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# 53 : to start on a bang !
lamegabyte14 March 2015
This is the 2nd time i review this kind of movie (check review « Gangbang Girl 22 ») and this one is much better : Sasha is just insatiable and never get tired ! While she is the only woman there, it seems that the ten plus gang just is just at her hands. She is definitely in charge here and all her parters seem to respect her ! Sure, it's repetitive, it lacks quality and production but at least, it happens in one big room where there's much space to get Sasha in all her holes ! It's funny to notice it's nearly a continuous shot with a bit of little cuts ! Here, i always think that the most disturbed ones are the gang because they must be really needy to have sex while waiting long minutes before it's their turn… and i don't comment about their fraternity and their bonding when they team-up… As she has done it early in her career, Sasha sure just start with a bang and proves that she is a talented, non shy newcomer ! I just wonder how she spends her free time and how she can be with her lover if she likes so much crowded sessions ???
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Sasha Grey is perfect for gang banging!
dpfacialfan20 June 2012
I usually don't review a porno movie without seeing all the scenes. But sometimes you just have to make an exception. And seeing Sasha Grey take on 15 guys at once in a gang bang that lasts for 1 hour is a good time to make an exception. This was such a hot scene that I decided to give this movie a 10 out of 10. And considering that the other girl in this movie is Naomi Russell, who has done some very fine work with multiple guys, I don't think there's any risk that a gang bang with her is going to be a bad scene. I think that there is even a chance that it might be better than the scene with Sasha Grey.

I've heard some really good things about Sasha Grey before, but the scenes I've seen with her in the past have been soft boy girl scenes. But after seeing this scene I will definitely keep my eyes open for more group scenes with Sasha. To me Sasha has always been quite attractive, but she's never been anywhere near the top when it comes to looks. She has a nice slim feminine body and a beautiful face, but there are better looking girls in porn. What really made me hot in this scene was her performance. There isn't many girls that can perform like that. Sasha had great energy during the whole scene, despite the fact that it lasted for over an hour. She wanted it hard and rough and she loved every minute of it. I must say that the camera work in this scene was spot on too. There was never a dull moment and there were never too long close up shots or too long shots from the same angle. Sasha was always the focus of the shot and the guys never blocked the hot action. A problem with big gang bang scenes like this one is that they usually forget the audience and the guys just circle around the girl waiting for their turn. With a scene like that you can't enjoy the hot action because you mostly see the guys. But here it's all about Sasha.

The scene started out with Sasha Grey walking down the stairs in a backyard garden. I was a little worried that this scene might get ruined by the horrible looking lingerie that Sasha was wearing. But as soon as Sasha started sucking big dicks like a dirty little professional slut, I forgot all about the lingerie she was wearing. Sasha started by sucking one dick and then she moved on down the stairs to another dick. Soon she was surrounded by 4 guys. I was immediately impressed with Sasha's "cocksucking" skills. This girl had no problem deep throating big dicks. After a while one of the guys picked up Sasha, throwed her over his shoulder and carried her inside the house. He carried her into a room full of guys and put her down on a mattress. This is were I realized this scene is going to be something really special.

Sasha continued with the "cocksucking" and all the guys got a turn. After a while the guys ripped off her horrible looking lingerie and started "fucking" her. They started out with her pussy, before continuing with her asshole. And while the guys are "fucking" Sasha she naturally has a big dick in her mouth. Sometimes even fitting two big dicks in her mouth simultaneously. And in between the cocks, when Sasha doesn't have anything in her mouth, she usually says something filthy. I just love a girl that talks dirty. From this scene you can see that there isn't much this girl won't do. She does ass to mouth, pussy to mouth and she even licks some of the guys assholes.

The highlight of this scene for me was definitely the double penetration. I like the fact that the guys stick it to her hard and don't slow down just because they DP her. Sasha looked really great when she was air tight with one cock in all her 3 holes. First we get to see Sasha DP:ed in the cowgirl position, then they switch to the reverse cowgirl and then back again to the cowgirl position. Every guy gets a turn as they try to take Sasha to her limit. The double stuffing lasted almost 18 minutes straight with just some position changing, brief "cocksucking" and a spot were Sasha demands that one of the guys "fuck" her with his foot in between. 18 minutes seems like a long DP, but with a girl as enthusiastic as Sasha it just flies by. And considering that the scene is 62 minutes long there could have been room for way more DP in this scene. It seemed like Sasha would have been able to take more too. I must say that it would have been spectacular to see Sasha get some double vaginal, double anal and even some triple penetration. There would have been plenty of time too, because after the DP there is another 17 minutes of anal sex before the cumshots. Thanks to Sasha's great performance the anal sex at the end still feels entertaining. Usually long scenes with plenty of DP in the beginning and middle seem to loose steam if there is a long spot with just anal before the cumshots. But here Sasha is able to keep it interesting and hot.

The scene ends with the guys blowing their loads into Sasha's mouth. First 14 guys blow their load into Sasha's mouth, then she swallows before the last guy blows his load into her mouth. I would have preferred it if the guys had covered Sasha's pretty face with all that sticky cum instead. But with a scene as great as this you can't complain. It's not all hot girls in porn that would do scenes as rough as this one.
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