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Reviews & Ratings for
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31 out of 36 people found the following review useful:

Watch this movie only, wait, don't watch this movie...

Author: prddad-1 from United States
24 June 2009

Hopefully you will be reading this review prior to watching the movie, to prevent yourself from suffering an hour and a half of horrible acting and special effects that will make you wonder, 'When was this movie really made?' The script makes you think the writer/s watched a few horror movies, and took some of the dies and combined them together to make this movie. I just wished they would have taken the good ideas instead of the horrible ones.

The CGI will bring you back to the days of...well, remember the old 50's sci-fi movies? Yeeeeeah, that's this movie. And it doesn't improve at all as it continues either.

Oh, and don't think that the acting will make up for the lack of effects. I think the scripts were left at home and they were told to improv. I haven't seen this much overacting since I rented an adult movie with a plot...and even THEY did better than this!!! Not even the "eye candy" could save this movie. Sorry but it's true.

In short, there are better things you can do with an hour and a half. Example: watch something else.

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30 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

Don't watch it, you've been warned

Author: john cole from England
20 June 2009

I only watched this movie because I seen this "Won "Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Feature" at the 2008 Mid-Ohio-Con Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio.". I now know never to watch anything that wins awards at that festival because this movie was atrocious and that's putting it polity.

The special effects were something even a Commodore Amiga from the mid 1980s could better and the acting was appalling.

You will also notice parts of this film have taken idea's from other films like Alien.

The only good thing I can say about this movie is the eye candy but are you that desperate, that's the question?

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7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Plaguers should be...

Author: bigdarvick from United States
5 January 2010

...burned and then burned again. Any remnants of this movie should be wiped off the face of the earth. If I could use the word crap over and over and get it posted, I'd do that. Instead, I have to write something explaining my position (bent over toilet vomiting) on why this flick blew chunks. Well, how about every conceivable gaffe in film making is represented in this movie. If you wanted to use this debacle as an example in a freshman film making class of what NOT to do when attempting to make your first movie...this would work just fine. It violates the senses of anyone unfortunate enough to watch this poorly made stink bomb. Move over "Ed Wood and One Shot Beaudine," there's another really bad film guy on the lot.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

I'll be kind & say I liked bits of it.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
24 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Plaguers is set in the far future where intergalactic space travel is a common occurrence, the USS Pandora is returning to Earth after a year long mission & having found some unidentified glowing green ball of seemingly limitless energy. The crew intend to smuggle the alien energy thing back to Earth & sell it to make loads of cash, however while responding to a distress call from the USS Diana they are infiltrated & taken hostage by a gang of sexy female twenty something space pirates. In a struggle the glowing green alien energy infects Nola (Stephanie Skewes) one of the female pirates who then turns into a puss dribbling zombie mutant thing & in turn begins to infect the rest of the crew. As the USS Pandora heads towards Earth the remaining human survivors realise that the plague must not be allowed to reach it or it could mean the end of the human race as we know it...

Written & directed by Brad Sykes this low budget sci-fi horror film feels like a cross between Aliens (1986) & Demons (1985) & maybe isn't as bad as expected but it ain't no masterpiece & any pleasure or entertainment value gained from viewing Plaguers comes from a few individual moments & a few half decent ideas rather than the film as a whole which is if I am honest pretty bad. The script feels like it's going to be a zombie film set in space (I personally think there should be more zombie films set in space...) but the infected never eat anyone or do anything particularly note worthy except attack any remaining humans, besides some mutant monster make-up there's not much point to them being there as the main threat comes from this green alien football which wants to get to Earth (once it's in the USS Pandora's system & taken control of the ship why doesn't it open the doors to the rooms where the surviving humans are hiding?) which is alright I suppose but a bad green special effect isn't the most scary of villains is it? I did actually like the concept of Plaguers but it's definitely hampered by it's low budget, I loved the idea of a gang of twenty something babes as evil space pirates, I liked the idea of battling zombies on a spaceship & it certainly moves along at a decent pace but it's repetitive, the dialogue is terrible & there's too many scenes which are directly ripped-off from Aliens like the welding the air vents shut, an early sequence showing two men searching the USS Diana & people back aboard the USS Pandora watching on monitors & there's even an android aboard just like Bishop.

