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Getting ready for the wedding!
William9 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Edina obsesses over her near death experience at the beginning of "The Last Shout, Part 2," but her need for attention only upsets Saffron. Saffy is trying to get the wedding plans together, but chaos keeps interrupting her progress. Mrs. M. has returned with camper/snowbird friends, Mac and Millie (Ed Devereaux and Dora Bryan. Dora Bryan would return in "Fish Farm.") The trio of elders use hip lingo, and often break into song and dance. They're staying in a camper van in front of Edina's house, but they often venture into the house. Bo is also hanging around as she waits for word from Marshall. Marshall finally contacts Bo on the telephone, and Patsy heads off to a fashion show where she meets up with Magda (Kathy Burke.) Paolo brings his very rich parents to Edina's to introduce them to Saffron. Edina tries to impress Paolo's Parents, and Justin attempts to make conversation with them. Paolo's mother (Carmen Du Sautoy) finds she must reject Saffron as a suitable companion for Paolo. Patsy arrives and saves the day when she recognizes Paolo's mother from an adult movie they did in the past. She corners the mother in a bathroom, and reveals who she is by repeating actions and lines from the (fictitious) movie, "Bond Meets Black Emanuelle." Paolo's mother is disgraced and in a panic over the revelation, and she is soon accepting Saffy as part of the family. Saffy then accepts Edina's help to make the wedding a grand affair. They drive around London to find the perfect church for the wedding, and then head to the shop of Christian Lacroix to order Saffy's wedding gown (Christian Lacroix also has a cameo in "Paris.") The day of the big event has arrived. James Dreyfus returns in his role as a hyper hairstylist when the women are getting made up for the wedding. Edina arrives at the church, finding a seat near Patsy, Magda, Catriona (who is Edina's assistant in this episode), Fleur, Mrs. M., Mac and Millie, Oliver, and Bo and Marshall. The wedding commences and Justin walks Saffron down the aisle. Sarah was supposed to trail behind as the maid of honor, but Edina knocked her out of the way in favor of the Gucci girl. The vicar (Calum MacLeod) begins the exchange of vows, but Edina suddenly stops the wedding. Bubble is not in either part of "The Last Shout." It looked like Jon Plowman made a cameo as a pedestrian wearing sunglasses. It is mentioned that Serge can't make the wedding, but he would be attending the reception. Obviously there was no reception since the wedding was stopped. Serge wouldn't have arrived anyway, since Edina doesn't see him until the "Gay" episode.
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