"Scrubs" My No Good Reason (TV Episode 2007) Poster

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Dr. Perry Cox: OK, I made you breakfast, the kitchen's as clean as a whistle, I'm gonna drop Jack off at daycare on the way to work. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Jordan Sullivan: I need you to go to the video store and get me anything with Viggo Something-sen; I need white chocolate, strawberry seltzer, peppercorn brie and a Polaroid of the tomato plant that I planted last spring because I'm worried it may have snails; oh, and if you see that neighbor Lena, from down the hall, I want you to roll your eyes and say the word "slut" under your breath, but loud enough so she can hear; and don't forget to be home by 6:30 because you gotta give Jack his bath before you make my dinner.

Dr. Perry Cox: But when will I have time to kill myself?

Jordan Sullivan: That's not my problem!...

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Dr. Kelso: I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told my new gardener; no way, Jose. His name is actually Jose, that's why I hired him

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Chad Miller: You remember Kristin Fisher?

J.D.: Of course, she turned me down for homecoming and prom even though I didn't ask her to either one

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Heather: [recorded on tape, to Isabella] What's the matter? You're so fussy... Why are you so fussy?

Ted Buckland: I'd let her give me a bath, I don't care if my mom was watching...

Dr. Todd Quinlan: Could you make her eat a banana?

J.D.: It's not interactive, Todd.

Heather: [recorded on tape] There it is! There it is, let me...

Nurse Carla Espinosa: [entering] Hey baby! What are you guys watching?

Dr. Christopher Turk: [pausing the tape] Football.

everyone: Yeah, football... yeah... good game...

[Carla turns around to the TV; Turk stops the tape]

Nurse Carla Espinosa: Football? Isn't the season over?

J.D.: [narrating] And then every male in the room fell totally in sync, resulting in the rarest of all phenomenon: the seamless, collaborative guy-lie

Keith: The American season is over. We were watching Mexican football.

Dr. Doug Murphy: They started late this year.

Dr. Todd Quinlan: Because of the churro vendors.

Ted Buckland: They went on strike and the players wouldn't cross the picket line.

J.D.: When the dispute turned violent, they called in Rodrigo Vasquez, the owner of the Baja Bandidos, to step in.

Dr. Kelso: Thanks to Señor Vasquez's experience dealing with the fruit-pickers' unions, he was able to broker a last-minute deal, and the season was salvaged.

Dr. Christopher Turk: And that's why we're watching football in the spring.

Nurse Carla Espinosa: Whatever...

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