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Doubt has exact and merciless writing, powerful performances and timeless relevance. It causes us to start thinking with the first shot, and we never stop. Think how rare that is in a film.
An intellectually and emotionally exhausting and engrossing experience. It is drama of the highest caliber.
You may have doubts about which side to choose, but there's no doubt about this mind-bender. It'll pin you to your seat.
By eloquently probing the state of uncertainty and its accompanying discomfort and confusion, Doubt compels viewers to examine their own assumptions as they become caught up in this fascinating tale.
Wall Street Journal
Doubt leaves none in one respect: John Patrick Shanley was the right person to direct this fascinating screen version of his celebrated play.
There seems to be something about the story itself that's better suited to the stage than the screen.
The truth is left for the audience to decide. And while the conclusion isn't necessarily clear, it is unsettling.
Directing the film of Doubt, Shanley is able to put an even finer point on his Tony-and Pulitzer-winning play about suspicion and guilt at a Bronx Catholic grade school in 1964.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film is nothing if not provocative.
Doubt cast a long moral shadow on Broadway but seems blunter on screen, largely because Shanley's fussy directorial notions ... are less nuanced than the religious and moral arguments he's given his principal characters.
Shanley turns out to have dismayingly few original cinematic notions to back up the basic did-he-or-didn't-he hook in his study of conviction and compassion.

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