Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
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35 out of 50 people found the following review useful:

Great cast . . .

Author: team-26 from United Kingdom
3 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

. . . for the most part wasted. Bill Nighy has about 5 minutes of screen time, Robbie Coltrane maybe 10 minutes, Ralph Fiennes perhaps 15. Trailing along are Jason Isaacs, Brendan Gleeson, Rhys Ifans and Alan Rickman with perhaps 3 minutes each, David Thewlis with 2 minutes and Timothy Spall with about the same. Helena Bonham Carter probably has 10 minutes and only over-acts for 8 of them.

Instead of concentrating on this galaxy of stars we spend most of the time sitting in the mountains with Harry and Hermione suffering a lot of angst or sitting in the mountains with Harry, Hermione and Ron suffering a lot of angst. As a break from the mountains we get time sitting in the forest with Harry and Hermione suffering a lot of angst, or sitting in the forest with Harry, Hermione and Ron suffering . . . well you get the picture. There is, in fact, so much angst in this movie it should have been made in Swedish with English sub-titles.

The problem with angst is that it's . . . well . . . boring.

Then there are things that simply don't lead anywhere - Harry has a snog with Ginny Weasley, but he doesn't follow through. He has a dance with Hermione (in between spurts of angst) but he doesn't follow through on that either. OK, this is Harry Potter, so we don't expect shower scenes, but can Harry actually lift his wand? I think we should be told.

The "love" scenes may be anti-climactic - but then so are the action scenes. For example: woman inexplicably changes into a snake - snake attacks Harry but retreats after (shock! horror!) biting a chair leg. Something funny going on with Harry and the snake - is this another metaphor? There is no plot aside from . . . did I mention lots of angst? The best part of this film: the credits. I didn't think I'd see a film worse than Robin Hood this year - David Yates has directed one.

P.S. Why did Dumbledore die? - because he wanted to avoid being in this.

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47 out of 74 people found the following review useful:

Best movie in the series.. Cant wait for the Grand Finale!!!

Author: harishkumar_0707 from India
16 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Growing up with a series, especially a fantasy can be quite an intimate experience. Gratifying because of the spectacular adventures it unfolds, changing its course through the years, as well as heartbreaking for it's not permanent. After all, what can be more emotional than seeing the improbable turn true even if it's just a timeless tale of good vs evil told with a bright new perspective in a fictional universe around ingenious characters and creatures..

What's great about this film is that we feel the emotions the characters go through, probably because this movie follows the book very closely. The actors have all grown up and have given memorable performances and i have to add Emma Watson looks truly ravishing.Now Some of the coolest sequences involve a jaw-dropping chase between the death eaters and multiple Harry Potters, the troika's disguised entry and escape from the Ministry of Magic in a bid to steal Salazar Slytherin's locket ,a brilliantly animated interlude narrating 'The Tale of the Three Brothers' and Nagini's petrifying assault on a shell-shocked Harry. Thankfully, all this, especially the last mentioned bit, does not occur in 3D as previously planned. Be warned, not everyone has the stomach to endure the furious thrills that follow every time Voldemort's enormous snake makes an appearance.

And while Voldemort himself only shows up during the first and final scene, his towering baritone and intimidating personality more than make up for the break. Fiennes conducts the foul-faced antagonist with such exquisite terror and theatrical charisma; he's assured to earn a seat in the realm of cinema's greatest villains.

Now I eagerly await the last part of the series,I'm sure it'll be sad for millions of fans when they bid farewell to this epic and memorable series. Harry, Ron and Hermoine will be forever etched in our minds.

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43 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

You will hate me, but....

Author: Dakota_Niswonger from United States
19 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie, next to the order of the phoenix was, in my opinion, one of the worst potter movies ever as far as book loyalty. So many characters were left out, scenes were torn apart and replaced with ones that were only decipherable by a few key phrases, but I think the all around worst scenes of this movie would have to be in the scenes at Xeno Lovegood's house, the snatchers (greyback is completely cut out of the story line) the wedding (very quickly done with no time taken to really give it the beauty it deserved) and above all else, Malfoy manor when Dobby helps them escape. (Bellatrix bites into Hermione's arm the word mud blood and doesn't torture her, and she keeps her wand, and wormtail doesn't kill himself. Also fairly disappointing was any and all scenes in the black house. It was a very good movie, but not for those who were lovers of the book. I give it 5 stars simply owing to the fact that the actors were phenomenal, the effects were amazing, and it kept you on the edge of your seat.

