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Armed and Famous
mallorysauntcher10 January 2007
A lot of people were giving this show some really big flack from the get go. Without even seeing it. The critics were so ready to give the show grief before it even went out. I watched tonight's episode and I have to admit that I am addicted to it already. The show is just really good. Each of the characters on the show presented themselves as really hard working and very interested in the job that they were asked to do. I was especially impressed with Osbourne, Stratus and Acuna performances. Everyone on the show has made me hooked. Armed and Famous is the new reality show to watch. I will be looking for more Armed and Famous action in the weeks to come. Thanks CBS for working on a great show.
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Not great, but certainly not the worst
tawdry_hepburn26 June 2008
This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Reality TV was supposed to come and go like all of the other flavors of the week. But here it is the dawn of 2007 and what are we left with? "Armed and Famous." I'm not going to call it the first sign of the apocalypse, but don't be surprised if in some future episode Wee-Man gets called to a farm about a red calf being born.

Satanic possibilities aside, the show is far from the worst reality offering that I have encountered. In my mind, celebrity based reality TV peaked with "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" unfortunately, this is no "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii." It never rises to the sublime heights of "Celebrity Mole" or "The Surreal Life" but it also never plumbs the depths of American Idol's 14 weekly episodes.

The casting decisions aren't bad. Even if I have no idea what she has done that would qualify her as famous, seeing Latoya (the crazy one) Jackson with a gun is compelling. And making Erik Estrada a real cop just might be the best bit of stunt casting since Paris Hilton was impaled on a giant pole in night shot then bukkaked on the poster of "House of Wax." The Network describes the first episode thusly: "The celebrities arrive in Muncie, Indiana to begin their training to become official reserve police officers. From their first meeting with the head of the Muncie police department, Chief Joe Winkle, the cadets realize they're no longer in Hollywood. Muncie's newest crime fighters are in for the challenge of their life as they learn about everything from firearms, hand-to-hand combat and what it's like to be on the receiving end of a taser gun. Upon completion of their training, the celebrities are issued badges and guns, partnered with veteran officers and immediately hit the streets. To these five celebrities, serving the people of Muncie is a tremendous honor, but will they be able to live up to the real life pressures of being ARMED & FAMOUS?" To answer all the questions that must be racing through your mind, yes, it does feel totally staged, yes there are arbitrary "uplifting" moments—like the sickeningly gratuitous episode closer where Trish Stratus, a former WWE star, ineptly tries to console a family after their house burns down. Yes Wee-Man does get shocked with a Taser and no, it's not that funny anymore. But, most importantly, yes, the stars are self deluded enough to actually be entertaining from time to time.

Unfortunately, what should have been this show's core is totally passed over. By half way through the first episode, the whole gang is already certified police officers. This just seems like a waste. There is no way "Jack Osborne, police officer" is going to be as amusing as "Jack Osborne, wannabe police cadet." All we see of the training is the aforementioned Taser shocks, some boring and cursory gun and combat instruction and a pathetic and unfunny introductory lecture from the local police chief.

Still, the show does have its' moments. Towards the end of the premiere, Estrada goes to arrest a crack dealer, (and by the way, who knew Indiana had so much crack? The show could almost be called "Celebrities in Crack City USA" but then, that brings to mind an entirely different program) who turns out to be a 75 year old woman who is thrilled to be arrested by "Ponch." She is maybe the most pleasant drug dealer of all time. So, that was fun.

But the whole show doesn't hang together. There is no pacing. For example in the second segment there is, for no discernible reason, a scene of the celebrities trying to do laundry. Also, there are too many celebrities to follow. Wee-Man has screen presence, and Estrada and Jackson are amusing, but Osborne and Stratus are utter non-entities. This, coupled with the show's obviously staged early scenes is crippling.

There is a good documentary to be made about the process of becoming a police officer, especially in this patriotism-hungry period. People are looking for heroes, and police and firemen could fill that need, but Erik Estrada and Wee-Man playing dress up with real guns just isn't going to cut it.
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a slap in the face of real Police Officers
lettercarrier1217 February 2007
I can't believe that the City of Muncie is so hard up for attention that they would embarrass themselves by allowing this show to be done there. This show is like a slap in the face to real hard working law-enforcement officers. I have never before in my life seen anything so stupid in my life. If they had billed it as a comedy that would be one thing but to say it is reality is nothing short of a lie. I only saw it once and was appalled at what I saw. I wanted to see the little guy get into a foot-chase with a bad guy. What a joke that would have been. Nothing on the show was even close to the real world. The city of Muncie, the Police Chief, and all the officers should be hanging their heads in shame and should never want o admit they come from that city. No wonder it didn't stay around on TV
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What a welcome return to the screen for Ponch
Scott8 February 2007
Just watched airport 75 the move and saw little Ponch. He's all grown up now but still looks good despite his age. This is a great show and I'm glad they included him in it. I wish he would do more acting then these silly infomercials I always see him on.

