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14 Mar. 2014
Eva is still imprisoned. Wolfs wants his daughter Fleur to confess being the real murderer of Daan de Vos. During an intervention, Marion and Romeo end up hostage.
21 Mar. 2014
Wolfs is trying to help Fleur flee the country, but his plan does not run very smoothly. At the same time Marion and Romeo are still held hostage. Their taker announces to have horrific intentions.
28 Mar. 2014
Wolfs en Eva investigate the murder of a Turkish drug cartel member. His gang seems to have become victim of a rip deal. Meanwhile, a worried father asks Marion and Romeo to track down his daughter's cyber bully.
4 Apr. 2014
A rock band member dies from what appears to be a drug overdose. The medical examiner however believes he was murdered. Wolfs and Eva try to find out who had a motive. Marion and Romeo are meanwhile taking care of an autistic man.
11 Apr. 2014
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18 Apr. 2014
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25 Apr. 2014
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2 May 2014
A man has been murdered in caves, formerly used as NATO air space surveillance bunker. The only traces are to a gang which committed a diamond robbery years ago, loot still missing, and Jimmy Waters, from Ohio, whose father once worked in the cave facility. Floris is rather distracted as his daughter Fleur is tried and convicted gravely for violence on an erroneous victim.
9 May 2014
Duorng an investigation, not even confided in Eva or prosecutor Jens Bols, linking 'closed' crimes trough Mered Aysin's Turkish mob, Floris makes a bad fall chasing a Dutch deputy, who captures him to be tortured. Romeo must deal with the case of an adolescent father's complaint to be beaten by his father, which soon proves improbable, rather inspired by his parents's bitter separation.
16 May 2014
De aanslag
After the Turkish mob boss's deputy's suicide killed that case, Floris confides in his colleagues that he suspects several seemingly closed cases to tie together in the person of prosecutor Jens Bols. Flirting with illegality and grave procedural error, he sets a trap. It proves that the drug gang, which steals its truckload of weed back, is linked with Italian mob arms traders, but those come heavily armed too eliminate all witnesses.
5 Sep. 2014
Floris starts examining a series of sadistic murders, after which the corpses are dumped in the river, stretching into Germany, possibly linked to the (partially Dutch) NATO forces in Afghanistan. The national police however investigates his team in a hostile way, leading to the sequestered interrogation of Marion, as the precinct's presumed leak after experts found her access code and official notebook were used and given her apparent's absurdly low rent. Incompetent rookie Esmee finds that Romeo was right to warn her against boyfriend Tony Verwoerd, whom Floris ...
12 Sep. 2014
De trappen
Tony Verwoerd effectively lured self-righteous birdbrain beat cop Esmee to Liege (Belgian Ardennes), seized her there, and warns the human traffickers' chief Gianni Macchioni Tony that the Dutch police is on their trail. Floris' team meanwhile examines the Afghan connections of other presumed victims, but arrives too late for Esmee.
19 Sep. 2014
Truck driver Wim van Elst reports being drugged and robbed after a 'hot night' with a Romanian harlot he picked up in a truck stop bar. Shortly after, Joy Kon-Ckili's corpse is found nearby the robbery site. Floris's team soon links the case to their respective pasts, a Romanian mob and the suspicious action of fake drug inspectors.
26 Sep. 2014
Floris is dismayed, unlike fan Eva, that HQ instructed them to take popular singer-actor Jan Smit along to 'study real police work' for a part. Yet Jan's keen eye for showbiz proves useful enough to win a wager, in the case of a stud farm owner whose murder was staged as a stable accident. She collected enemies by dodgy business with horses and champion sperm. The brothers Ahmad and Bapak run a budget valet parking firm, but Rob van Klarendonk's sports-car in their care was used for what seems a fatal nocturnal joy-ride. Romeo being punished with desk duty, rookie Joe...
3 Oct. 2014
Wolfs and Eva are brutally cut open body of a young man called. It soon becomes apparent that he some time ago, while he was driving too hard, has caused a traffic accident in which a mother and child died. The spouse as a witness near the crime scene has seen, it seems to go to a murder in revenge. Marion tries intern Joe to guide, but this is not so easy.
10 Oct. 2014
Pole Marcin Kaminski has been fatally shot in his car, the same way as a compatriot a year earlier. A gun with fitting, rare caliber is found dumped a few blocks further. It seems to fit the gun reported stolen from the home of gas station owner van der Korput, who hates justice and police since his wife was imprisoned for fatally shooting a robber who held a knife. He lives with sons, shy Mark and insensitive Ben, and their mother's slut sister Femke Suikerbuik. Joe's temper and Marion's bossy fusing cost them dearly during routine beat patrols, yet they solve a ...
17 Oct. 2014
There's an AMBER Alert from and soon reports a witness an incident at an accounting clerk. That tells that a girl had asked to call his phone. She appears to have with the children's phone call with the warning that there would be a girl kidnapped. . Joe and Marion have to deal with a mentally confused young woman. They offer help, but where they help her actually last?
24 Oct. 2014
Gemma, financial controller of a charity funding pumps in West Africa, dies in a car crash with a lethal dose of tranquilizers. Her employer was sacking staff due to financial problems, yet received additional donations for a fictitious irrigation project. Romeo is back in the field, investigating pickpocket complaints on the market square. Complaining people point to Rumanian construction laborers, but too many names keep popping up. Wolfs also links a domestic drama to a mob case and notices Eva's therapist lover treated people named in crime cases.
31 Oct. 2014
As Wolfs and Eva hear that a man disappeared from a village near Maastricht, pair them soon to a cold case investigation. Years ago a child was raped and murdered in that village. Marion and Romeo have to deal with an escalating neighbors arguing. Sophia Arletti, an Italian detective, appears on the desk. She wants Wolfs her assists in an investigation.
7 Nov. 2014
A woman killed her husband at night in his sleep. She appears to have too many antidepressants in her blood. The woman is under treatment for the loss of her only child to process. Her therapist is no competent psychologist and is therefore not allowed to prescribe medication. Marion and Romeo again to do with Joe's short fuse that get him in trouble.
14 Nov. 2014
To chase Daniel's mob connections, Wolfs has joined Italian EU contraband task-force agent Sophia Arletti's team. Yet he blows his cover, produce authenticity control, to infirm Eva that her lover, police- and army-employed psychiatrist David Boesmeer, is the main suspect. After her furious reaction, the ingrate is on forced leave, but soon realizes he's utterly dirty, only to quickly betray herself and complicate Wolf's case.

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