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Cool B-movie badassery
dave-sturm5 December 2009
I'm not here to tell you "Armored" is Kubrickian, Hitchcockian or Fellini-esquire. Nope. Referenced directors are more like Don Siegel ("Charlie Varrick") and Walter Hill ("The Warriors"). Those two helmers didn't fool around with niceties like putting women in their movies. No skirts need apply. They unapologetically made guy movies. Guns, lots of guns. Men met violent death with a twitch of the jaw. Their movies were like a sap to the head. You want a friend? Get a dog.

"Armored" is so a guy movie. Dueling armored trucks? Bloody gunshot wounds? Exploding money? If that doesn't get the lizard part of your brain excited, then stay away.

At 88 minutes, "Armored" is all muscle without an ounce of fat. We meet six security guards who drive armored trucks, three per truck. The six, led by Matt Dillon, scheme up a fake hijack involving two trucks. Their mission one day is to deliver $42 million from the federal reserve (I think). The idea is to drive both trucks to a warehouse, stash the cash, then stage a hijack. Sure, the cops will suspect them, but if they stick together they'll get through it.

Trouble is, one of the six, played by Columbus Short, is a holdout. At first. But he faces eviction. And he's the guardian for his messed up younger brother. He needs cash bad.

Matt Dillon cajoles, pleads, persuades the holdout. No blood on anyone's hands. A clean getaway. All good, no bad. You'll be rich forever. Blue skies smiling at you ...


Everything goes to hell, of course. It's one damned thing after another and the stakes keep going up. And it almost all happens claustrophobically inside an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Los Angeles. In fact, the movie goes out of its way to project a backdrop of industrial urban decay. I happen to like industrial urban decay.

Kudos to Matt Dillon, who plays the top bad dog. He goes from charming to disappointed to frustrated to outraged to totally effing insane in the course of the movie. Love that guy.

Also, credit is due to the menacing, throbbing, blistering and totally sinister electronic soundtrack by John Murphy. I am guessing he's heard a few Tangerine Dream records.

Also, it's surprising that this is a PG-13 movie. I caught one — one! — f-bomb in this entire movie about violent tough-guy robbers. On some level, I like that. Take the kids.

The director is Nimrod Antal, a Hungarian who made a fine noir set in the Budapest subway system called "Kontroll." Screenwriter is an out-of-nowhere guy called James V. Simpson.

A lot of the people in this movie are just starting out. I am willing to bet the esteem given to this movie will rise as time goes on and these filmmakers advance in their careers.
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Just a bad movie all round that dosen't know what it wants to be.
jamiemarks-16 September 2010
Alas despite a top-notch cast of Jean Reno, Matt Dillon and the normally reliable Lawrence Fishburne can't save this supposed "Action flick" of becoming a tasteless turkey. A basic story where security guards for an armoured truck company decide to steal millions of dollars of money but a newbie panics and it's splits up the team leading to problems. The script is terrible and very clichéd and even though the movie for the first half hour tries for character development (as it tried to be a sort of drama but fails miserably as it isn't touching in the slightest) it just leads to pointless talk about inconsequential things and as a result you just get bored. The film was far to slow in getting started and the action, well there was little of as it became more and more far fetched and actors who couldn't act. I was quite disappointed with this film particularly with Lawrence Fishburne as he was outstanding as Morpheous in the Matrix, as Ray Langston in CSI and great in a small cameo role in the recent predators. Though he did try better than the other actors the script didn't help. This is a movie which is bad in all departments and in the end I didn't care about the characters and what happened to them. This was an hour and a half but it felt like three hours. A bad movie all round and one to avoid.
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So that's the plan, huh. Just drive the truck into a building.
thesubstream8 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
At the heart of almost every truly great crime thriller is a carefully considered, methodically planned-out high stakes super-crime, which 9 times out of 10 is committed by a bunch of likable, grey-scale morality underdogs for who life isn't fair, for whom getting back at the man is, well, something worth cheering for. First-time screenwriter James V. Simpson's script for Armored gets this half right. He made extra-double-sure that we've got nothing but sympathy for the recently orphaned, Iraq war veteran Ty Hackett (Stomp the Yard's Columbus Short), who's about to have his house taken away by an evil bank (brother, I've been there). And he gave Ty a good family friend in Mike (Matt Dillon) who is super nice and gets him a job at the armored car company that he works at with Baines (Lawrence Fishbourne) and some weird French dude (Jean Reno). These guys like to have fun and play pranks, but they are also serious armored car guys too, so that means they carry guns and are tough.

