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Like two different documentaries rolled into one.
MartinHafer23 June 2012
"The Mystery of Love" is an unusual documentary in that it's like two completely different documentaries woven together. One consists of a lot of intellectuals talking ABOUT love. To me, this really wasn't all that interesting, as they didn't seem to have a lot to really say--as words really cannot adequately express or explain love. However, the rest of the film was great! It consisted of various vignettes that didn't talk but showed about love in its various forms. Most of the stories are very touching--and some of them are heart-wrenching (so have a Kleenex nearby--especially with the Dante and the 14 year-old murderer portions). You can't help but be pulled into these vignettes and the folks in them are quite extraordinary--and their stories are very, very compelling. Frankly, I think the show might have been better with only the vignettes and would LOVE to see additional shows like this one. Because these segments are so strong, the overall effort is well worth your time.
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