It's great fun to see how the characters grow and the relations between them develop. It all works brilliant. I think the films have done well in capturing the feel of the characters form the books and in this film you get to follow them even closer. All the actors make a great performance. New additions to the cast Bill Nighy and Rhys Ifans are good and suit there roles fine. The tone of the film is pretty gray and sad like the story, but they have done it well to get the right feel without making it dull and empty. The film stays on track and keeps the right tone all the way. Doesn't add any unnecessary jokes and no cheesy scenes or dialogue which has happened in previous films. No attempts to make the film both mature and childish, something one could fear they would try. The action scenes in the Harry Potter films has never been the strong point. The characters and story is still the best but the action has gotten better and this is without doubt the best yet. Thanks to being split in two the story telling is much more detailed and done in a more graspable pace. The story has gotten more complicated but I feel it's easier to follow whats going on here than in Prisoner of Azkaban. I can't imagine how the story could be told in a good way in just one film, doing it like this was the best way.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is a superb film that greatly lives up to my expectations. All aspects of it are really well done, story telling, character development, depth and emotion, even great action. Looking forward to part 2 which I feel has all the capacity, meaning even more thrilling plot to be even better!

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Just the Beginning of the End

Author: knox_jamal12 from United States
11 December 2010

"…just the beginning of the end". That is what the first part of the final chapter in the Harry Potter says to me. With the first six films being a mere premise to the last two films of the franchise, to think about coming end to the cherished series cause me a bit of sadness. Being a die-hard Harry Potter fan, this particular "Part One" did not disappoint.

This film opens with an epic struggle for survival as seven "Potters" attempt to smuggle Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) out of his Aunt and Uncle's house given his upcoming birthday. The dynamics of the scene give an immensely powerful first statement for the film. The screenwriter Steve Kloves does a brilliant job in my opinion of manifesting the action from the novel on the screen. Throughout the movie we see a different turn from previous Potter movies. We see a lot more of the dynamics in the characters relationships with each other. We see a little bit more romance, lightly played but obvious. We see present well within the movie the idea of Harry's dependence on Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint). We see a lot of team work present and suiting the feel well, the story begins to slow down allowing bit more room for back story explanations. This time the feel of the film is one of a slower pace, which in my opinion serves well to ease the audience into the films inevitable end. I whole-heartedly agree with the decision made to split the film into two parts. I think that it gives more space for the storyline to spread out and really capture the whole big picture, as is illustrated well in Rowling's book. Plus it brings even more money to the franchise.

The actors also have done an amazing job throughout the whole decade that this film has taken to rise to its current and immense glory. We've had the privilege to watch as Daniel Radcliffe, brilliantly portrayed as the scrawny bespectacled boy we grew to love in the first book and movie, to the mature, beastly looking hero, taking an even greater leap from the books' descriptions and making the change from Daniel to Harry on screen all the more powerful and beautiful. Watson also grew from slightly annoying and cute little girl to a smoking hot, mature British woman, despite her recent hair change. Rupert Grint even did a bit of growing up. He's gotten a deeper voice, but remains that endlessly loyal companion to Harry throughout all the films. The actors and actresses have always played their given parts brilliantly. It surprises me that most of the whole cast and crew have been there from the beginning (except for the directors). It's further touching to reflect on the brilliant family these people have become in the production of this amazing franchise.

In retrospect there are some things that I do wish had been done better. Like some of the finer ends of the movie were a little left out. But I think overall David Yates did a great job with this film, as he has with the previous films he's directed in the series. He definitely seems to me the most familiar with the tone of the movie and though shaped the film in a way that suited him, his taste suits the novel and the rest of us just fine. I definitely look forward the final installment of the franchise this upcoming summer. It will be a bittersweet birthday present, considering I began my journey with Potter on my birthday nearly 10 years ago. I recommend this movie to any who'll watch. It will not disappoint.

