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12 Jan. 1960
Night of January 16th
The story revolves around three people; Tycoon Bjorn Faulkner, who is being called upon by his board of directors to explain a missing $20,000,000; Kit Lane, his secretary who also has a personal interest; and Steve Van Ruyle, a sailor who has inherited a position on Faulkner's board of directors. Faulkner is (presumably) murdered, and Kit is falsely accused of the murder. Steve assumes the job of clearing her name.
26 Jan. 1960
Carrington V.C.
It's been a long time since Carrington won his medal. Now, he faces court-martial for theft, and his life seems to be on point of collapse.
2 Feb. 1960
Flowering Cherry
When Jim Cherry is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream project, he finds he lacks the courage to go ahead with it.
9 Feb. 1960
A Woman of No Importance
A witty but dissolute peer is about to engage as his secretary a young man who turns out to be his illegitimate son. Then he proceeds to make advances to the young man's fiancée.
16 Feb. 1960
The Member of the Wedding
In a small Georgia town, twelve year old tomboy Frankie Addams feels unconnected to the world, a fact troubling to her. Her unconventional views for a twelve year old girl make her an outcast among her peers, which she in turn blames for her situation rather than anything of her own doing. Her only real friend is John Henry, her younger next door neighbor, although she doesn't see him as a friend since she doesn't consider him a peer. As her widowed father is all consumed with running his small business, Frankie is largely left to the care of their housekeeper, ...
23 Feb. 1960
The House of Bernarda Alba
A domineering, reclusive and ostentatiously pious widow in a small Spanish town keeps such close watch on her daughters that they are unable to have normal social lives. However, the eldest is allowed to become engaged to an unprincipled young man, primarily for the financial advantages it will bring the mother, Bernarda. Jealousy and envy ensues among the other daughters.
15 Mar. 1960
A Leap in the Dark
At the New Year's party Charlie thought he would be on his knees proposing to the girl he loves, instead he is looking down the barrel of a gun with his principles on sale for his life.
22 Mar. 1960
The Birthday Party
The down-at-heel lodger in a seaside boarding house is menaced by two mysterious strangers, who eventually take him away.
29 Mar. 1960
Double Indemnity
An insurance rep lets himself be talked into a murder/insurance fraud scheme that arouses an insurance investigator's suspicions.
10 May 1960
Beyond the Horizon
On a Connecticut farm, James Mayo's two sons both love Ruth Atkins. Robert, the younger son, is sickly and dreams of escaping to a romantic life somewhere "beyond the horizon." Andy is hard-working and steadfast and loves his brother deeply. When Ruth reveals that she loves Robert and not, as everyone believed, Andy, Robert's plans to go to sea with his uncle are disrupted. He decides to stay at home and marry Ruth, while Andy, unwilling to remain close at hand as his brother marries the girl he loves, takes Robert's place on the voyage. This turn of events leads to ...
24 May 1960
Hay Fever
The eccentric Bliss family welcome guests for the weekend.
14 Jun. 1960
The Night of the Big Heat
The inhabitants of a remote village on Salisbury Plain are stricken by a sudden intense heatwave, and discover that it is the result of hideous aliens who are plotting to invade the planet.
28 Jun. 1960
The Shrike
A successful theatrical director is driven to failure by the machinations of his vengeful wife. Eventually, he lands in a mental hospital where both his wife and his new love, a young actress named Charlotte, are waiting to see him.
5 Jul. 1960
The story of Tess Durbeyfield, a low-born country girl whose family find they have noble connections.
12 Jul. 1960
The Darkness Outside
An old man wanders haphazardly into an isolated archaeological camp in Iraq. He has tales of an apocalyptic event in Europe and a hostile crowd intent on annihilation on their way to the camp. The archaeological crew have no contact with the outside world, so do they believe him or not..?
16 Aug. 1960
Kind Lady
Mary Herries is a rich woman with a habit of contributing to those less fortunate than her. On her way home from a concert on Christmas Eve she discovers a poor, would-be artist outside her estate. Mary takes pity on this artist, Henry Abbott, and gives him some food and money. After taking him in, she finds herself somewhat attracted to this artist; he is handsome, and quite knowledgeable of fine art, especially the paintings in Mary's extensive collection. However, when she discovers that Henry has both a wife and a small child that he is struggling to support, she ...
20 Sep. 1960
Years after her aunt was murdered in her home, a young woman moves back into the house with her new husband. However, he has a secret that he will do anything to protect, even if means driving his wife insane.
4 Oct. 1960
The Burning Glass
Political maneouvring ensues when a scientist discovers a device that can harness the sun's power, turning it into a solar-powered weapon more powerful than the H-bomb.
11 Oct. 1960
The Pets
Two RAF pilots, shot down during the war, are captured by an eccentric German and imprisoned in his cellar - for years, because he neglects to tell them when the war is over.
25 Oct. 1960
Tiger at the Gates
Strenuous efforts to prevent the Trojan War from taking place eventually come to nothing.
The Pot Carriers
A young man serving his first prison sentence is protected by an old lag.

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