After a short while, as one theoretically watches Armored, one might start to think as I did, that maybe - just maybe - this is going to be some kind of awesome, tongue-in-cheek, cornball heist movie with some on-the-nose characterizations that move the story along its natural course, cranking up the personal stakes of all involved in hopes of unveiling a really, really clever plan with lots of potential 'holy sh*t' moments. I mean, the music alone is textbook heist-movie - gritty, edgy beats working overtime as we're treated to close-ups of characters who say things like "As a matter of fact I do," and "Are you crazy??" For 45 minutes or so, the movie had some serious genre-flick potential.

Then things start to really stink. These dudes, these idiots, have no plan. There's no "Ok, here's what we're gonna do..." scene, no blueprints, no explosives, no black van or ski-masks (despite their 'test-run', as can be seen in a trailer). No, these guys are going to steal $42 million dollars from their own trucks (which are only being tracked by HOURLY contact over the radio, despite being equipped with some fancy, big-deal 'GPS technology'), and they aren't even going to sit down and discuss it. Hell, Mike only tells Ty about the plan the night before, which is completely ridiculous. But of course, Ty's got his house to think about so as long as Mike promises that 'no one will get hurt,' he's on board. Guess what, though. Somebody gets hurt. Why? Because, besides driving the trucks into an abandoned factory to hide the money, they have no plan. That was it. That was how far they thought things out. So, naturally, things start to unravel. These cats deserve everything they get for being so unprepared.

This script, frankly, feels like it's like the product of some bad improv game: "Armored Car, robbed by its own guards...GO!" Despite some half-decent buildup that could have maybe taken the film in a few interesting directions, the story just completely falls apart, and pretty soon, NOTHING makes sense, or is even remotely plausible.

When filmmakers don't have a cool "hook" for their heist, their characters seem stupid, and bungling. And when characters are stupid, and bungling, it's hard for an audience to invest in them, and their story. And when that happens, any suspense drains out the bottom of the movie, leaving a laughable, hollow husk.

Skip it. 3/10
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Siamois8 January 2010
I had been amazed by director Antal's Kontroll back in 2003. His first American project, Vacancy, was less impressive but a decent start. Armored is his second feature and while the visual signature is recognizable, the film never rises above the level of a B movie.

It's a shame because the main premise has all the ingredients for twists and turns and the ensemble cast featuring many quality actors should be able to deliver. Antal could have made a great heist film but instead goes for an action flick. Then again he could have shot a cool action flick but it doesn't really deliver in that department either.

What you are left with is one implausible situation after another, a group of poorly sketched characters bicker and fight over a sum of money. If you look past the sharp cinematography, cast and the tight music score, you're left with what could have been a below average direct-to-video featuring Van Damme or Seagal.

This was probably the most disappointing movie for me in quite some time.
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Good movie, surprisingly tense
sir-montag4 December 2009
Good, boring or bad? It's good. Worth your money? If you can spare it for a ticket, sure. Better than the trailer makes it seem? Yes, oddly.

There isn't much to the script - Guards working at armored truck company move vast amounts of cash. Guards see opportunity to retire as millionaires, one of them is too honest to go along with it all, and a well-laid plan goes to hell.

