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Katha Centre for Film Studies’ curatorial project film festival from Feb 18

Katha Centre for Film Studies’ curatorial project film festival from Feb 18
The curatorial project film festival organised by Katha Centre for Film Studies will be held over five weekends starting February 18, 2012. The festival will have day-long screenings curated by five participants of the Katha workshop on film curatorial practices held in 2011. The venue for this festival is Whistling Woods International, Mumbai.

For February 18, screenings have been curated by Srajana Kaikini, an architect from Delhi on the theme ‘Familiar Strangers’: Exploring how communities are constantly in conversation with each other. To probe unknown bonds between unknown, the unseen crowd and the connected individual.

The films that will be screened are Following by Christopher Nolan, Man on Wire by James Marsh, Babel by Ag Inarritu and Where is the Friend’s Home by Abbas Kiarostami.

For February 24-25, Afrah Shafiq, who works with Majlis has curated the screenings on the theme ‘A Bit of I, A Bit of Me’: Works where
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Exclusive Details! Is Nikki Reed Reigniting Her Romance With DJ Qualls?

  • HollywoodLife
They may look like an odd couple, but the former couple looked totally into one another when we caught them out together last night!

It’s a second shot at love for Nikki Reed and DJ Qualls! HollywoodLife.com spotted the former couple acting pretty darn together at the Blackberry Torch launch party in Los Angeles last night!

We were stunned to see the two together – they make such a mismatched pair – but together they were. We spotted the Twilight actress, 22, putting her hand in DJ’s back pocket and rubbing his back; they briefly held hands before separating.

Later in the evening we spotted the two sitting close and chatting with Gossip Girl star Michelle Tractenberg and Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones before acting casual when they people were watching.

Don’t be all That surprised though, BFFs – although Nikki is dating an older man (he’s 32 and
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Nikki Reed Photo: Kids Choice Awards

Nikki Reed, one of the supporting players in Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, arrives at Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on March 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Larry Busacca/KCA2010/Getty Images for Kca.) Among Nikki Reed’s other screen credits are Familiar Strangers, Cherry Rush, and Last Day of Summer. Her film debut took place in 2003, in Thirteen, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter. Presenters at the Kids Choice Awards included Victoria Justice, Nathan Kress, George Lopez, Jennette McCurdy, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Keke Palmer. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
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AFM Rights Round Up

  • Sydney's Buzz
A Work In Progress: Halls and the lobby of Loews remained bare and quiet until Monday when the final day approaches and buyers began congregating in final deals. Surprisingly to all multiple sales had already been made by day 2 and sales for some, if not all were better than expected even if prices were lower. At the Thursday evening European Film Promotion reception, where all friends in the biz meet with welcoming smiles, Marcus Hu of Strand said he was already packing up to go as he had made his purchases..they were already screening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before AFM began he said. One sales agent remarked that Toronto was the zero level and AFM looked like level 1 had been reached. One sales agent said only theatrical films were selling. Jonathan Wolf says AFM has are 10% fewer sellers (369 vs. 412 in 2008) but 4% more buyers with 13 new buyers from South Korea,
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Familiar Strangers on DVD

Phase 4 Films will be releasing the comedy Familiar Strangers on DVD on November 10, 2009. Written by John Bell and directed by Zackary Adler, Familiar Strangers, about changing relationships between parents and their growing children, features Nikki Reed (Twilight, Lords of Dog Town), Shawn Hatosy (Public Enemies), DJ Qualls (All About Steve) and Cameron Richardson (Alvin and the Chipmunks). The film won Best Ensemble Cast at Method Fest 2008. Here’s the synopsis from the press release: Brian Worthington (Shawn Hatosy) reluctantly returns home for the Thanksgiving holiday after a long estrangement, carrying the baggage of unresolved conflict with his father Frank (Tom Bower). Frank has replaced his maturing children with his [...]
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Happy birthday to Twilight and New Moon star Nikki Reed!

