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Reflections 2013: Top 10 Actresses of 2013

10. Chitrangada Singh (I, Me Aur Main)

Beginning her career as a model in Delhi, Chitrangada Singh made her debut on the Bollywood screen with Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2005). Her performance as Geeta Rao, firstly a student caught up against volatile political and social issues in India and then a woman who chooses to be with the man she loves, rather than her husband, had won her critical acclaim.

The year 2013 saw Chitrangada as Anushka Lal opposite John Abraham in I, Me Aur Main (Dir. Kapil Sharma). Playing the role of a girlfriend who is frustrated at her boyfriend Ishaan for the lack of responsibilities and maturity he shows, Chitrangada gauged the conflicting emotions gracefully. She emotively portrayed the fine balance between assertiveness and her broken feelings.

9. Huma Qureshi (Ek Thi Dayaan)

Huma Qureshi had stolen many hearts in through the critically acclaimed Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 and 2 (Dir. Anurag Kashyap; 2012). She
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Nice Guys Finish Last: Why Ufc’s Johny Hendricks Is Getting Screwed

Before I write another word about Johny Hendricks, I have a confession to make.

I am biased.

I am an Oklahoma State alumnus, born and raised in beautiful Stillwater, Oklahoma. At the dinner table each night as a young Lucky, we thanked God for Henry Iba, Eddie Sutton, and the entire Smith wrestling dynasty (LeRoy, John, Pat, & Mark) with their 7 national championships and 2 Olympic gold medals. I take great pride in the 34 national champions and 134 individual Ncaa championships of my school and alma mater. And our Johny is part of that bedrock.

When I see a Cowboy wrestler with a freaking spitter on stage at a Ufc presss conference, rocking an epic beard, and his easy going folksy accent, I know that’s my guy. That’s a Good Ole Boy. Now with all of that being said, I can objectively and emphatically state:

Johny Hendricks Is Getting Screwed


Homeland: series one, episode five

The conspiracy thriller really hits its stride – and we're left even more confused than before about Brody and his motives

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for people watching Homeland on Channel 4. Don't read on if you haven't seen episode five – and if you've seen further in the series, please do not leave spoilers

Rebecca Nicholson's episode four blog

Hello and welcome to the latest Homeland blog. Rebecca is away this week, so I'm standing in. For me, it's taken until this week to really hit its stride, but we've been rewarded with an excellent fifth episode. Building on last week's change of pace, the action moved at a fair old lick but not at the expense of character development. Skilful stuff – and I'm particularly enjoying being more confused at the end of this episode than I was at the beginning of it, as my ambivalence towards Brody grows.
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Ranbir’s Rockstar Diaries – Being Jordan and more…

11-11-11, that is when Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar will hit cinemas everywhere. Ranbir says it has been an incredible journey from the first shot to promotions to getting ready to release the film to the world. Along the way he has shared some of his experiences on Facebook and we thought we would give you a few that we really enjoyed reading.

“Hellooo team Rockstar.. This is Jj Aka Jordan Aka Rk.. hope guys are well and rockin… firstly I wanna thank you guys frm the bottom of heart for all the love and support you guys have shown towards our movie…this film is as much yours as its ours… we’re en route frm Amritsar to Jalandar and tom we get to Chandigarh via Ludhiana…so hope to see all you lovely people around… stick around… next few days is gonna be palang todhh…and will try and post a msg everyday…
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'Bones' Season 6 finale: Babies, bowling and a bombshell change the game

That's certainly one way to answer the lingering "Did they or didn't they?" that "Bones" dropped on fans one episode before the series finale.

Big, fat spoilers ahead for the Season 6 finale, "The Change in the Game," so don't look any further if you haven't seen it -- unless you're the special kind masochist who likes reading the recaps first.

In the aftermath of the unmentioned Vincent Nigel Murray's death, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) had sex. Or they did it a little before. Or possibly even a little later. Maybe they've secretly been doing it for months! The particulars aren't important right now, because their long-awaited illicit canoodling has already manifested, albeit off camera, in a baby.

Yup, Brennan is pregnant. And whether this huge development has been in the cards for a while, is a result of Deschanel's real-life pregnancy or a combination of both remains a mystery.
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90210 Round Table: "It's Getting Hot in Here"

  • TVfanatic
Welcome to weekly 90210 Round Table, where our esteemed panel breaks down the latest episode of this CW drama, reviewed Here.

