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Sex & Nudity

  • A girl's pants have been cut to her upper thigh so Foreman can investigate a wound in her leg. Nothing sexual is shown. A girl says she sat on a stove when she was 3 and offers to show House the coil marks. He says "Do you think I just want to see your tuckus, as your people would say?" She turns around and lifts up her gown, but nothing is shown. House takes the opportunity to stab her with a syringe to sedate her. Cuddy answers the door at her home, and House realizes she isn't wearing a bra, concluding that her date from that evening is at her home. She says "I like him, and I like sex. Do I need to stitch a letter on my tops?" Foreman says taht "If there's one thing a good-looking woman can have whenever she wants, it's a social life." Cameron responds, "You mean a sex life." Cameron tells Chase, "So I think we should have sex," and tries to make an argument that it makes sense for them to do it even though she isn't going to fall in love with him. Chase then smiles and follows after her, which is where the episode ends, indicating that they did have sex.

Violence & Gore

  • After a car accident, a girl and her mother both have bleeding wounds on their faces. At one point, you can see a piece of metal several inches long sticking out of the girl's leg. But because she can't feel it, she doesn't react. After the doctors drill into a girl's head, she begins to scream. They take her out of the apparatus that's meant to keep her head stable, and her head is bleeding in the front where the screws went. House opens up a girl with a scalpel and she bleeds, but she doesn't feel pain. He then reaches inside of her and pulls out a tapeworm. The tapeworm is 25 feet long.


  • While Foreman is talking to a nurse (Wendy) she says "You and that a** boss of yours."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Truck headlights come out of nowhere as a girl and her mother are driving. The truck honks and the girl screams. The truck is then seen sideways and the car is upside down. When doctors are drilling into a girl's head, she begins to scream. A girl threatens to jump off of a ledge. Eventually, she falls. Cameron later tells her she has six broken bones and a concussion. House pulls a tapeworm out of a girl's stomach by hand. The tapeworm is 25 feet long.

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