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Harry Potter- Good Movie

Author: Javier Flores from Mexico
11 December 2010

This is a very good movie and I'm not really a good fan of Harry potter, but in this movie the directors capture my attention with amazing special effects. Also the history has a lot of comic scenes and then BAM an action Scene. So I recommended this movie. Also the effects in 3D are very good. The directors make an excellent decision to divide this movie in two parts because in the end you will want to see the final part. Actually I have to see the other harry potter movies because I don't remember a lot of details of the history, so I have to spend some time to see them. So for all the really fans of harry potter you are going to enjoy the movie, and for all the people who aren't fans of harry potter also you are going to enjoy it.

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Perfect start of the new movie!

Author: gustaffa93 from Sweden
10 December 2010

The perfectness of HP and the deathly hallows part 1 cannot be spoken in words.

The film starts off with the Warner Bros logo, but it's more darker than in the previous HP film. From that moment and onwards the movie had action/excitement in almost every scene until the end. The plot is awesome and more personal drama is introduced as the movie moves on.. It follows the book almost perfect with only some bits cut out which doesn't really make a big deal in the plot itself. I was beginning to wonder when the movie was nearing it's end if it would cut in a bad scene without any notification before the credits began to roll, but i was clearly wrong as the movie was cut after a carefully chosen scene which is going to haunt the HP fans for the next 7 months until the last part is shown on cinema! Thanks Yate for making one of the greatest HP movies yet!

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Author: mirosuionitsaki2 from United States
8 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Amazing! Harry Potter returns with this fantastic new movie based on the book, but unfortunately it's part one. But I guess the benefit is that Harry Potter doesn't end yet. A benefit for the filmmakers too, as they may make more money.

I didn't enjoy the lack of action, though. Since the move preceding this one, I have not seen much action, or fighting. The beginning, there was fighting, but that seemed to be it. It simply seemed to be that the movie was about characters walking around in a forest and hiding. There was a pretty action-backed, and suspenseful and sad scene at the end of the movie, but it wasn't enough.

Ignoring this, I can see why this is an amazing movie, and that is why it deserves such a high rating.

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Author: Moonlit_Sorcery from United States
7 December 2010

Deathly Hallows part 1 is arguably the best Harry Potter film to date, right up there with the first film. I was slightly disappointed at first, but upon my second viewing I fell in love with it.

Hogwarts is completely absent from this film. It now focuses on Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaving their previous lives behind and going into hiding and on the run from the ministry of magic which has been infiltrated by Voldemort's minions. Much of the film takes place out in the wilderness.

We see the trio's friendship strained and repeatedly tested, living in close quarters and struggling to track down the remaining "Horcruxes"-objects in which Lord Voldemort has contained a fragment of his soul. In order to put an end to Voldemort once and for all, they need to locate these Horcruxes and destroy them. Their journey takes them all over the countryside of Britain.

The highlight of the film was a scene in which our heroes disguise themselves as Ministry Of Magic employees using Polyjuice Potion and infiltrate the ministry, which has now become very Nazi-like in their efforts to detain and interrogate witches and wizards who aren't "pure-blood", and those working against Voldemort. BRILLIANTLY done, and while this film has much less light-hearted humor than the last, there are a few chuckles to be had in this scene.

The actors are at the top of their game, I can think of no one here who turned in a lackluster performance. And as always, the film is chock full of highly respected British actors such as Rhys Ifans, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Jason Isaacs, Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman, etc.

The film does have some emotional moments where I could feel myself struggling to keep from getting a little misty eyed. It's unfortunate that the saddest scene is at the end, which does leave a not-so-happy ending, but what can you expect seeing as this is only part 1.

The film isn't for small children, but if they have seen the other films, they will be fine. There's no cursing here beyond "piss" or "damn". There is a scene that suggests passionate nude kissing, of course without showing parts. There is one scene with a decent amount of blood when a character nearly looses an arm, and also a somewhat brief torture scene (by magic) that is mostly heard rather than seen.

The soundtrack is amazing and moving, very well done. I particularly like "The Oblivation" and "Decoy Detonators".

Overall, this is a fantastic film. Don't attempt to really understand what's going on if you're not familiar with the past films, you'll be pretty lost.