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18 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

If you've read the book, the movie disappoints..

Author: michelle-lynn13
26 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sadly, Kloves and Yates took Rowling's richly detailed character driven story and turned into an action film. I found myself surprised at the realization a couple weeks ago that I had just finished reading the last installment of the Harry Potter books for a third time. Admittedly, I have not yet read the first four books; coincidentally, the first four movies, I liked. The last three books, I've read and perhaps not so coincidentally, I was disappointed by the films for all three (so far - in as much as the last book has been split into two parts). Rowling's writings of the books are very rich in detail, detail which illustrates quite beautifully the nuances of the relationships that the characters have with one another and thus offer the understanding for the how and why of the characters' development. Key details in Rowling's novels set up plot points and history for the subsequent novels. In The Half Blood Prince, the movie, Ginny leads Harry into the Room of Requirement to hide the potions book. In the novel, Harry decides to hide the book to avoid having it confiscated after using a curse hand-written in the book against Draco Malfoy. The importance of this change is in the final book, when Harry is looking for the Horcruxes he recalls having seen the Diadem of Ravenclaw on the bust perched on the cabinet in which he hid the book. Now that the movie has altered this happening, they've removed the setup for Harry finding one of the final Horcruxes in the Room of Requirement. Details such as these go towards showing the definition of the characters themselves...how Harry is different from Voldemort is his remarkable capacity to love in spite of all that he has suffered. He cares for his friends, whereas Voldemort has no friends. The "lessons" that Dumbledore has with Harry in the sixth book are important for Harry to learn all that he can to understand Tom Riddle and how he became Voldermort so that he will know how to defeat him. In the movie, these "lessons" are completely glossed over and there is no great understanding offered into Riddle's background and history. Like the comment Dumbledore makes about Tom keeping souvenirs, this is a clue for Harry when trying to figure out what objects Voldemort selected as his Horcruxes. In the book, The Order of the Phoenix, the members of Dumbledore's Army communicate via the enchanted Galleons, no mention of this at all in the movie and yet this is key for how the students communicate whilst at school in the last book while waging war. I do understand that the films would be way too long if they all followed the books to the letter, however, let me offer Sir Peter Jackson and his translation of Tolkien's critically acclaimed classic literature into three fantastic epic films that do absolute justice the books with exceptional scripts and filmmaking. Yates and Kloves would have done well to pause for a moment and asked if they were making action movies or were they trying to tell the story of Harry Potter. To me, filmmaking is storytelling in its own right. Granted, a book depends upon the imagination of the readers' to create a picture with the words on the page, while film removes the necessity of imagination because the picture is painted for the viewer via the interpretation of the filmmaker. Yet, in my opinion, Yates took too much liberty with the stories and changed them without regard to how it limited the understanding of the characters, their development, and the choices that they made. I could go on and on because there are so many more instances where the details cut from the books for the movies diminish the robustness of the characters that Rowling created, but to what end really? There was no mention of the relationship of the House Elf Kreacher with Harry and how much it had changed after Harry showed Kreacher the smallest of kindnesses by giving him the fake locket. How Kreacher then starting cooking wholesome comforting meals for the three friends while they were doing reconnaissance at the Ministry of Magic. Had the filmmakers chosen to show the time that Harry, Ron and Hermione had spent going back and forth under the cloak one at a time; shown how they had to move every time they said Voldemort's name because it had been "tabooed"; then Ron's defection and subsequent return would have been more logical, understandable, and forgivable. Had they shown in the last film that the students were fighting already when Harry and Dumbledore returned, introduced Fleur and Bill which sets up the wedding in the next film; shown the gravity of Bill's injuries, shown the strain for Tonks and Lupin. These moments were all in the books, and they are all integral parts of the story that the movies do not tell. The movies just barely skim the surface on these and many other points almost in arrogance with the assumption that a split second on screen is sufficient for the suspension of disbelief....in the case of a movie in the genre of fantasy, the suspension of disbelief is not so much the goal as is character development in the hopes that the audience is invested in the characters and wants to join them on the journey. This quality is missing from this film as well as the others that Yates and Kloves have done in the series. I want to say to them - it's not just all about the cool special effects gentlemen, the Harry Potter series is in fact an exploration of character, the depth of humanity in the face of death and the sacrifices one is willing to make for their friends and loved ones time and again despite tragedy; it's about the triumph of the human spirit and the capacity to love. See the film if you must, but just know, it's the missed the mark.

