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Author: gzamikes from United States
27 August 2007

When anti-bush jokes get really easy to do, a show like this had better make sure it has something extra. When that something extra is kid versions of political figures making jokes about the future they don't have yet, it's just plain nonsense. Dick Cheney and George Bush are done well but Dick Cheney mutters mostly. There's also Condoleeza Rice who has a crush on Bush for some reason and Donald Rumsfeld who isn't really that similar to Donald Rumsfeld at all. The democratic characters rarely give their names so it's a mystery as to who could be who aside from Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

The episodes have coherent stories but that's not nearly enough to keep this from sinking.

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My comments on Lil Bush

Author: gideonlp from United States
28 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am marking this as a "spoiler" only because of some of my comments of the show's content, not to the content itself.

As I read the comments it is apparent that those Republicans somehow tolerate the show, but disdain it, while the Democrats seems to relish in its so called truthfulness. One reader even (so it seems) actually indicates that he believes these events did or could have happened when Bush was in grade school.

But as to the content as I see it, trying to be neutral, is that the group that made this series must actually be really Bush haters. In the Episode that I saw last, s02e03, it showed that the program must have been put together long before McCain became the front runner for the nomination; because, the other former front runners are all featured.

Another thing that caught my attention, was the use of add in closets. I thought that the series must have been made in Europe of for sure not in the U.S.A., because I know of no home the U.S.A. that does not have built in closets, and most likely in the homes of the artists.

As I watch the show, yes I do get caught up in it, I am amazed to see what must be a terrific desire of the writers to do what they can to embarrass our President. Sure there are problems as most American will agree, but that is no reason to be so hateful in public displays seen around the world. Perhaps the trend has now been set by this show and network, so that IF Obama or Hillary got in, would they continue to produce and air the same sort of "humor" about them?

Just one more comment on a commentator's remarks. IF there had been some sort of change in the election back in 2000, according to that writer, he was so sure that there would be a completely different acceptable president. Wow, wishful thinking on his part. As far as 911 events, I do believe that it was set in motion back when Clinton was president, and I can't see how if Gore was president anything would be much different.

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Lil' Bush is HILARIOUS

Author: mfuller711 from United States
1 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Too many people are over-analyzing this TV show. It is funny and grasps the attention of its intended humor seekers. I'm a very liberal university student who appreciates the job of the presidency. I don't find the cartoon offensive at all. It tells the truth and if I can find just one more way to laugh at the idiot that probably most of you elected into office not once but TWICE, well then dammit I AM GOING TO LAUGH!. It's just a TV show, get over it. The show (without giving away any of it's hilarious jokes and good humor) is good for a few laughs. Be ye democratic republican or whatever the show is well versed for all.

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Author: Randy Coates from Canada
23 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Please note that there may be spoilers in my comments so look out below, one and all! Lil Bush is pathetic. That is the biggest spoiler of all, because I just gave every the entire plot and everything else to do with the show. The jokes are all just plain terrible. Groan inducing, vomit inducing, just plain awful on every level imaginable.

Whoever made this show should be banned from working on TV for the rest of their lives. I don't like or dislike Bush that much either way but the jokes on this show are just bloody awful.

Who can laugh at crap like this? We get it already, we've been getting these jokes for the last ten years, Bush isn't very smart and he talks funny and he's a megalomaniac. Can you at least try to put a new spin on it or come up with new jokes instead of the same crap we've heard six billion times on late night TV shows already? This show is garbage.

Avoid at all costs.

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I liked it

Author: MovieCriticMarvelfan from california
22 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lil' Bush is a cartoon intending to poke fun at our current ignorant President as seen through his eyes in grade school.

I liked the show. Granted, it wasn't perfect but it's far from horrible. Most of the negative reviews are a bit misleading and unfair to say the least. One such review said this show is boring and not funny….let's take a look at some of the jokes from the pilot:

"Tonight's episode where I go to Iraq for some reason"-Lil' Bush

"Bad news on Iraq let's see what else is on"-Lil' Bush

Senior Bush: "You kids know that you aren't supposed to watch anything but Foxnews".

Senior Bush: "The focus on the terrible bad stuff that we're doing like torturing people and killing civilians and funneling millions of tax paying dollars."

There is no way somebody with a straight face (and who knows what the Bush legacy is really about) is going to say that's not funny. Abrasive and direct yes, but not funny? Give me a break.

Anyways, this show was fine. I love the fact that Cheney was made to sound like a damn penguins. The Vice President comes across as a rabid animal in his interviews so I found this representation of him to be right on the money. Condoleeze Rice being made to look like an ugly girl nobody wants is a great representation of the way she comes across in real life including the way that she talks (both in the show and in the news) manipulating details and ignoring facts that would condemn the failure of the President.

Lil' Bush himself is a great replica of our current disgraceful President.

I thought the jokes were decent and they capture the personality of the real life characters well. The only down point for me was the whole "Graduate" spoof with Barbara Bush and Cheney...ugh that was painful. We don't need to see that. The fictional account of Lil' Bush meeting Lil' Clinton and Hilary was also funny.