This could have been a poorly-executed Reservoir Dogs ripoff, but the skill of the cast and the director's ability to make just about anything tense pull it out of that realm and put it onto a solid footing.
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Entertaining little thriller
BernardoLima5 January 2010
Armored tells the story of a few armored truck company workers who conjure a plan to steal 42 million dollars that they were suppose to transport. To pull this off, they need Ty, an Iraq war veteran who just joined the company. At first, Ty refuses to be a part of the scheme, but he desperately needs the money since he's in risk of loosing his house and his little brother might be taken away from him. Ty ends up agreeing with the all thing, but not before Mike, the leader of the guards, promise that no one will get hurt... Armored is a fast-moving heist film with a good amount of action and some unpredictable twists. Obviously, everyone can tell that things are not going to go smoothly but still, there are a few surprises and the film doesn't become predictable at any point. Looking at the cast of Armored, which is comprised by very well known actors like Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburn and Matt Dillon, one might expect a tremendous film given the quality of the actors, but that's not case. I'm not saying it's a bad film, it's not by any means but, it's not a film with depth either. If you're expecting something like that you'll be disappointed. This is a popcorn movie, there's not much to think about here, just turn your brain off and enjoy it. The acting was average with the exception of Matt Dillon who really stood out as the leader of the "bad guys". His character is a mean son of a bitch and Dillon played the role perfectly. The film fell a bit short in the third act though because the ending seemed a bit rushed. Bottom line is, Armored is entertaining and therefor a good watch, just make sure you know what kind film you're about to see.

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I'm not quite sure what the writer was thinking
bobo2 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I, like a few others, have made an account simply because of the atrocity that is this movie. I was having a sleepless night and decided to check the movie channels to see if anything was on, and low and behold, 'Armored' popped up. Remembering some previews I saw awhile back, I figured it would at least be entertaining.

This ended up being one of the few movies that I just up and turned off about thirty minutes before the end. Normally, people just leave if they don't like the type of movie (after 5-30 minutes), or just sit through to see how it ends. It has to be a special kind of bad when you've watched almost the entire movie, and decide you don't even care how it ends.

For those who haven't seen it, I can sum up about 40% of the movie in a line. "Guys, let's spend 45 minutes trying to pop the hinges". That's literally the bulk of the movie; they sit there hammering away at the hinges on the armored vehicle, because the "good guy" "had a last minute decision" and locked himself in the truck. There's little action, there's no plot, there's no character development, there's no good dialogue, there's nothing to make you think, there's just nothing.

The rest of the movie can be summed up pretty quickly as well, with no exaggerations made. War veteran comes home, has no money, has a set of values. Friend gets him a job. All of a sudden, the night before some apparently huge 42 million dollar heist, the "good guy" gets told "hey we're gonna steal all the money from ourselves and no one gets hurt". He says no.

Then, OMG, your brother is going into child care services because your parents died and you're too shitty of a guardian! I guess the characters thought process was like this "I guess it's time to take them up on that 42 million dollar heist that I heard about last night, and have no idea as to their plans to actually make it work!" After that, the heist happens. It becomes apparent that there was no plan, they simply plan on dumping the money somewhere, pretending they got robbed, and picking it up later. Of course, the premise is they have an hour, after checking in by radio, before they have to check in again. That plan is just absurd, and any jackass can understand that armored vehicles carrying 42 million dollars don't just go unmonitored for over an hour, with no sort of tracking on the vehicle.

Well, sadly, that wasn't the worst part. We get back to what I was talking about earlier. The reason he's been "good guy" in quotations, is because he wasn't the protagonist at all. This movie had no protagonist. He was the guy who joins something on a ridiculous premise, and then instantly he decides he doesn't want to when it starts. He tries to get away in the armored truck, gets trapped, and then next 1 hour chunk of the movie is him sitting in the truck with them hammer on the hinges. The only real feeling this plot generates is one of hate towards the supposed protagonist. His actions are just so unrealistic and stupid, you just want the bad guys to kill him after a few minutes.

Well, to be fair, there is a little more than just hinge banging. Every now and then a terrible sub deviation of this glorious main story occurs, like a cop showing up to check out the loud sounds and getting shot, or one of the guys outside the truck having a "change of heart" and trying to help him, and then promptly getting knifed to death. It was just absurd.

And then, finally, it happened. The few scenes that made me give up entirely on the movie reared their ugly heads. Basically, whenever none of them are paying attention, he starts sneaking out of the car pretending to be batman or something, and causing all sorts of problems. The first time he sneaks out and lights all their stashed money on fire, and then returns. After that, he somehow undoes the floor of the armored vehicle and starts crawling out from beneath it, which none of them notice, and then trying to radio for help somewhere.