.. Teaming up with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, Reed penned and starred in 2003's film Thirteen. Since then, Nikki Reed has starred in a number of pictures, including Lords of Dogtown (wherein her father was Art Director), American Gun, and Familiar Strangers. Also appearing in TV series such as The O.C., Reed's career was blossoming nicely before Twilight came along. With Twilight, again directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Reed got on board as Rosalie Hale alongside friend Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella Swan in the series). Thirty-some-odd hours of hair transformation later, she was Rosalie, and her name became one that Twilight fans are not soon to forget. Reprising her role as Hale in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Reed remains an important member of the cast for Twilight fans. In the meantime, too, she has a number of projects in the various production stages, including Chain Letter, Privileged, Last Day of Summer,
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New Company Profile: Aspect Film Ltd.

Aspect Film Ltd, the UK and Spain-based theatrical sales & production agency, launched less than 2 years ago by Hugh Edwards, is offering completed and and in-production features which include Monty Lapica’s 'Self-Medicated', the most award-winning film of 2006, having picked up 39 international awards and starring Golden Globe nominee Diane Venora, Monty Lapica and former Ally McBeal star Greg Germann; Zackary Adler’s comedy 'Familiar Strangers' with Twilight star Nikki Reed, DJ Qualls and Shawn Hatosy from the upcoming 'Public Enemies'; 'Dough Boys' directed by and starring The Spirit, 24 and The Sopranos star Louis Lombardi.

Aspect's films in production include including sophomore comedy 'Luckyi Stroke', produced by Hugh Edwards, directed by John P. Aguirre and due to start April 2009; 'Cain's Awakening', an action thriller to be co-produced by Hugh Edwards and directed by Lawrence Pearce, with Brian Cox rumored to star; 'Wolf Sheep', a family animation feature to be directed by Eusebio Torres and voiced by Christopher Lloyd, Eric Idle and Tim Curry; and 'Fading of the Cries', Brian Metcalf’s fantasy movie, which has just finished filming and stars Brad Dourif, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Mackenzie Rosman.

Rights Roundup AFM 2008 - Sample

This is a small sample of what FilmFinders' clients and contributors receive now and will soon be receiving both before and after the major international film markets in Berlin, Cannes, AFM, Sundance and the major fall festivals of Venice, Toronto, Pusan, Locarno and other upcoming markets and festivals.

If you are interested in this subscription service, please email us at FilmFinders-Sales@imdb.com. If you would like to contribute to the buzz with your own items, please send it to buzz@imbd.com.

AFM 2008, Santa Monica California RIGHTS ROUNDUP

6 SALES licensed 'The Narrows' to Koba for France and Movie Bank for Benelux after its premiere showing in Toronto. 'Wave' went to ARD Degeto for free TV in Germany and Kino Swiat for Poland.

ARTHOUSE FILMS licensed 'The Universe of Keith Haring' to Pretty Pictures for France and Germany. ARTHOUSE FILMS acquired international sales rights to 'Chuck Close'. Arthouse plans a theatrical release early 2009. Arthouse Films acquired 'Herb & Dorothy' which recently won best documentary and the audience award at the Hamptons International Film Festival for North American and world rights.

ASPECT licensed 'The Utopian Society' to Scanbox for Scandinavia, Globcom for Romania, and Front Row for the Middle East. 'Familiar Strangers', 'Drawn, In Memory of My Father', and 'The Clan' were licensed to Front Row for the Middle East. 'The Peter Green Story: Man of the World' was licensed to Scanbox for U.K., Ireland and Scandinavian distribution.

ATRIX FILMS licensed 'Buy, Borrow, Steal' to Anchor Bay for Austrialia/New Zealand. First Look Studios will release in North America.

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL FILMS licensed '(Cheeky Girls' 'Freche Madchen') to Swift for France, and Film Depot for CIS.

