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Ryan meets his father
sweetjawalters6 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was about Ryan's dad coming back to see him. It started off with Summer telling Taylor about her engagement. Taylor surprised congratulated her. After that Seth tells Ryan about his engagement. After Taylor and Ryan talked and tell each other that Summer and Seth both are afraid and don't want to get married right now. Ryan's father Frank talks to Sandy and asks if he can ask Ryan if he would like to see him. Sandy asks Ryan if he would like to see his father Ryan then says no. Sandy then tells Frank and Frank says OK. Then Sandy goes and sees Kirsten at the new match office and fines Frank there talking to Julie and Kirsten then Kirsten tells Sandy that Frank is dying of Cancer.

Summer and Seth then both tell each other what they expect from one another when they get married. Summer tells Seth to take care of her sister (really her bunny Pancakes) so they can bond. Seth wants Summer to study Judaism so she can covert to it. Meanwhile Taylor goes down and meets Ryan after work, Ryan tells Taylor about his father and Taylor says maybe he's changed and he should go and meet him. Meanwhile Katelyn goes up and speaks to the class about a book report they all had to do but didn't do it, then her teacher gives her a tutor from the class named Will. Katelyn doesn't like Will and tells him just to write down her book report in a notebook. Meanwhile Ryan has to go and meet with Kirsten so he kisses Taylor goodbye then goes. Meanwhile Sandy doesn't believe that Frank has cancer and phones his doctor and asks her if she could call him back regarding his health. Ryan then meets his dad and goes for coffee with him and Kirsten.

Meanwhile Julie is helping Summer with Jewish symbols and their words they are. Then Julie asks why she is doing this for and Summer then shows Julie her ring, Julie then helps Summer with trying to talk Seth out of getting married since Summer doesn't want to say it. The next day Ryan tells Seth about his dad and that he can meet him when he comes over to dinner tonight. Seth then tells Ryan that he won't be able to cause he has a date with Summer. Meanwhile Will gives the notebook to Katelyn right before she has to go up to the class and read her book report out, when Katelyn goes up there she finds the book full of words that just say woof, woof. Katelyn then goes up and speaks on her own behalf of the book and dose a good job. That night when Seth goes over to Summer's house, Summer tell him she wants a small wedding so Seth says then just family then Summer says "no about we drive to Las Vegas and get married tonight". Meanwhile at Ryan's house they are having dinner and Sandy goes and gets desert and his cell rings it's the doctor Frank doesn't have cancer.

Will tells Katelyn that she did a good job and Katelyn thanks him and tells him he not so bad. Meanwhile Sandy ask to speak to Frank and tells Frank he knows he lying about having cancer and if he doesn't tell Ryan he will. Then Frank grips Sandy arm as soon as this happens Ryan rushes in to the room and asks what's going on and Sandy then tells Frank to tell Ryan Frank resist. The Sandy punches him and Ryan gets in between them and ask them what's up so Frank tell him. Meanwhile Seth pulls the car over and Summer hoping that he will say he doesn't want a wedding either but he says that he wants to go to Seattle and ask her dad if he can have permission to marry her. Summer agrees and they head home. Frank then talks to Ryan outside and Ryan tells him that he's not ready Frank assuming it was him said he had worked hard and that he was OK now then Ryan says no it's him. Franks says OK and then leaves when Ryan walked in Taylor asked how it went Ryan told her about it. Then Taylor said " I should go you should go spend time with your family." Ryan then agrees and kisses her goodbye.

Ryan goes and see Sandy and ask how he's doing he is supplying ice to his hand Sandy say's he doing fine then Seth comes home and they all watch a movie together. Meanwhile Julie says goodbye to Frank and kisses him on the lips.
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ooh Willa Holland...!
RavenGlamDVDCollector13 December 2016
I've been a fan of Willa Holland from the moment she appeared on-screen, that is documented in reviews posted of previous episodes. Tonight's episode however, she hits the ball so way out of the park, you lot could simper on about Seth & Summer as much as you like, till the cows come home, but I just sit here and go d-uh! little missy is so scrumptious! She has a kind of magical charm that causes a guy like me to just there enraptured, sighing hopelessly and drooling pathetically. :) Oh, those eyes, the hair, okay, I'll shut up now...

Okay, as for the rest of the episode, at least it's an improvement on the previous two (see my reviews) but they don't change my opinion that the show has lost its vitality, and that the male lead, Ryan, is a bore. The about-turn with Julie who are now, at least at times, a good character, is kind of weird to take. I reflected on this especially while watching. She now even has soft appeal. Well, testimony to the beauty of Melinda Clark, but causing a whole lot of inconsistency for the believability of the series as a whole. Leopards do not change their spots. At the start of this season, she seemed to be going into Amanda-mode (only NIKITA fans will know what I am talking about) and tonight she was pussycat enough to have a chat with Summer. The hair and presentation changes with her mood. Understand what I mean about believability? I'm not complaining, though.

If you'd observe carefully, Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend is sliding down the ladder (no pun intended on two episodes back when she fell off one), she is of course real cute in a considerably coo-coo way, but there is less effort with her presentation for this episode, the camera-work doesn't favor her as in the others of this season.
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The My Two Dads (#4.9)
ComedyFan201028 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Frank asks Sandy to let him meet Ryan. Sandy talks to Ryan and he says that he will, bit not yet. So Frank tells Kirsten and Julie that he is dying of cancer. They arrange him to meet Ryan but during the family dinner Sandy gets a call that Frank is healthy so they fight. And Summer and Seth both try to make the other one to break up the engagement.

I have a feeling that Sandy is so against Frank because he doesn't want to lose Ryan to his biological father. No worries Sandy, you will always be the dad! Actually I didn't expect Frank to be such a nice guy. Looks like Ryan's whole family is on self improvement. And him now hooking up with Julie might get interesting.

Lots of comedy from Summer and Seth trying to manipulate each other to not have the upper hand!
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