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In the Shadow of the Moon finds new resonance in the moment when America redefined progress -- but also when it heeded the siren song of a world so desolate it reminded you what a paradise ours truly is.
After seeing this film, try reading Norman Mailer's "Of A Fire on the Moon," its perfect companion piece.
This magnificent documentary, directed by David Sington and presented by Ron Howard, rises to the occasion by interspersing its interviews with NASA footage that evokes the grandeur of the whole Apollo adventure.
Chicago Reader
The astronaut interviews are fun and occasionally moving, but the real reason to see this is the remastered archival footage, some of it previously unseen and all of it spectacular.
A surprisingly fresh take on familiar material.
As we watch the astonishing NASA footage, they eloquently evoke the optimism, anxiety and excitement of those voyages.
The excitement, majesty and extraordinary human accomplishment of the American lunar program of the '60s and early '70s is rousingly captured in In the Shadow of the Moon.
Village Voice
In the Shadow of the Moon recalls the wondrous moment when America had the entire world looking up, up, and not away.
Rolling Stone
Want to know what the “right stuff” really is? Take a look.
The A.V. Club
There's none of the poetry of "For All Mankind," just visual support for a meat-and-potatoes recap of events that have already been chewed over plenty.

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