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Plot Summary

  • When Chloe spots a meteor freak at a bowling alley during a evening outing with Lana, she follows him and see him getting abducted. Chloe warns Clark and they investigate further. They uncover that one of their high school friends, named Tobais Rice, who is blind, but has meteor-rock powers and is being used by Lex to help him find meteor-rock infected people so he and his crew can research them at his super-secret lab called '33.1'. Meanwhile, Lana gets strenuously close to discovering Clark's secret when she suspects that Clark is a meteor-rock freak when she thinks that Tobias has targeted Clark. But everyone is in for a shock when Chloe ends up getting abducted for having unknown meteor-rock powers that she never knew had.

    - Written by James Foster
  • Clark and Chloe stumble upon another of Lex's plots regarding people caught in the meteor shower. This time, he's using a former classmate of theirs named Tobias who is now blind, but has the ability to point out people who have special abilities as a result of the shower. Lana mistakenly thinks that Clark may be a meteor-rock freak and plots to try to thwart Tobias from targeting Clark. But Tobias instead targets another meteor-rock person: Chloe.

    - Written by Moviedude1
  • Tobias Rich, is a blind kid with the power to ID people with meteor powers and starts pointing out meteor freaks so that Lex's goons can abduct them and research their powers at his super secret lab '33.1'. Clark and Chloe go to talk to him in which Chloe later gets kidnapped and finds out she is a meteor freak. Meanwhile, Clark finds he is 'normal' (not meteor infected so Tobais cannot identify him). Lana has pretty much found out Clark's secret when she thinks that Clark may be a meteor-rock freak after she secretly witnesses one part of his powers, whereas Chloe has yet to find her own.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Clark and Chloe discover the Tobias, a young man who was blinded in the meteor shower and now has the ability to identify "meteor freaks", is being used by Lex to locate people with abilities in order to experiment on them at his secret lab '33.1'. Lana finds out Tobias' gift, and fearing he will name Clark as one infected, offers him a cornea transplant in exchange for his silence. However, she is not prepared for Tobias' shocking news: Chloe is a meteor-freak.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • While celebrating her bachelorette's party at the bowling with Chloe, Lana is helped by the ability of the meteor freak Daniel Kim. The blind Tobias Rice, who has the ability to identify people infected by the meteor shower, points the teenager to Dr. Robert Bethany. Later, Chloe witnesses the abduction of Daniel by Lex's men in an alley and she tells Clark. However, Daniel returns without any recollection from the kidnapping. Clark discloses that the naive Tobias is helping Dr. Bethany expecting to have a cornea transplant. Meanwhile Lana follows her instincts believing that Clark is a "meteor-freak", while Chloe is kidnapped for having some mysterious power and is tagged with a GPS device beneath her shoulder.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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