BAC FILMS licensed 'Silent Wedding' to Vendetta Films for New Zealand, Syrena Entertainment Group for Poland, and IMO Vision for Brazil. They are also in advanced discussions for Italy, Spain and Bosnia. Their film 'Jasper' to Daisy for Korea and Eagle Films for India. 'Back Soon' was licensed to Ripley for Italy, and MCF MegaCom for Bosnia. 'Melody Smile' was licensed to Nueva Era for Mexico. Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia also picked up rights to 'Jasper', 'Lascars' and 'Journey to Saturn'.

BANKSIDE FILMS licensed 'The Baker' to Panorama Entertainment for U.S. for a spring 2009 theatrical release.

BAVARIA licensed 'Moscow, Belgium' to NeoClassics for North America.

BETA CINEMA licensed 'La Boheme', Robert Dornhelm's film version of the Puccini opera to Wild Bunch Benelux,' to Axiom for UK and Star Sands for Japan, Palace for Australia and New Zealand and Hollywood Classics for Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is currently in release in Germany and Austria through NFP/Warner and Constantin Film, respectively. 'Il Divo' went to MPI Media Group for U.S., Delphi Films for Germany, Folkets Bio for Sweden, Sunrise Film for Denmark, Against Gravity and HBO Poland (Pay TV) for Poland, David Matous Communications for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Best Hollywood for Hungary. 'North Face' went to Lady Film for Italy, and Mars Productions for Turkey. 'Machan' has been sold to UGC for France, Alliance Atlantis for Canada, and Rialto Film for Switzerland. 'Berlin Calling' was sold to Best Hollywood for Hungary, and David Matous Communications for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 'Run for Your Life' was licensed to Best Hollywood for Hungary, and Pa-Dora for Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia. BETA CINEMA acquired international sales rights to 'Ayla' a feature debut of Su Turhan. BETA CINEMA acquired international sales rights to 'Bride Flight'. The Dutch film which made over $1.5 million in its first two weeks of release.

CELLULOID DREAMS licensed 'A Year Ago in Winter', 'When a Man Comes Home', 'Still Walking', 'White Night Wedding', to IFC Festival Direct. Plans are to release through the Festival Direct VOD service as well as theatrical release via upcoming festivals.

CELSIUS licensed 'Crusade: A March Through Time' to Focus Cultural Media Co. for distribution in China.

CINEMA MANAGEMENT GROUP licensed 'Zambezia' to Televisa for Mexico, RCV for Benelux, VC Multimedia for Portugal, Vision Film for Poland, Film Pop for Turkey, and Front Row Entertainment for the Middle East.

CINEMAVAULT acquired international sales rights to 'The Hammer'. CINEMAVAULT licensed 'IOUSA' to MercuryMedia for U.K. television for BBC's current affairs strand This World for IOUSA. It will be released theatrically in the UK from November 14 in Picturehouse Cinemas as part of the joiningthedots.tv programme backed by The Independent newspaper and Sheffield Doc/Fest. MercuryMedia's slate also includes 'Sea Point Days', 'Dominick Dunne: After The Party', 'How Ohio Pulled It Off' and 'Loose Change Final Cut'.

CJ ENTERTAINMENT licensed 'Mother' to Bitters End for Japan and to Diaphana for France. 'Thirst' went to Palisades Tartan U.K. for U.K. and to Diaphana for France. Diaphana will release 'Mother' and 'Thirst' in spring 2009. 'Hello Schoolgirl' 'Lost and Found' and 'A Portrait of Beauty' were licensed to Rose Media for Thailand. 'Four Horror Tales', 'Wide Awake', and 'Black Cows' were licensed to Catchplay for Taiwan. Also 'Public Enemy Returns' was licensed for Turkey.

This is a partial compendium from the major trade magazines of rights acquired from international sales agents and other sales representatives during the recent American Film Market. The complete Rights Roundup Report was just issued to our clients and contributors this week.

If you are interested in this subscription service, please email us at FilmFinders-Sales@imdb.com. If you would like to contribute to the buzz with your own items, please send it to buzz@imbd.com.

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