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Season 1

3 Sep. 2007
Een valse noot
Detective Eva van Dongen is not pleased to discover that she has a new partner, the seasoned Floris Wolfs from Amsterdam. With the help of their colleagues Romeo Sanders, Marion Dreesen and Chief Ellis Flamand they investigate the murder on a cello student and discover that she worked as a call-girl. Floris needs a place to stay, and finds a room for rent- in Eva's house.
10 Sep. 2007
Een zaak met een luchtje
Floris and Eva try to catch a gang which is extorting shop owners. Marion and reluctant Romeo deal with a missing persons report which has a surprising outcome. Floris stands up for Romeo when Eva rides him hard, and Romeo later gets a chance to prove himself when they are in pursuit of a suspect. Eva is not happy with Floris staying at her place. Floris meets his estranged daughter Fleur, and Eva worries about her mentally impaired brother Maurice.
17 Sep. 2007
Groeten uit Lagos
Eva and Floris investigate a suicide. Floris suspects he is the victim of a Nigerian fraud gang, but Eva accuses him of being attracted to the man's daughter. Marion and Romeo arrest Eva's brother Maurice, who may have been duped into guarding stolen electronics. He may be looking at a jail sentence of several months. Floris comes across his daughter Fleur again, but she avoids him. The police station staff try their luck in the lottery, but Eva doesn't want to play.
24 Sep. 2007
Floris and Eva investigate the death of a woman who has been poisoned with tetrodoxin, the venom of the puffer-fish. They suspect the shady owner of a Japanese fish restaurant who may be illegally serving the dangerous puffer-fish dish, fugu. Maurice gets into trouble again, and Eva has to find him a job or let him go to prison. In order to convince a judge to keep Maurice out of prison, Eva may have to face her long buried past.
1 Oct. 2007
Alcohol maakt meer stuk
Frustrated with his life and job, Floris bonds with two men in a bar. Later, the two drunken men are in a car crash which kills the driver, and it looks like the driver's wife and daughter will be left with no money because the insurance company won't pay. Floris desperately tries to prove that the man was not driving in order to help his family, getting personally involved and going as far as withholding information, putting his job at risk. He also tries to connect with an icy Fleur, and his past is revealed- he got her mother pregnant in a holiday romance and then ...
8 Oct. 2007
Marion fills in for ill colleague Wijffels and deals with the Van Bladel family, whose teen-aged son is acting out. Marion suspects something is wrong with the family. Despite being on sick leave, Wijffels keeps interfering. Eva and Floris investigate a case of theft involving the Van Bladels, and suspect the culprits to be illegal Poles. Romeo has a hard time with Marion not being around to help him, and investigates a gang of youthful thieves. All cases seem to be interconnected. Floris finally tells Eva why he transferred from Amsterdam to Maastricht.
15 Oct. 2007
Een oude man
Alfred Thielen, the "Godfather of Maastricht", has returned, and his son may be involved in an assassination. While Floris and Eva try to find the killer, Thielen offers to make a deal with the Attorney General. Thielen also knows Eva's late father from long ago. Romeo deals with a youthful thief and is hit on by his mother.
22 Oct. 2007
Fleur and Eva investigate the discovery of six liters of blood in a house; the presumed victim, Johan de Jaegher, disappeared several days ago. They discover that he owned a very expensive painting which he was about to sell, and his brother Gerard has no alibi for the murder. Marion and Romeo deal with a mentally impaired man complaining of a humming noise in his house. Romeo accepts flowers as a gift from a witness, and after Flamand berates him for it, tries to get them back from his girlfriend. Floris continues to interfere in Fleur's life, and discovers that she ...
29 Oct. 2007
Marion and Romeo respond to a call from paramedics who are being attacked by drunken party-goers at a disco. Romeo is badly beaten, and, despite advice from his co-workers, returns to work the next day, claiming he's fine. Later, he blames Marion for the incident. Eva and Floris check for camera footage, and the manager of the private surveillance company has a history with Eva. Fleur expresses her dismay at Floris interfering with her life. Floris expresses his dismay at Fleur dating Romeo, but discovers that things are not as they seem.
5 Nov. 2007
De gijzeling
While bringing some of Fleur's belongings to an abandoned building for a stage play, Romeo and Fleur stumble across a drug deal and are taken hostage. Police flood the scene, and Flamand tries all she can to negotiate with the ruthless hostage taker while trying to hold a desperate Floris at bay. Eva is forced to abandon Maurice, recently released from treatment, while they were going to have dinner, with unforeseen results.
12 Nov. 2007
The whole team investigates the death of a teenage street racer whose car crashed into the Meuse river. There appears to be a leak at the police station, and Marion's son Frits may be involved with the racing gang. Floris and Eva investigate what appears to be a rape video sent to the police station's on-line TV channel. Flamand meets an old flame and can't resist the temptation.
19 Nov. 2007
Floris and Eva investigate a brutal robbery where the victims were murdered. After it becomes apparent that one of the culprits is Flemish, they are joined by Flemish colleague Britt Michiels. Maurice may be related to the case, and later has a mad fit in which he trashes Frank's kitchen and beats Frank. A distraught Frank later accuses Eva of being afraid of her feelings. Eva travels to Amsterdam for the investigation and uses the opportunity to inquire Floris's former colleagues- she discovers that he was involved with his police partner's wife, prompting the man to...
26 Nov. 2007
The investigation of the art robbing gang escalates when Maurice turns out to be involved and the gang escapes into a cave system leading to Belgium. Eva desperately wants to save Maurice, despite Flamand's warnings that she is personally involved and will only jeopardize the investigation. Eva and Floris almost kiss while sharing a personal moment, but Floris is afraid, prompting Eva to reveal her knowledge of his history in Amsterdam. During a chase through the maze-like cave tunnels, Floris is shot.

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