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31 out of 50 people found the following review useful:

Awful! Boring...drawn out...long-winded..

Author: from United States
23 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All you people on here who gave this such great reviews are D-lusional!!! Thanks to you I wasted my money. How can anyone endure this movie and say it's great?? After watching it, it's clear the only reason they separated the last movie into two parts is because they're greedy and want as much money as possible because let me tell you, there was no need to have half of the scenes contained in the movie. It actually could have been cut in half without leaving any important scenes out. When you're not watching Harry and Hermione sit around doing nothing, then you're watching Ron, Harry and Hermione sit around doing nothing. The scenes were soooooo drawn out, hardly any action, barely any special effects...just awful. I can't believe how many people said it was great on here because the theater I was in was packed and not a single person in there looked happy after the movie. I found myself paying more attention to the popcorn crunching noises, kids talking, and other commotion in the audience than I was to the actual movie. Plus I actually dozed off twice!! And I read and enjoyed the books! I suspect the majority of reviews came from girls who rated it high because Ron and Harry are topless in several scenes. Even my girlfriend who's a big fan was very disappointed.

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37 out of 62 people found the following review useful:

Exceeds expectations!

Author: megha6582 from Singapore
17 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How glad am I that the decision was made to split the last book into two movies! Combining such massive content in one movie would inevitably have ended up looking rushed and in turn would not have done any justice to the much awaited final installment of the series.

In my opinion, Harry Potter ceased to be a book/movie just for children a long time ago. This is much more apparent with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The story has evolved along with the characters and it has gotten darker and more thrilling every step of the way. The lead actors have come such a long way since their adventures during the first year at Hogwarts. This movie sees a grown up and mature Harry who is the only hope to save the wizarding and muggle world from Lord Voldemort and his followers. Together with his best friends Ron and Hermione, he sets out on a dangerous quest to destroy the elusive Horcruxes, magical objects that protect a part of Voldemort's soul. In the process, he comes across the legend of the Deathly Hallows and realizes their significance in destroying Voldemort. The next movie will see Harry torn between a desire to acquire the Deathly Hallows and continue on with his mission of destroying the Horcruxes.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry has improved in leaps and bounds since he first appeared on screen. Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley gets an opportunity to show different sides of his personality and not just appear perpetually disgusted or perplexed. Emma Watson as Hermione Granger is always a delight. She has tremendous screen presence. I do wish though that there was a bit more chemistry between her character and that of Ron. The scenes that were truly touching in the movie were Hermione leaving her parents home, the brief moment where she dances with Harry in the tent and the death of the house-elf Dobby.

As a whole, I thought the movie stayed faithful to the book as much as possible without any major changes. The supporting cast was good, the pace was reasonable and the cinematography was excellent.

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19 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Absolutely Awful!

Author: mccormick632 from United States
3 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Congratulations Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet, you've just been out-sucked! The new reigning champion of awful movies is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! No longer shall you have the honor of being deemed (by unanimous vote of one) the worst movie of all time, now you are a close second to this utter abomination of a film! Congratulations to David Yates and the entire cast & crew of this piece of s***, you made the worst film of all time! I would give you a trophy, but I think robbing me of 2 1/2 hours of my life is enough punishment for one lifetime.

Harry Potter 7 Part 1, is so bad, so god-awful, that I can't even come up with a way to describe its awfulness without: A) insulting its fans, B) hating on the series as a whole, and C) talk about my desire to burn every DVD/Blu-Ray copy of this movie I will get my hands on. I hate this film that much! From beginning to end, Harry Potter 7 Part 1 is one poor excuse for an action scene after another, and all of the supposedly dramatic scenes, such as the death of Hedwig and Dobby, are so stupid and so poorly handled that I found myself laughing rather than feeling sad. The story is at such a slow pace, I found myself falling asleep, and at one point, I found myself looking over to my friends with whom I watched this mess, and they were both on their Iphones, no doubt implicating at how boring this movie is.

