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Season 2

7 Jan. 2009
I Lied, Too.
Three months after the Frobisher settlement, Patty is concentrating on establishing a charitable foundation when an old boy friend, named Daniel Purcell, contacts her and entangles her in a new case involving corporate fraud and greed. Meanwhile, Ellen continues working with the FBI to destroy Patty, but she becomes more rash and impatient as she continues to set up her appearances to hide her rage behind fabricated grief in the wake of David's murder. Elsewhere, Arthur Frobisher is revealed to have survived the assassination attempt and is recovering in seclusion as ...
14 Jan. 2009
Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care.
Patty decides to take the child mortality case which, unbeknown to her, has been planted by the FBI. She passes the case to Tom Shayes who may be prepared to engage in unethical conduct to get the plaintiff to sign up with them. When his daughter is arrested for cocaine possession, Sam Arsenault decides his chances at a political career have been ruined and asks Patty if he can still invest in the foundation. She manipulates him into upping his donation. Daniel Purcell reveals to Patty that data produced by his company for a client has been doctored and that it ...
21 Jan. 2009
I Knew You Were a Pig
Ellen begins to explore Patty's relationship with Daniel Purcell. He was a witness in a big case 10 years before and Patty tore him to shreds during his deposition. Ellen begins to wonder if Patty paid him off but their relationship goes back much further and is much more meaningful than that of client and solicitor. As Patty has decided not to take on the child medical care case, the FBI want Ellen to slow down a bit as they are afraid Patty might get wind of what is going on. They also remind Ellen that this kind of sting may take years to come to fruition. Purcell ...
28 Jan. 2009
Hey! Mr. Pibb!
Patty's investigators track down the missing ring and a security camera provides them with a photo of the man who pawned it. The police soon make an arrest and Daniel Purcell identifies him as the man who attacked him and killed his wife. Patty's hopes of forcing the company to reveal its doctored environmental reports are dashed when Purcell, under oath, inexplicably refuses to accuse them of fraud. Tom and Ellen travel south to find journalist Josh Reston. They soon realize that they are dealing with powerful foes that will use every opportunity to stop them.
4 Feb. 2009
I Agree, It Wasn't Funny
Having been humiliated in open court when Daniel Purcell recanted his testimony, Patty decides she is going to go after Walter Kendrick and UNR. The first step is to stop a merger UNR is contemplating. Patty has a good case to put to Federal officials but she is outmaneuvered. Ellen weighs accepting a dinner invitation at Patty's apartment; this would be her first time there since the attempt on her life. Her FBI handlers want her to go and wear a wire. When Ellen later tells them she is being followed, they tell her the sting may be over. Uncle Pete believes that ...
11 Feb. 2009
A Pretty Girl in a Leotard
Patty goes on the offensive in her battle with Ultima National Resources and its CEO Walter Kendrick. She goes on television and accuses him not only of polluting with his West Virginia coal mine but of having arranged the murder of Daniel Purcell's wife. Her goal is to drive the stock price down and so justify a shareholder lawsuit. Kendrick and his lawyer, Claire Maddox, file a $200 million libel suit. Arthur Frobisher has some advice for Kendrick on how to deal with Hewes. Ellen may have a break in the investigation of her fiancé David's murder when his sister, ...
18 Feb. 2009
New York Sucks
Ellen's hopes of a resolution to her fiancé David's murder are dashed when the policeman Katie Connor recognized is found dead. She's also shocked to learn that Arthur Frobisher is their new client in the shareholder lawsuit against UNR. Working late one night, she sees Uncle Pete coming out of her office. The FBI is also interested in his activities. Pete is Patty's real uncle and has a lengthy criminal record for petty offenses, though nothing since he started working for Patty 20 years ago. The FBI nab him in a sting operation and give him a choice: provide ...
25 Feb. 2009
They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney
With Uncle Pete in hospital recovering from his suicide attempt, Patty is spending a good deal of time at his bedside. In flashbacks, Patty remembers her family situation and the important role Pete played in protecting her from her hard-drinking and abusive father. The FBI still plan on putting pressure on Pete if and when he comes out of the coma. Pete gets a surprise visit from Patrick, the man he hired to kill Ellen. Arthur Frobisher comes under pressure from the henchman he hired to ransack Ellen and David's apartment. He is concerned that Frobisher's continued ...
4 Mar. 2009
You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant
With Uncle Pete now dead, Patty finally tells Tom Shayes that she is under investigation by the FBI. However, when Tom asks his sister, who has access to Justice Department files, just what the investigation is about she reports that there is no record or an FBI file to be found. Patty declares war of sorts on the FBI and visits their office to make it clear that she holds them responsible for Uncle Pete's death and will stop at nothing to ensure justice is done. Wes decides to ask Katie Connor out on a date but asks Ellen if she has any objection. Ellen says she ...
11 Mar. 2009
Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons
Patty's husband is still under consideration for the position of Energy Secretary without realizing that his possible nomination is meant to create a conflict. The stress is getting to Ellen and she confides in Wes, telling him about the work she has been doing for the FBI. It's not enough to get the hit called off however. Claire Maddox begins to realize the extent to which Walter Kendrick has kept her in the dark about some of his more nefarious activities after Daniel Purcell admits that he falsified his report following a deal with Kendrick. At home, Patty and her...
18 Mar. 2009
London. Of Course
When Patty tells Ellen to stop investigating Arthur Frobisher's connection to Calder Security, she decides to hire a private investigator on her own. When she sees Phil, Patty's husband, leaving her hotel she suspects he may be having an affair. When her investigator provides her with the incriminating photos, Ellen makes sure Patty gets them. Claire Maddox is disgusted with Walter Kendrick's underhanded dealings and starts planting seeds of doubt about his leadership with a member of the Board. When it's suggested that she take over the company Claire accepts but ...
25 Mar. 2009
Look What He Dug Up This Time
As Daniel Purcell struggles to conceal his involvement in his wife's murder, Ellen and the F.B.I. set out to catch Patty bribing a judge.
1 Apr. 2009
Trust Me
As she looks to finally have Patty jailed, Ellen's plan unravels amid a series of complex double crosses.

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