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Not an accurate portrayal of life with autism.

Author: Correy Lennox from United States
15 December 2009

I commented on this film long ago and for some reason it disappeared. I parent a child with autism, life is not NEARLY as bad as this film makes it out to be. I found it dangerous that so many people now see THIS as living with autism. Are there challenges? OF COURSE. However, most of the challenges are from people's reactions to my son, not his autism itself. Families like mine do not need sympathy. What we WOULD VERY much appreciate is acceptance. Overall, for those of you not personally affected by autism, please don't take this film as gospel. This film does not by a LONG shot portray how all of us are. And yes, if you're wondering, I'm not the father of a child with Asperger's. My son has "classic" or "severe" (though i hate that term) autism.

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Technically poor film-making and one sided story telling.

Author: krebs-michelle from Winnipeg, Manitoba
4 January 2008

From a purely technical standpoint, what stood out for me most in this film was the crappy sound.

The kids in the background, who should BE in the background, had their voices overemphasized, with screams meant to jar the audience out of their chairs. There were also a couple of times where I swear that some of the screaming/grunting/whining was looped.

Which leads to my second point.

(paraphrasing) "sometimes I thought of strapping Jodie in the car and driving off the George Washington Bridge... it's only because of Lauren" my "normal" (my word) child...

What is Thierry trying to accomplish, exactly? The first comment on this board says that (paraphrasing) "I know I'm not having kids now." I agree with Correy Lennox. If someone is not familiar with autism this is a dangerous movie.

And if someone is not familiar with good documentary film-making, it's also a dangerous movie.

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Autism Every Day...

Author: ebony_mom from United States
7 April 2008

I am the mother of an autistic son. Watching this film, I cried for those poor children!!! These parents had a lot of help and resources and yet all they seemed to do was complain about their lives being over and wanting to die to end the pain of themselves and their children. My son is almost eight and when he was first diagnosed at 2, he had no language, had many emotional outburst, would not look you in the eye, walked on his toes, flapped his hands, etc...I know where these people are coming from! The difference is that I did not look at this condition as making my life harder, I looked at it from the view of making life easier for my son. We could not afford private instruction and therapy. My son was recommended 30 hours a week of speech and he got 30 minutes etc. We talked to him and made exceptions and he now spends four out of five days in the mainstream classroom and gets straight A's. Most people have no idea that he is anything but our son and that is what he is!! These parent's are the ones in need of therapy and medication. How dare they look at their beautiful children and sing the "Woe is me!!" song. What a horrible film!!!!!!

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This movie is well done, and tells a story that needs to be told.

Author: dwinn-4 from United States
18 August 2008

I am the mother of a 10 year old girl with Autism. This movie shows the reality that comes with having a child with a disability. The majority of the population can ignore the trials we live with every day, but that doesn't make them any less real, or any less heartbreaking. This film hit home for me, and it was like they were telling my story too. I've been through all the same things as they have and more. The endless sleepless nights and days, the screaming, people being really mean to us and acting like our daughter was just being a brat when they had no idea she is autistic, or even about why she was crying and pitching a fit. My daughter also ran out into mainstream traffic at age 2, and I thought my heart would stop, especially if she was hit by a car. I went to Walmart to buy a harness, and 4 different people told me I was cruel to do that to her. We just can't win. This film is a good beginning towards teaching others how it is for us. Not everyone has to deal with it, but someday, these children will be needing to have someone else care for them. We won't all live forever, and these things need to be shown to the world. Thank you!

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44 minutes was long enough

Author: pigslop
28 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this not knowing very much about autism. After seeing it, I can only say that my heart aches for any parent that has to "suffer the little children" who are afflicted. More than anything else, I wanted so badly to alleviate the non-stop agony and horror that comes with attempting to raise an autistic child. I kept thinking that the parents will NEVER know another day's peace, that their lives are essentially over with. The ending of the film does attempt to give the parents' lives a happier gloss, but I didn't buy it. Still, I have to admit that the point was effectively conveyed in 44 minutes. A couple of hours after watching it, I walked into my house, became quiet and got down upon my knees and thanked god I don't have to deal with autistic children. If you were on the fence about whether or not to begin a family and have children, watch this - it'll go a long way toward cementing your decision.

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A GREAT movie that everyone who doesn't know someone with autism should definitely see and those who do should share with others.

Author: autismmom4 from United States
3 January 2007

I think this is an excellent view of what life is like for the family of a child with autism, the daily struggles and stress and frustration. It shows the isolation many of us feel in trying to be "normal"....I hope it comes out on DVD so I can purchase it and share it with many of my friends, family and church members. I hope that it will help others understand what we, as parents go through and hopefully have more compassion for us and the children who are dealing with the autism and their siblings. Day to day life can be so hard and so many of the "normal" people take that for granted. I hope this film reaches millions and millions of people, especially the educators of our children in the school systems across America.

It is a strong statement that will help many Americans see what it is like to raise a child with autism and how we, as parents, deserve compassion and so do these children.

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