While on the topic of boredom, is it really asking too much to want a good action scene? I could barely get pasted all of the fast editing, and (in one instance) the shaky camera that gives the illusion of a fast, intense action scene, when in reality its a sign of laziness. I could barely get pasted the painfully slow camping scenes, the pointless dance scene (though it did provide one unintentionally hilarious moment where Harry is trying to dance with Hermione and she looks at him with no interest or sign of emotion whatsoever. She seriously looks at him as if trying to say, "Harry, f*** off!"), and the horrible climax that doesn't make any sense or show any traces of excitement. I also noted some blatant rip-offs from another popular fantasy-epic series of films, the Lord of the Rings. Stop me if this sounds familiar: a small piece of metal that when worn, turns the wearer into a jerk. If you aren't thinking about the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings, then you may have not been able to remember those movies, or just didn't care.

Oh, and to give a pretty good idea at how the movie is, I recommend watching the Bum Review from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com because it is hilarious, and brings up several good points. I have a different opinion from the critic, but that doesn't stop it from being hilarious. Warning: it does contain spoilers.

Anyway, back to this poor excuse for a film. I have one question, Why kill Hedwig the owl? He didn't do anything, and when he dies, why didn't the death eater who killed him kill Harry? He just looks at him, he could have finished him right there, Harry was busy driving the motorcycle, he was open, why didn't you f*****g finish him?! It's moments like that that really infuriate me because it reminds me at how hopelessly stupid these characters are and their petty "accomplishments" that end up accomplishing nothing. For example: when Snape(who wasn't in the movie enough, seriously, only a 5 minute scene?!) says that the Ministry of Magic has been successfully taken over, I literally thought to myself: "What? That organization that did absolutely nothing and was run by idiots? Yeah, it WOULD be easy to take over!"

I could go on and on, but in summary, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is such an abomination, such a colossal failure of a film, that I get infuriated just thinking about it. It fails on nearly every level and the only glimpses of happiness that I get from this movie is the fact that there is only one left, one, single, probably bad, movie left. When it comes out, I will be ecstatic, since this will be the last of a awful franchise.

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21 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Lack of passion & feel in the acting, Poor directing, Dull and long winded. How did they manage that ?!

Author: PrinceKOH93 from United Kingdom
21 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I'm a person who has read the HP series several times over so I do know what I'm talking about. Good:

This is by far one of the best " stuck to the book & plot " harry potter movies.

The scenery and views are beautifully stunning most of the time ( Norwegian valleys and lakes ) but sometimes its a bit Tesco value really ( yeah i mean the bit when they're running away from the snatchers who happen to be chasing them in Bracknell, Berkshire just behind the lookout adventure park )

By far the darkest potter movie so far.

The film is more grown up, responsibility and love of family are at heart of this film especially during turmoil in relationships.

This is where the good stuff ends ( yeah really not much is there )


This movie is over 2 and a half hours long. Thats over 150 minutes ! its not good enough to have a 5minute action scene with a bit of spell bashing and exploding dishes and furniture and then have 30 minutes of book reading or guarding a tent. Honestly at some points my eyes where wondering to corners of the screen where I was hoping i would find something more interesting. It was very dull for a lot of the time, how can they have got it so wrong??!! A dull harry potter movie? You need some skill to achieve that, heres why..

I felt COMPLETELY and utterly unconnected to the actors. There was no connection or chemistry between the actors and the audience, I was left completely cold. Now I know for a fact from the earlier movies that these actors CAN have a definite relationship between the audience and yet there was none, not a single scene left me emotionally connected.

This applies to people who haven't read the book, what was Yates thinking ?!? how creative is it to have a fight scene, then the 3 disappear to another place, wait around 30 minutes, another fight or chase then they disappear to a different location. ON 3 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS??!! what message does that send to the audience ? Yeh we've wrapped up 5 films nicely, now lets just milk the audience from their cash. Because that is exactly where this is heading, 6 was atrociously bad but at least it had some humour. This barely has that, apart from Dobby clinging onto Mungundus and a few awkwardly funny moments with Ron and Hermione the amount of humour was next to none. Yes its a much darker and more scarier ( supposedly ) than the others, but there was no tension or excitement. The build up times where almost ridiculous and when you got the peak of the tension there wasn't anything to get your heart racing, or anything you wouldn't expect. 'YAWN' a snake jumps from a whole and tries to eat harry after 10 minutes of him and Hermione creeping around in a dark house full of flies and blood 'YAWN'

I'm so disappointed, all the hype, all the production time and its barely better than number 6. And that is really poor because 6 was a disgrace if I'm honest. The best book was made to appeal to 14 year old girls who'd giggle at the love & relationships throughout the movie. Really if they want to step it up they have to make a 15 and actually make it gruesome and scary at times when it needs to be ! Not to have a 10 minute lead up to a snake attacking harry and biting a chair leg !!( pathetic )