This show is quite different then the typical "cops" show. There is some good talent on this cast as well. I hope it catches on!!! Tell your friends that Ponch is back. Strange how John never was remembered like good ol' Ponch. I have my DVD Recorder to always record upcoming shows so I don't miss them. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the Entertainment. Scott
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Not so real
sunstarz889311 January 2007
The show is entertaining, I'll give it that. But the show isn't very real. Living in Muncie, I got to experience the show while it was happening. Wee-man signed autographs at Ball State University parties before checking ID's. One scene they claim took place at "Muncie's Police Training Academy" is actually the exterior of Muncie Central High School, and the room they use for training is actually the high school's wrestling room. Students working on the production team complained that the cast was less than friendly, and seemed stuck-up at times. This is all from the first episode. The Ball State Daily News will continue presenting stories about this, and hopefully, the show gets better.
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laurieannstevens-125 January 2007
Okay, I seriously HATED reality TV. To me it was a sign of all that is wrong with the entertainment industry. And then I watched Armed & Famous. I mean, totally by accident, too. I was flipping around... and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I mean, celebutards who weren't picking on the autistic or operating under the influence... or making others cry? How the heck did CBS let this get on the air? Seriously, you have celebrities acting like real human beings and doing something halfway noble. And what fun to see a small town like that react to the celebrity onslaught. It's funny. It's heartwarming. Again, gotta ask, how did the mean spirited TV execs let this one slip by? I am shocked at the real strength shown by LaToya. I love her partner. She's the greatest - so real. Jack Osbourne actually could be a cop. Wee Man (and I can't tell you how much I HATE the Jackass movies) is lovable and Ponch redeems himself as something real. I don't know much about Trish. She's hot, I guess, and the guys must like that. But then, LaToya looks good too. Never has a police uniform fit like hers. Wow.

But, mostly, I'm so glad to see one network had the soul to allow something other than mean spirited television to prevail. Thank you CBS!!!!!
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January 24 episode
JJ24 January 2007
I loved it!! Go Eric!! Go LaToya!! Go Weeman!! Poor Trish!! (Jack was lame.)Last night's episode was by far the most entertaining so far. There was so much madness going on and to think that is probably not even 1/4 of what cops have to deal with every day! I thought the editing was great and there was not one moment that dragged! Great work! I almost feel bad for the people living in that town but maybe this show will help them to better themselves in the long term. One thing I don't understand though is why some people are all blurred out and others faces are shown, names and addresses are given. I wonder where they draw the line on privacy?
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Perfect show!
brian knight18 January 2007
Everything about the new series, Armed & Famous is perfect. I really thought it was going to be another disappointing reality show, but it proved me wrong, and it's now my favorite show on TV. I don't like many of the TV shows aired today, but this is definitely one that I do. The characters are diverse, which is perfect for everyone to enjoy and relate to at least one of them. I'm glad all the characters are taking this serious, and actually becoming police officers. It's hard to imagine Michael Jackson's sister LaToya, a police officer,...but she will surprise you just like she surprised the officers, who then apologized to her after training. She can hold her own. I could expect Janet, but never LaToya. She really surprised me and is doing a great job, as did Wee Man who i thought would have a hard time because of his size and party all the time attitude.

Personally I enjoy all the characters, except for Ozzy Osborne's son, who is such a crybaby. I new he was always just a drug addict coward. Even LaToya Jackson a.k.a the mighty King of Pop's sister, took pain better from the shock treatment training they must go through, then he did. But at least he's cleaning his act up now I guess. Way to go CBS!
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Armed & Famous
bryanjerelcollins11 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Not an altogether bad start for the program -- but what a slap in the face to real law enforcement. The worst part of the series is that it attempts to bill itself as reality fare -- and is anything but. Men and women that dedicate their lives to the enforcement of laws deserve better than this. What is next, medical school in a minute? Charo performing lipo? Charles Grodin assisting on a hip replacement? C' a little respect. Even the citizens of Muncie are outing the program as staged. Police Academy = High School Gym? Poor editing (how many times can they use the car-to-car shot of the Taco Bell in the background?), cheesy siren effects (the same loop added ad nauseum to every 'call' whether rolling code or not), and last, but not least -- more officer safety issues than you could shake a stick at.

If I want to see manufactured police work and wise-ass fake cops, I would watch RENO 911.
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I was pleasantly surprised!!
averial11 January 2007
I'm originally from Muncie, Indiana and my husband works for CBS, so I have to admit that is why I originally wanted to check this show out. That and Erik Estrada. But what girl growing up in the 70's didn't have "Ponch" hanging up on their Bedroom wall :] So of course I had to watch "Ponch" trying to be a "REAL" cop.

I wasn't quite sure how good this show was going to be, but I was at least very interested in checking it out. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and that this show was very tastefully done. I totally enjoyed watching it. They all seemed to really take this experience seriously while still having a good time doing it. Nothing was to over the top.

Jack has proved himself to be a much better person then he was in his earlier years. He showed talent and compassion. I have to say that I was quite impressed with Jack.

I totally LOVED watching LaToya experience some average life experiences. I loved her determination and enjoyment in getting to participate in this experience. It was almost like watching a child walk for the first time.

Jason, Erik and Trish were also great. They too all showed determination and compassion.

If you blew this show off because you thought it was going to be another one of those funny\stupid shows, I think that you should at least give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised too.

I'll be watching!!
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