Other than that though lots of laughs here. The pilot seems to have gotten mixed reactions but I still haven't heard a great reason as to why people hate it other than they are pro-bush supporters or this show took over another show's time slot or comparing it (unfairly) to a show that doesn't even air anymore. Whatever. The second episode was funny too. Bush get sent to camp and by accident stumbles upon an Al-Queda camp. Instead, of eliminating the threat Bush instead becomes friends with the "terrorists" (in controversial fashion as the real wealth of the Bush family comes, if you want to believe it, from connection with Bin Laden's family). Likewise, the music video showing how the President becomes "decisive" (all the while showing the bombings he does all over the earth) was a hoot too. It's a good way of showing in a nutshell what Bush is about.

I can't complain much as a show it's OK and it provides good summer entertainment.

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This Show Isn't As Bad As It's Made-Up To Be

Author: food_is_cool from United States
17 December 2008

This show actually can be pretty funny. Even if you're one of the 30% of Americans that likes Bush. This show is funny because not only does it poke fun at Bush, but all most all of the other politicians that are frequently in the news. The uncensored version though, isn't very good. They add all this extra stuff so they can make seem all inappropriate. This show shouldn't be watched by kids under at least 12, though most won't understand it. The show has quite a bit of funny material, and then some things that are just stupid. All in all, this show is worth giving a try. If you don't like it, find something else. The Simpsons are always an excellent choice!

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I like it. And I'm not even anti-Bush.

Author: Rhoda Kaye from United States
8 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maybe I'm just too easily amused. But as soon as I saw the commercial for the show that said "Give me a pom! Give me another pom! What's that spell? Pom-poms!" I had to watch it. I've only seen one whole episode which is the one where they are at camp and they prank the Al Qaeda camp. I loved their surprise attack, I loved the whole "I've-gotta-hide-Jeb's-arms-or-mom-and-Dad-will-kill-me" was just funny. Silly, yes. But to me it was funny.

Don't watch this show trying to get any deeper meaning, seriously. It's just funny, whatever you think of this administration. Like I said, I'm not even anti-Bush. I don't think he's the greatest, but I don't hate him, I don't bash him. So just watch it for the simple sake of laughing, nothing else.

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14 out of 28 people found the following review useful:'s actually much better than I expected seriously

Author: mike310 from Los Angeles
2 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, I was skeptical, too. In fact, I figured that this would be one more Comedy Central time slot filler that we had to endure until they found another worthwhile show. After the first episode, I was thoroughly unimpressed. I chuckled a few times, but it seemed that everything that all of the other IMDb viewers said about the show were being validated. Then I saw the NEXT episode...the one where Barbara Bush tries to keep Lil' Bush from hanging out with Lil' Tony Blair because she's afraid that he'll grow up to be "British." It was brilliant. "No son of mine will grow up driving on the wrong side of the road," Mrs. Bush says (or something very close to that). The entire episode was about the two youngsters pursuing their special friendship in secret. And then the part with Lil' Barrack. Rice, Rumsfeld, and Cheney simply can't understand that they are building a house for someone who needs it without a selfish ulterior motive. Hey...wake up...this show is funny. It's also much, much more original than wanna be critics want to admit. I'll admit my surprise at finding out that I was wrong to judge the show too quickly.

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this cartoon imitates life childishly to perfection

Author: sinnerofcinema from United States
9 September 2009

I just recently rented the DVD. I usually never watch cartoons, and if I do it is usually the old fashion kind (Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Looney Tunes, etc.) but as I saw the box cover I thought to myself this is just too hilarious to pass up and indeed it is. A extremely quick funny sketches, this looney tunes version of the white house just about sums up the Bush years. It is politically one sided most definitely, but it delivers the laughs and it hit the target w lil bush. I just could not stop laughing. All the folks who have trashed this tiny toon, we know what side they are on and it would make total sense to trash it for they won't find the humor in it much less figure out all the inuendo its filled with. Lots and lots of subtle as well as in your face commentaries. Does this accomplish its purpose? without a doubt. Its way funnier than The Simpsons and for my personal taste, it refreshingly vulgar with lots of adult humor. Cant wait to see the other episodes. keep em coming!!!

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Lil Bush is Fun

Author: FoodTruckie from PA, United States
12 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I once heard that a majority of Americans get their news from Comedy Central. I think it's for good reason. If you want real straight talk, don't look to John McCain. He's got Bush's beady eyes mounted on Cheney's head. Look for Lil Bush to tell the truth, with plenty of jokes, animals being eaten by Lil Cheney, and general Bush-bashing. I found Lil Bush to be incredibly funny. Sure, he's in grade school, but he uses the same tactics to solve his problems that the president does today. When his hot dogs get taken away and replaced with Middle Eastern food for lunch, what does Lil' George do? He tortures the principal and cafeteria workers, posing them in a frightening 'naked pyramid' as shown in those pictures of abuse from Guantanamo Bay. When Lil George can't pass a test on evolution, what does he do? He says learning goes against God. When Lil Cheney has a heart attack and dies, what does he do? Why, he goes to hell and scares the devil, of course.

Lil Bush isn't as raunchy as South Park, and not quite as funny. However, if you're a Democrat who likes the idea of Darth Vader being Cheney's father, then you'll enjoy this show. If you hold Bush on the same level you hold Jesus and your pickup truck, then you're going to hate it.

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