Finally, I cant believe at the amount of good press and reviews this has, are you all out of your mind ?! I tried to look at this in every possible way, HP fan, non HP fan, book fan, non book fan. FROM EVERY ANGLE this movie was long winded, dull, acted without enough feel & passion and poorly directed. And yes I have taken into consideration the fact this is part 1 of the book, and part 2 will definitely be more exciting, but it really seems as if they looked at the feedback from HP 6 and went ' yep the audience didn't like it when we made up stuff, lets stick to the book ' so they stuck the book in the most uncreative, utterly boring story telling fashion. There was no sparkle or anything special setting this apart from the other movies. Think about it, HP1: introduction to the world of magic, everything is new, epic set of tasks which young harry, Ron and Hermione conquered. HP 2 : Epic Quiddich and fight with the Basilisk, HP3: Epic death eater scene and true identity of Sirius. black HP4: Epic maze and Voldemorts ' reincarnation ' HP5: Epic battle, emotional death of Sirius & Dumbledores EPIC fight with Voldemort. HP6: Ehhh, epic flop ? HP7 P1: Epic directing & acting fail ?

MASSIVE disappointment for someone who paid in excess of £15 to watch this and has eagerly waited for months.

5/10 is extremely generous and only awarded because I've always been a HP fan and I love the books and previous movies especially 4&5 which were fantastic. To be fair 50% doesn't even reflect the amount of money I'd pay to watch this, because If i'd known, 5 quid would've been absolute limit.

This is not a bash but really a set of details in what went wrong in the movie, I'm not saying I'm an expert of any sort, but really they should and they CAN do better, we have proof of that earlier on in the series. There were positives, but for a film of this magnitude, this expensive and this famous, it ought to be MUCH better.

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13 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

An unnecessary money making strategy

Author: kelly-thomas-1 from Bristol, England
22 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having not read the Harry Potter books (I intend to do this after the last film), I have been watching the movies on their own merits and thus far have been delighted by what has been an exciting and innovative magical adventure. Therefore even though I figured this final instalment was in two parts so the companies involved could essentially stretch things out and make a few extra bucks, I was still excited to see it.

I have to say I feel cheated. The film is slow moving, full of long (and I feel unnecessary) episodes of dialogue and very little of the action and effects that are Harry Potter's trademarks. It really does feel like a film that was plonked in the middle while the makers worked on the finale.

Again having not read the books, I saw little point in the wedding at the beginning - I didn't have a clue who was getting married and felt no emotion. The scene with Harry and Hermione dancing was equally as pointless, and they spent waaay too much time camping in woods with nothing happening for my liking. The death of "Mad Eye" at the beginning was extremely underplayed for such a previously large character (it was really just "He's dead", "Awwww booooo - OK so who's making the tea"), and I didn't have a clue why the cockney thief guy (Mumagan or something) was even in it. I felt very sorry for any kids watching this who have not read the books, as they didn't stand a chance.

I did like the overall dark atmosphere of the film, and as always the scenes involving Valdemort, Bellatrix LaStrange and the Ministry were the highlights for me.

Overall, this could easily (and should) have been one final fantastic film, and not, as it was, a simple money making strategy which resulted in a mediocre movie. I sincerely hope the final instalment meets the new and extremely high expectations I have now placed on it!!

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123 out of 238 people found the following review useful:

Harry Potter Review

Author: Justin Docherty (docherty98@hotmail.com) from Canada
15 November 2010

I just got home from the official worldwide premier of the new Harry Potter movie. Overall the movie was great it had a good flow to it, you become attached to the characters and the mystical world they live in, the story has a lot of excitement to it and there is always something interesting going on. I have read all the Harry Potter books and this interpretation of the 7th and final book is very accurate and does not leave out any major detail,I know that a lot of people are upset that Warner Bros. decided to make this final book into two separate movies but maybe its better this way, it allows the viewers to get the most detail of what happens in the book, and it allows the filmmakers to express the most detail of the final chapter of the Harry Potter series.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie, it has a runtime of about 145mins but I went into the theatre and it felt like the movie was about 20min long. I would encourage anyone who enjoys the Harry Potter series to not hesitate, and go watch this movie and not wait until it finally releases on DVD. Overall rating 9/10

Was the above review useful to you?

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