I will give the makers credit for such an ambitious project but the budget just wasn't there & most of the sets are cast in shadow & you can barely see them apart from the grate like flooring which are probably just pallets from a factory somewhere. The gore is disappointing with very little on screen blood or violence, there's some bullet wounds, half a head chopped off, someones stomach is ripped open & someone gets a knife through their throat but little else. The special effects are reasonable, the CGI computer effects vary from alright to rubbish while the zombie creatures get more & mutated as the film goes which leads to some decent monster make-up effects. The action & attack scenes are poorly staged with the zombies deliberately slowing down so they don't catch up to the main character's & bad fight scenes in which they just sort of stand there & let people by. Despite having many very good looking ladies here there's absolutely no nudity of any kind. The costumes of the female pirates make them look like they have stepped out of the 60's with short purple dresses & sliver knee high boots, they do look sort of sexy though.

Apparently this won an award for best screenplay at some Spanish festival & best sci-fi/fantasy film at some other festival in Ohio, all I can say is that I shudder to think how bad the competition was if Plaguers won awards for best screenplay & best overall film. The acting is poor, Steve Railsback is the name actor here while space pirate leader Noelle Perris is seriously hot in this.

Plaguers is an OK watch I suppose, it has it's moments, an attractive cast, enough mutant monsters & a fast enough pace to make this slightly better than the usual low budget horror crap out there these days.

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7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

DON'T watch it!. Even the script is written by one who doesn't understand basic navigation concepts

Author: Adi from Romania
26 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

DON'T watch it!. Even the script is written by one who doesn't understand basic navigation (neither space nor aircraft navigation) I stopped watching at the very beginning after the ship they find on radar (or whatever they call that device) is announced to be located at 30 thousand klicks _SOUTH_EAST_ of their position.. WTF?! Didn't they catch on the basic fact that there are no 2D surface directions in space? East, West, South, North are all references to magnetic poles on a planet and are meaningless in space.

In space you would have azimuth, elevation and distance, as relative references to their current position and heading or in relation to a nearby planet / star / major body.

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11 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Contrite, clichéd, awful

Author: Playitagainsam from Rick's Cafe
15 October 2009

THIS piece of dreck has won awards? Unless the competition mainly consisted of cellphone footage of a bathroom wall, I can't imagine how such trash can even be seriously considered for any rewards... it was dumb, dumb, dumb... poorly acted, poorly conceived, derivative to the N-th degree, lazy script-writing, horrible FX and costumes, and the list goes on.

PLEASE, even if you're into "trash cinema", don't watch this... nobody with an IQ above that of a piece of broccoli should be submitted to such a waste of 90 minutes.

A howler, and not in a good way.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Plaguers, if you think the title implies that its a bad movie? You were wrong, its far worse..

Author: Andreas Marker (ajmarker) from Denmark
12 December 2009

I was looking around for something to watch a Saturday evening, and really couldn't find anything, so I stumbled across Plaguers and thought, "wow that title sounds pretty lame", but I decided to give it a chance, because the front cover looked decent.

Although I expected a B-movie, I was shocked how much worse this movie showed up to be, the acting was very bad, not even the death screams seemed "realistic", and the actors seems like they need to have some kind of choreographic training, cause even their movements seemed very unprofessional.

I mean, when you are watching this (playtime movie), and thinking you would rather watch Battlestar galactica, something is definitely wrong, I even doubt this movie had a higher budget than even one episode of Battlestar Galactica, and the acting is actually worse (Damn, I thought that would be impossible) The effects are like the first star wars movie from like? the 70'ies? just much much worse.

All in all, it will hardly be difficult to find something better to do, than spending 1,5 hours watching this movie, whatever day at the week, on whatever time of the day.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

"We need to dispose of the source."