I don't know, around that time I noticed there was twenty or so minutes left and just turned it off. It was probably one of the poorest constructed movies I'd ever seen. No actors or good acting could save it, nothing could. Armored is just one of those movies that should of had its screenplay thrown in the garbage when put on the studios desk.
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An action movie with dumb thugs
quinnox-17 December 2009
I was disappointed. I usually like heist movies but this one - "Armored" - was not smart, if you want a heist movie where they put together a great plan for the heist and there is tension to see if the plan will succeed and if they can get away with the money this is not that type of movie.

The heist plan in this film is one that was put together by dumb brutes and is not a focus of the movie. The movie is all about bloody action scenes with guns. Probably the biggest star in the movie is Laurence Fishburne, and he has put on a lot of weight and gotten fat, and none of the acting is all that good for any of the characters. But even as a dumb action movie it isn't anything special or worth seeing.
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way too far-fetched
lvslezak9 December 2009
I went to see this movie today, with hopes that it would involve an at least half-intelligent story. I was extremely disappointed, as it did not. The plot, and the decisions by the main character, were so far-fetched. I was hoping for a "Dog Day Afternoon"-type movie, but instead got something totally unacceptable. I actually found myself totally hoping for the "hero" to be knocked off, and I nearly walked out of the theater on several occasions when this should have happened but didn't. Heist movies are notmeant to be feel-good flicks, and this one tried to be just that. Every couple of minutes during the second half of the movie, I found myself saying, "no way". Without giving the whole story away, it revolved around an armored car guard who was financially down and out, and whose house was going into foreclosure. He was invited in on a heist, and accepted, only to back down once the action began. Weak.
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This was a total waste of time...
oniinesupport28 February 2010
I have to admit that I am disappointed after seeing this movie. I had expected so much more from the trailers. The movie was absolutely horrible. It lacked a real story line and the acting was not exactly the best. Don't waste your time. The movie is not what the trailers lead you to think it is. I would have to say that I don't usually write anything about movies on IMDb (in fact this is my first one) but this movie was such a disappointment that I registered just to let people know not to waste their time or money. The story line is that of a heist that is to happen and it looks like it had potential to be good but the things that happen in the movie are a little far fetched to be believable. Watch another movie instead, maybe the inside man???
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Very missable straight to DVD action film
davideo-219 January 2011
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Ty (Columbus Short) begins his new job as an armoured van driver, carrying large sums of cash around. But he's fallen on hard times, struggling to raise his wayward younger brother, whilst his older, more experienced co workers, Mike (Matt Dillon), Quinn (Jean Reno) Baines (Laurence Fishburne) have troubles of their own. Suddenly, Mike suggests an audacious plan to him: stage a robbery of their own, and sort their various problems out. But of course, it doesn't run smoothly and before long Ty finds himself in way over his head.

Struggling with elements of high concept here and there, Armoured emerges as little more than a formulaic, by the numbers time filler, with a story that's been done before and just goes through the motions to the end. There's an all star cast line up, but they've all fallen on hard times, half the big stars they once were and therefore with half the dynamism and charisma. Appearing in the likes of this, the sort of film you watch on a red eye flight as you're falling asleep, would now seem to be their calling in life. **
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Wasted Effort.
rajiv-sridhar24 December 2009
OK I'm not sure I can even fill out the 10 lines required for the review.

This is a totally wasted effort. Don't bother going to the movies. Heck don't even download this from Torrent.I think Jean Reno, Matt Dillon and Laurence Fishburne did this movie to get some Vegas money.

There is no story. Screenplay is jarring. Forget Direction. Sucks. I went in thinking I'll get something like 'The Bank Job' or 'The Insider' but apparently bank robbers are getting dumber by the day.

