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7 Jan. 2011
Daan de Vos left Wolfs hanging in a noose, but his colleagues arrive just in time to prevent asphyxiation. A bit later, Floris's daughter Fleur goes missing. Daan provocatively walks into the precinct and confesses everything, plus abducting her and burying her alive. Against policy, Wolfs accepts to exchange his life for hers. A surprising cat and mouse game starts.
14 Jan. 2011
Local drug baron Bert Willaerts enforces an ''omerta' concerning a noisy raid by masked, armed men on his villa, according to him an innocent prank. henchman Marco Hartemink's adolescent son Giel is killed after torture with dog-bites. He was a clerk in a legal weed shop, where the supply mysteriously dried up a week earlier. Wolfs senses Bart's foxy, mildly abused wife Nicky also played a crucial part.
21 Jan. 2011
Without formal qualifications, ex-junkie Ernst van der Geest runs a paternalistic 'care farm' for people with various disabilities, assisted by his wife and ex-con 'trustee' Wouter van Rijn. Mental patient Melgor was killed after an incident. Wolfs mistrusts the 'staff' as much as the stories and silence of the wards. Meanwhile the uniformed team investigates a man reported missing after suspiciously signing over his home.
28 Jan. 2011
Investment advisor David van Langen is missing after losing most of his clients' capital in real estate deals. The victims include a brothel madam and utterly ruined pensioners. Two of those are found out staging the death of the woman's ailing husband.
4 Feb. 2011
Wie zaait...
Senile retired farmer Bolt is found holding the kitchen knife used to fatally his wife' throat. Their granddaughter Monique, a big spender student whose fiancé Wally Geerts is an ex drug con, visit around the murder time. Neighbor Meindertsma works their land in tenure, on which traces of hastily harvested weed are found. Ruben Vermeeghen resorts to daring methods to punish his adulterous wife who got custody of their pre-teen son Arne.
11 Feb. 2011
Huwelijk op de maas
Oboxious rich Driek Meertens is fatally stabbed aboard the Maas party boat at his daughter's wedding with charming Frens van Wijk, son of a dole parasite and brother of ex-con Gerrie, both of whom lie about their meeting with the victim. The uniformed cops were supposed to abandon the search for a colleague's stolen service revolver, but discover Gerrie has it. Best man Joris Claessen has his own business ax to grind, and some female wedding guests are strangely uncooperative while Wolfs tries to reconstruct the events aboard by the minute.
18 Feb. 2011
Nieuwe Wijn
At Willy Zoer's Maastricht countryside wine estate, regular grapes picker and would be-wine-maker Caro Ter Velde is found by shy, doting harvest-colleague and latest lover Steef van Itterbeeke, her skull smashed with a champagne bottle, after sex without abuse. She recently broke a three years affair with Willy, whose wife Sylvana, a heartless career bitch, now fires the harvesters and claims full custody of their autistic son Antwan (9), whom only Willy cares for constantly.
25 Feb. 2011
After rudely arresting a man for mild verbal abuse, rookie Esmee is run over by a car and remains in coma. The culprit gets away and murders a squatting junkie, presumably just to cover his tracks. The only trace is a prepaid cellphone, but he's hard to identify for audio shopkeeper Jonkers. Romeo and partner are rudely kept away from Esmee's sickbed by her bitching mother, as as is her father, neighboring city cop Serge van Rooy, who was finally getting to know her.
4 Mar. 2011
A drunk girl who went missing after a student party is found dead in the woods, skull fractured in a fall. Wolfs's frat experience comes in handy to question various party-goers, such as cat-loving chemistry graduate Steven Kraaij, who organized the party complete with synthetic party drug and judge Hendriks's son Mart. Meanwhile the beat cops refuse to take obnoxious vagrant Jos in custody, which he demands and tries to provoke.

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