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
20 July 2012

Quite cheap-looking (like out of some dingy Sci-fi TV show) and restricted, sort of "Alien" schlock b-grade knock-off throws around the tackily unimaginative blood and gore (although there's one scene involving someone's upper body being torn apart), but not much else. In the year 2241, transport vessel Pandora is carrying an alien energy source, which seems to have a life of its own. Own their way to Earth, they receive a distress signal, a derelict spacecraft. Captain Holloway, the stand-in captain after the death of the ship's former captain and her fiancée, decides to check it out. At first the ship appeared to be empty, but suddenly four beautiful nurse's (dressed in skimpy airline outfits) show up to be only survivors of a space pirate raid. However it's revealed the vixen nurses are the actual pirates and begin to take over the Pandora, but one of them is affected by some sort of green plague that has ruptured from the alien energy source the ship's transporting. She mutates in to a monstrous creature with a thirst for blood as the crew begin to fall victims to the virus turning in to demonic plaguers, while the energy source begins to deplete the ship's oxygen levels as the ship hurdles to earth. The simple-minded story isn't that bad in its idea, but the execution is fairly slipshod (like the cat-fight between the captain and leader of the pirates in where they were punching without force), the script is interminably dumb and so are the stale performances. Steve Railsback's amusingly robotic performance… yes he plays an android… no sorry syndroid reminds me of Lance Hendrick's Bishop from "Aliens". His interactions with the crew are quite amusing too, like the mash potato sequence. Most of the actions are clumsy, corn-riddled, goofy (a mutation releasing green snot onto a dead body to rejuvenate it) and boringly repetitive amongst a haunted house like structure, but it does win points on having someone donning a ridiculous looking rubber monster suit and going out on a grim end. "Plaguers" didn't come off for me, but it knows what it wants to be and recklessly delivers on that generic fodder.

"Didn't your parents teach you not to pick up hitchers?"

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

No more answering the calls for help in space.

Author: nathan-yeo from United States
20 September 2009

Plaguers sounds like an Immature Fraternity knick-name for a disease, and thats exactly describes the production value, script and plot of this film. You've seen this all B4, a space-ship full of renegades and misfits answers the call for help of another ship and either is hunted down on that ship, or brings something aboard their ship that hunts them down one by one. Here they smuggled some energy source that gives off so much energy it can raise the dead. So they answer an S.O.S. call of a ship. The ship is filled with hot young nurses. The nurses turn about to be pirates and roll the crew. Someone dies and is resurrected by the energy source and the (SPACE) ZOMBIE plague starts from there.

Was the above review useful to you?

Decomposing space travelers...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
14 September 2016

I purchased this movie from Amazon, where it was titled "Space of the Dead". With a title such as that, it surely lured in a zombie aficionado such as myself. But I must admit that I didn't have any high expectations for the movie.

However, I will say that the movie wasn't as bad as it could have been. Sure, this is not a great movie by any standards. And as for a zombie movie, then it was not even nowhere near being impressive or memorable at all. But still, the passion of the creative force behind this movie was showing on the screen, and that helped lift up the movie somewhat.

The acting in "Plaguers" was as to be expected for a movie such as this. So don't get your hopes up here, because this is as far from being a Shakespearian experience as can be.

The special effects in the movie were adequate, given the budget and production value of the movie. The special effects served their purpose well enough, although it sort of feel like you are watching a Sci-Fi horror movie from the mid- to late-Eightees.

I didn't really understand why director Brad Sykes opted to have the rescued marooned personnel be all women. Perhaps for the sake of eye candy and a selling point to the male audience? I can only guess, but it didn't really make much sense.

All in all then "Plaguers" is not a memorable movie, and it isn't the most entertaining of movies in this particular genre.

I am rating "Plaguers" three out of ten stars. And I can honestly say that I am not going to be watching this movie a second time, because it just doesn't have enough contents to sustain more than a single viewing.

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