If you want a thriller, just sit and home and watch Heat all over again. This is not worth the effort.
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By the numbers heist movie is straight to DVD rubbish
nimrodchad27 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This thriller from mediocre director Nimrod Antal starts off as though it might have some depth but soon degenerates into a by the numbers heist movie with the most obvious plot imaginable. A group of security guards agree to rob their own truck. When it goes wrong and an innocent is killed the main character then gets a sudden burst of righteousness and decides to take on his crew. Highly predictable clichés including the the protagonist's friend (Matt Dillon) who when confronted with the temptation of money suddenly becomes a sneering maniac, the kidnapping of the protagonist's brother (which you could see coming a mile off) and the innocent cop (Milo Ventimiglia) who stumbles upon the gang and gets taken hostage. Unsurprisingly the hero kills the gang and is let off. This is the kind of movie DVD bargain bins were made for. I rate it 3 because it's not the worst thing I've ever seen but I would rate it minus 10 for originality. If you have read this and haven't seen this movie I have hopefully just saved you an hour and a half of your life!
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I was let down with this one!
bushman11329 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am so angry to the point i normally down make reviews with spoilers but in this case I'll make an exception.The first scenes of this movies are weak and then when they get to the meat and potatoes of the movie it sucks. This is one movie were i rooted for the bad guys because the captain-save-the-day was unbelievable and there was no connection to him or nothing to make you like him. The lead actor gave the weakest performance and Laurence Fishburne or Matt Dillon couldn't even save this movie. Sometime there are eye openers or great moments in a film that may not be that great..this movie has none. If you are looking for a movie to see in the meantime while nothing peeked your interest...don't choose this your money.
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a classic heist movie with a's your precious time they steal!
onefivethreefish5 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
this movie is sooooo bad that it forced me to create an account with IMDb just to warn others about it.

i have been using IMDb for a long time, and many movies have come close to making me want to register to either praise or bash them, however none have ever been that worthy. Until now!

I am a huge Matt Dillon fan. all i could ask myself throughout this movie is "how did Dillon choose this script"? really. i mean there are holes in it larger than Vredefort.

i mean it is a modern day heist movie, not one set in the seventies. For crying out loud, even a child knows that armored trucks have gps tracking and the sort. makes you wonder what it takes to get a script produced in Hollywood.

i could go on for ages, but i wont. believe me when i say this. save yourself the time and give this a skip.

Sorry Matt, I'm still a fan, but this movie sucked.
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Come on, really?
ronanmiskimmin20 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What a bad movie, the premise was all there, the actors were all there. And yet a believable plot, good dialogue, characters to relate to were somewhat missing.

Typical heist gone wrong premise set against a backdrop of everyman being shafted by the system. The lead character Tye and his little brother have been having no luck and their house is going to be repossessed, along comes godfather Matt Dillon (Who does not look much older than Tye so not exactly sure how that happened)to the rescue with a plan to steal money from an armoured van which they work on as security guards. Tye has a brief flirtation with a conscience but decides to go along with it. And thus begins a truly awful hole ridden 30 minutes of unbelievable trash. I will not list all the ways in which this movie was unrealistic but let me point out the major ones:

Because of Tye deciding to be a good guy because a homeless guy became collateral damage, all of his close friends including his godfather die. His godfather who is supposedly family and the man who brought him into the caper at the last minute to help him out dies because of Tye. Tye in the process of thwarting his friends and godfather destroys all the money. The money came from the same bank that was repossessing his house. And yet he chose it over the supposed family of Matt Dillon.

There are many more, needless to say that this film was tripe and I earnestly hope nobody else goes to see it.
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Don't watch it; if you must be prepared
Tanja9 August 2010
Wait... what do I read there? Armored is somehow like Reservoir Dogs? Let me tell you this.... NO, it isn't. It totally isn't. I didn't have any expectations when I started watching the movie, but I thought the cast looked quite promising (Matt Dillon (Wild Things) Laurence Fishburne (Matrix) and Jean Reno (Leon)) so maybe I had hopes this movie would be entertaining. I was thoroughly disappointed. First of all the dialogs are not worth mentioning. Second, and most important, the story sucks!!! every minute you sit there and think what is probably the most implausible thing that could happen next? And your expectations are surpassed, because something even more implausible happens. That, non-believing acting, a bad script and shitty dialogs make this movie a pain to watch. (But I wanted to know how it ends and if that maybe would be a bit better (it wasn't))

I give this a 3 out of 10, which is really really sad.
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Sort of like "Reservoir Dogs"
kezopster30 June 2010
Just sort of like "Reservoir Dogs." I mean, it's a heist film and things have gone wrong. Namely, one of the people end up getting cold feet when things start to go wrong. Unfortunately, how do you back out of a heist when you're already in the middle of it? Watching one of the special features, one of the people talked about how the movie is like a freight train, starting off slow and building steam until it's rocking and rolling along. Good analogy. The problem is, the first thirty minutes are about as exciting as watching a big, heavy freight train leaving... slow and plodding. There's only character development for two main characters with a little bit extra thrown in for a minor (though pivotal) character.