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by TV Fanatic writer Steve Marsi and long-time 90210 fan/Real Housewives of Atlanta critic Arlene Gonzalez to discuss topics from "It's Getting Hot in Here" ...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: The one where Annie saw Emily with her dyed hair and flipped out, only for her mom to tell her not to "overreact." That made me laugh. Has Shenae Grimes ever Not over-acted to something?

Steve: Naomi's rape admission. She's the one character who has clearly evolved over the years, and the one in whom I remain invested week to week.

Arlene: My favorite scene had to be the one where that shady Guru Sona had just finished telling Silver she could manifest her every wish just by thinking about it.
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Sneak Peek into 2011

Hello my BollySpice Lovelies!

I know it has been a while, and with the festive season here I thought I was time to give all you BollySpicers a treat. A sneak peek at what 2011 holds - Some have it pegged as the year of the sequel, some have it pegged as the year of hard hitting cinema. In all honesty, I think I speak on behalf of us all here, all we want is Good cinema, be it a sequel, a comedy or a thriller and of course a killer good romance. There is something for everyone to get excited about next year. Here is a run down of some of the films not to miss....


No One Killed Jessica

Directed by Rajkumar Gupta

Starring: Rani Mukherji, Vidya Balan

Music by Amit Trivedi

Distributed by Utv Spot Boy

Release date: 7 January 2011

After the 2008 release of critically acclaimed Aamir, RajKumar
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Whedon Was Offered, Turned Down Chance To Backpedal With ‘Buffy’ Reboot

“Hey Joss, it’s Chuck, Chuck Roven. Super, how are you? Good, good. Listen, babe, I was doing the backstroke in that swimming pool filled with Johnnie Walker Blue Label I bought with my ‘Dark Knight’ money, and I got an idea. I don’t know if it was sheer inspiration or alcohol poisoning, but I had two words in my head: ‘Buffy… Reboot.’ I know you’ve done it twice before, but what do ya think, buddy, third time’s the charm? Huh? Hello? Hello? You still there, Jossy?”

That’s our speculative impression of what may have gone down when “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon got the call from producer Charles Roven to reboot the franchise he created for the 1992 movie and then re-envisioned for the highly popular TV series, which ran from 1997 to 2003.

According to Heat Vision, this call really happened, although Roven may or
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Rahul made their day

Rahul made their day
Saumya Mishra and Shweta Mishra will never forget November 17. It was half past noon when management professional Saumya was celebrating her 24th birthday with friends at Aryan’s, a restaurant right opposite Raj Bhawan, near Hazratganj, in Lucknow. Two of her friends were already in, but seven more called in to say that they were stuck due to a VIP cavalcade. “Suddenly, Rahul Gandhi walked in. Shocking! He was ekdum fair. I could not believe my eyes. He was wearing a white kurta-pyjama,” exclaims Saumya, recalling her big moment. “I said, ‘Hello, sir.’ He replied with a ‘Hello’, and took ...
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Party together

Party together
Hello hello my crispy choco cookies! How goes it in your duniya? It’s the usual humdrum diga diga in mine. Madhu my Mottu Maid and Rapchick Rajni have been calling to plead with me to suspend their suspension from my services, but I’m not relenting yet. Anyway, why waste time on not-so-significant people when there’s more important gup to shup about. So ready on my sweetums…For starters, I’ve been informed that Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor seem to be getting back together again. According to my jasoos from Juhu, the Kaminey actors had gone to party at Aurus a couple ...
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Bips the fan atic

Bips  the fan atic
Madhu, my Mottu Maid, has just sailed into my bedroom. And what’s more, Mots is speechless. Yeh kamaal kaise ho gaya?Seems Bipasha Basu is responsible for Mottu’s silence. She still hasn’t gotten over seeing her fave actress in person. Rajni says that even Bips was tongue-tied once — when she met Big B, and was intimidated by his “aura and personality”. And when she met Aamir Khan a few years ago, all she could muster was a “Hello”. Then she ran off to tell John Abraham that she had behaved like a crazy fan. Awww. ...
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