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Bottle Shock is more than the story. It is also about people who love their work, care about it with passion and talk about it with knowledge.
The Hollywood Reporter
This intelligent, affectionate, beautifully acted movie gives crowd-pleasers a good name.
It's a winner. And not just for oenophiles. Director Randall Miller, who co-wrote the script with his wife Jody Savin, keeps the plot brimming with spirit and wit.
It's the kind of feel-good movie whose resolution is evident from the start, being based as it is on a true story. But that doesn't make the journey any less interesting.
Low budget, self-distributed, awkwardly charming, it's the kind of midrange Hollywood entertainment that's supposed to be extinct in this modern age. It makes you want to support your local vintner and your local moviemaker.
Beautifully shot by Michael J. Ozier, the dominating taste in Bottle Shock is Rickman's beautiful performance as a snob - a snob who is secretly open to being delightfully surprised.
A charming comedy-drama that's surprising true to the events that inspired it.
A great story - and a true one, more or less - Bottle Shock nonetheless fails to deliver much in the way of entertainment.
Unfortunately, Miller never finds the right balance, so while there are some sweet notes, the pileup of clichés ultimately leaves a slightly acrid aftertaste.
This schlocky period piece doesn't do the pioneering Northern Californians justice. The script is overwritten to the point of parody.

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