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a grand start to the two part finale

Author: nikowanamate from United Kingdom
6 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

a reverting film that starts of what looks to be a grand finale.

i must admit, i went into this film still reeling from the abysmal disappointment that half blood prince, a film that was filmed extremely well, but lacked in performance and plot.

deathly hallows got of to any amazing start, the combination of the story and Alexandre Desplat's score was done phenomenally. the way in which they introduces Snape, was mystifying and exciting, the scene with Voldemort was grabbing, and for the first time i understood why he is 'he who must not be named'. the way in which the subtlety of the film worked was one worthy of Oscar recognition.

the film was paced well, though a few editing glitches were apparent, that sometimes made miss out on certain important facts of the story. however, the director really stepped up this time around. he managed to give this story a feel of absolute fugitively, which i enjoyed to great extent. i felt like i understood the world of harry potter, something i have not felt since the fourth one.

the deathly hallows moment was surprising, and i have to admit, it was done pretty, well. this was perhaps the most anticipated part of the movie, and generally had received a Lot of talk, but when it came up, i was generally surprised at how good it came across. it was clear that with deathly hallows, they knew what they wanted to do, where as in half blood prince they seemed to lack motivation and imagination on how to take it further.

overall, it was an amazing experience that i surely will enjoy for a long time coming, the editing perhaps the only flaw, but they moments where the editing really stepped up, example the amazing ending. i won't say what it was, but i thought an ending to this would have left me good natured and not fussing about when the next one will come out, and i'm glad to say that's how i felt. i was annoyed at the abrupt end, rather just amazed at how they managed to leave me satisfied that i had watched a worth while film.

i would throughly recommend this film for anyone who is feeling borderline about harry potter, because it will certainly revive your spirit for the boy who lived.

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Best one

Author: Alex Tushner (alexanderdagreat21@hotmail.com)
5 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now this movies seems to be spit on by some, and just loved to the core by others.And people are lost to why this seems to be happening. I think it's mostly from the people that have read these Novels, and who have just watched them. That seem to be saying these to totally different points of view. To the ones that say it was awful. Seem to think it was slow and nothing really happened. But to the ones who say other. Are finally happy they stayed to the Novels more then the other movies.

Further more they are really trying hard on making this one close the gaps of all the questions.To do so the splitting into two movies was a great idea. People try to say it was just for the money, but form the detail and pure intensity of it all. It rather hushes that to me. Now if they would have made just one movie. It would have to be 5 hours to try to explain the whole destroying of Voldemort and the intensity of why it's not so easy. Which would have pleased some people, but do you want to sit through that? So the two part was a good idea.

For what a good job they have done. If they stay on the same track. They should bring out another movie that will make those "movies" people enjoy it, and this one more then they do now, and keep the novel people further pleased. For as of now. The split liking will stay. After part two. That should be shut up.

I will be waiting impatiently for part two from now on. Two thumbs up.

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Harry Potter: 9/10

Author: jnguyen46117 from USA
5 December 2010

It is a shame that Warner Bros decided to split the franchise into 2 parts, but that was however a very smart move. Even though the movies were made to satisfy the fans, but its main reason was to make more money with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. We'd watched all three of them grow for a decade, now to think that they're all adults and the franchise is going to be over soon, it is an odd feeling to say the least. The wizard world is corrupting because Lord Voldemort is back with his powers. Even the Ministry of Magic has to hide. The movie takes us on a journey with the three friends rather than giving us a battle between Harry and Voldemort. This is the number one reason fans are complaining about: there wasn't enough action and adventure. But in my opinion, the movie is just building tension for the next one. Even though the film doesn't give much on action, the acting is perfectly where we want it. The three friends give it their all but standing out is Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort) and his evil companion Bellatrix (Helena Bonham Carter). The make-up part in the franchise is always mesmerizing to see. These artists must've worked really hard to have Voldemort's face looked like that! Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 does not disappoints at all, not with its fine acting and brilliant make-up.…

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