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Season 3

25 Jan. 2010
Your Secrets Are Safe
Almost a year has passed since Ellen Parsons left Hewes and Associates. She is now working in the District Attorney's office and is dealing with a fairly important drug case, trying to get a dealer to reveal the identity of his supplier. Patty Hewes is now acting on behalf of a group of investors trying to recover money they had entrusted to Louis Tobin and who, it turns out, was running a Ponzi scheme. With billions of dollars unaccounted for, Patty is trying to find any funds that may have been hidden by the Tobin family. Patty and Ellen have had no contact since ...
1 Feb. 2010
The Dog Is Happier Without Her
Having been told by his father that some money from investors has been hidden for the family's use, Joe Tobin struggles with whether he should tell Patty Hewes or conspire with his father. Tom Shayes tracks the telephone number given them by Joe Tobin to a cellphone now in possession of a homeless man who found it in a dumpster. He also finds a pair of expensive boots belonging to Louis Tobin and a trail of expenses suggesting the man had a mistress with the initials DMM. He turns to Ellen for help in identifying the her. Shayes also receives some devastating news ...
8 Feb. 2010
Flight's at 11:08
Joe Tobin calls lawyer Leonard Winstone after accidentally hitting Danielle Marchetti with his car. Winstone arranges for a doctor to examine her but Joe ignores his advice and takes her to the airport even after she's begins to show symptoms of a possible brain hemorrhage. Patty Hewes' attempts to find her and keep her from leaving the country fall on deaf ears at the DA's office, however, so it's left up to her and Tom Shayes to locate her and find a reason to justify a subpoena. Tom Shayes has dinner with his parents-in-law to tell them about the loss of their ...
15 Feb. 2010
Don't Throw That at the Chicken
Patty Hewes grills Louis Tobin about his fraud, while Joe Tobin is faced with a decision that will determine his family's fate forever.
22 Feb. 2010
It's Not My Birthday
Louis Tobin's suicide is ruled a heart attack though no one really believes that to be the case. Danielle Marchetti is now out of her coma and the DA and Ellen offer her immunity from prosecution if she tells all that she knows about Tobin. Joe Tobin tells her in no uncertain terms what he expects of her. Patty suggests that she plead the 5th. Louis' daughter Carol doesn't take the news that her father committed suicide very well and pays Danielle a visit. Louis' relationship with Danielle is explained as is his reason for wanting to get her out of the country. Ellen ...
1 Mar. 2010
Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck
The judge in the Tobin case puts pressure on Patty to start producing results in recovering the funds from the Ponzi scheme or face being replaced. She seeks information from who an expert resource who has a particular quid pro quo in mind. Patty's solution involves the ambitious Alex Benjamin, who is ever more desperate to join the firm. For Tom Shayes, the impact of his own financial losses are heavy. The post-mortem on Danielle Marchetti reveals heart failure but Ellen has her doubts. The DA puts in charge of investigating Marchetti's death. Tobin finally meets the...
8 Mar. 2010
You Haven't Replaced Me
Patty sends Tom out of the country to follow the money trail of the Tobin fraud. Ellen must choose between her new boss and Patty. Leonard Winstone leaves the city under mysterious circumstances.
15 Mar. 2010
I Look Like Frankenstein
Patty and Tom run into a brick wall when trying to get information from the Antiguan bank. Working with Ellen, they focus on trying to find Carol Tobin, who has mysteriously vanished. Tom turns to Barry the homeless man who lives in the neighborhood where Carol was last seen. Having run into Michael Hewes and his pregnant girlfriend in a department store, Ellen innocently congratulates Patty on her soon becoming a grandmother. Patty is soon after her son's companion. Arthur Frobisher tries to get a well-known movie star to be the front man for his new renewable energy...
22 Mar. 2010
Drive It Through Hardcore
Patty and Tom focus on getting in touch with Carol Tobin to see if they can learn from her what may have happened on that fateful Thanksgiving day when her father Louis confessed to them that his financial empire was a Ponzi scheme. Her brother Joe and family lawyer Leonard Winstone have her tucked away in an apartment and have convinced her not to leave. A visit to her psychiatrist however gives them the opening to contact her. Her information reveals someone is lying. Ellen meanwhile has to deal with a family crisis when she learns that her sister Carrie has been ...
29 Mar. 2010
Tell Me I'm Not Racist
With Patty's help, Ellen hires her investigator, Malcolm, to look into her sister's drug case. She also asks him to look into her own background and particularly her one time babysitter, Ann. Patty meanwhile is under threat of removal from the Tobin case when a group petitions the judge in the case to remove her. She explains the lead with Tessa Marchetti but he gives her one week to come up with something concrete or she's out. Tom wants to lean on Tessa but Patty flatly refuses. Under ever increasing financial pressure, Tom ignores Patty's orders and approaches ...
5 Apr. 2010
All That Crap About Your Family
Ellen visits the woman in her dreams to learn if she is her birth mother but actually learns something far different about her family. Just as Patty decides to move against Tessa, the DA arrests the young woman. Ellen convinces her to turn to Patty for help but finds herself suspended when her boss finds out what she has been up to. Patty however thinks she now knows what was going on with Tessa's regular visits to Antigua and convinces the DA to let Tessa make one more trip to the island. Leonard Winstone has to deal with his own problems when his father shows up at ...
12 Apr. 2010
You Were His Little Monkey
Patty Hewes meets with Judge Reilly who, given the events in Antigua, decides she is making enough progress to keep her on the Tobin case. While she is very appreciative of his decision, he goes on to tell her about Tom Shayes' financial situation and the loss of all his assets in Louis Tobin's Ponzi scheme. She tells Tom there is only one thing he can do. Ellen meanwhile is surprised when her boss tells that she will be co-prosecuting Carol Tobin for the murder of Danielle Marchetti. Arthur Frobisher oversteps the line when he alludes to the actor portraying him in a...
19 Apr. 2010
The Next One's Gonna Go in Your Throat
Tom and Ellen continue with their plan to get information on the Tobin family's Ponzi scheme from Leonard Winstone even though Patty has inexplicably told them to stop. It all starts to go wrong when Stuart Zedeck learns that someone impersonated him and withdrew money from the charity's account. He sends his henchman to find out what is going on which leads to a confrontation with Tom. Marilyn Tobin meanwhile goes to Patty and agrees to confess to knowing about the Ponzi scheme and to murder if only they will leave her son Joe alone. Patty makes her views on that ...

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