Doubt (2008) Poster

(I) (2008)

Plot Keywords

school priest
student nun
boy catholic
parish catholic school
certainty tears
wind discipline
teacher suspicion
pagan feather
feigned friendliness friendliness
toy ballet dancer magnet toy
sneezing reference to st. michael
music teacher nativity scene
resignation gristle
privacy confession
surety reference to ancient sparta
changing a light bulb light bulb blowout
pedophilia pedophile
racial prejudice prejudice
hymn christmas pageant
mouse reference to the first noel
sacistry judgment
caretaker shed
ritual ceremony
guilt innocence
cossack fire escape
comb hair barrette
school bell bonnet
dressing mirror
toy cleanliness
dirty fingernails bad breath
smelling alcohol on someone's breath mortal sin
circular staircase obedience
beating saying goodbye
trust cigarette lighter
cigarette case snow
conservatism closed mindedness
irish accent cat
italian irish
dancing dancer
flashback mashed potatoes
school locker wheelbarrow
stairway ear piece
pigeon altar
nosebleed gymnasium
dining hall bench
bird nightmare
undershirt embarrassment
compassion teasing
humiliation reference to patrick henry
despair candy
cough drops storytelling
corporal punishment slap on the back of one's head
stained glass window dance teacher
dance class gym class
hit on the back of one's head sleeplessness
bishop semi autobiographical
virgin mary statue religious statue
religion church
christian holy communion
rosary cross
penmanship homosexual
gay telephone call
intercom history class
class girl
reference to benito mussolini false witness
forgiveness reference to john f. kennedy
monsignor blindness
accusation black american
hypocrite new york city
father son relationship surrogate father
husband wife relationship crying
eating food
reference to abraham lincoln reference to god
record player recording
photograph pope
brother sister relationship tolerance
prayer cigarette smoking
singing singer
song organist
organ prologue
bicycle crossing self
umbrella rain
liar reference to eleanor roosevelt
woman with glasses homily
bronx new york city reputation
christmas tree history teacher
martinet reference to frosty the snowman
christmas carol fingernails
communion wine ballpoint pen
choir disciple
rectory reference to franklin d roosevelt
basketball basketball foul shooting
intolerance crow
reference to jfk assassination 45rpm record
transistor radio creche
janitor ambiguity
mother superior pedophile priest
school uniform school child
nun's habit children
catholic priest catholic church
religious fanatic ambiguous ending
pulitzer prize source hypocrisy
suspected paedophile suspected homosexual
old woman rumor monger
regimentation power struggle
paranoia novice
new teacher narcissism
mass man boy relationship
male female power struggle love
jumping to conclusion integration
hug going blind
gift fundamentalism vs progressivism
favoritism ethnic neighborhood
dream cover up
community building classroom
classroom discipline circumstantial evidence
christmas chain of command
bible authority
abused child abuse of power
adaptation directed by original author wine
tea sermon
school principal lie
gossip dutch angle
argument altar boy
teacher student relationship mother son relationship
false accusation doubt
african american one word title
year 1964 1960s
order of the sisters of charity death of father
based on play title spoken by character
surprise ending plot twist

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