If anything, the movie delivers the goods a bit too late. But if you stick with it, I think it's a rewarding film.
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With that cast and theme there was potential, but it didn't deliver
gkats20027 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There is not much to add to what others have already commented, the movie fails hard where it shouldn't, it has no depth in the planning of the heist and the characters are so unbelievable.

One thing that got me thinking, was that although the rest of the gang is trying hard to remove the pins from the doors of an armored truck, because there is supposed to be no other way of opening it, the guy inside the truck, with great ease manages to remove the floor of the truck which happens to have a hole in it so he can get out, and then get back in, without being noticed by anyone, because no one else could think that he could get out from there or even better, that they could have gotten into from there.

Promising but not quite there.
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Decent movie, short and sweet
tom11115 December 2009
This is a decent movie. Although little bit short in time for me, it packs a lot of action, grit, commonsense and emotions in that time frame. Matt Dillon and the other main character does a great job in this movie. The emotions and intensity were convincing and tense throughout the movie. It is not typical fancy expensive Hollywood CGI action movie, but it was a very satisfying movie indeed for the price. My evening was great because of this movie. This movie is straight traditional action movie with great acting, story and directing. I would recommend this movie. The character development of the characters were good and makes you believe that were are actually seeing a real event taking place. Because this movie I believe was made with cheaper budget, the acting and quality were much higher.
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Bland movie
shanayneigh25 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love heist movies (what guy doesn't?). I saw this movie without knowing anything about - not have read any plot synopsis or reviews - just the way I like it.

This movie was by no means horrible. It was just bland. Of course, you can't expect a B-movie to deliver the true meaning of life. This one was formulaic from start to finish, and doesn't offer any surprises.

If you've seen more than a dozen movies in your life, it's blatantly obvious from the beginning what's going to happen later on in the film. I don't think that's so much a problem due to the writing, but rather has to do with clumsy directing.

But the main problem is the acting. Columbus Short playing the main character feels far too weak, and Andre Kinney playing is brother is even worse. Absolutely horrible. Amaury Nolasco is overacting as usual, constantly pulling faces trying to look bad ass (just one of the many reasons why I hated Prison Break). Not even seasoned veterans like Matt Dillon, Jean Reno and Laurence Fishburne come off well in this movie. They're there to pick up a paycheck, no more, no less.

But then there are certain plot points which are disappointing. It seems like the guard trapped in the armored car can slip out pretty much whenever he feels like it. Alhough criminals may be morons, you'd think they at least would keep an eye on their only object. And what's up with the crappy radios, which seem to be constantly out of range? That's just lazy writing.

This is not one for the history books.
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a decent B-heist movie caught between film-noir and action
MisterWhiplash9 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In Armored, we get a story that could have just as easily been told this year as it could have been sixty years ago. Its central 'good-guy' figure, Ty (Columbus Short), is an Iraq war veteran who takes a job working as an armored-car delivery-man, who has the backup of other members on the crew who knew his father. They plan a heist so that Ty's house isn't foreclosed by the bank (and that his younger brother isn't taken away from him for being a delinquent), and a promise is made to him by his friends that no harm will come to anyone during the heist. This, of course, isn't true, as a vagrant is in the warehouse where the armored car thieves attempt to stash the millions, and then it turns into a ticking-clock scenario where Ty has to find a way out before the other members fully turn on him in real-time (the cars have to be back in an hour, you see, or the whole plan is a bust).

Replace Germany with Iraq and you could have a similar scenario play out, and one can even see certain actors filling in shoes played by actors of today (maybe Farley Granger for Columbus Short- certainly they're both bland enough- and a heavy like Lionel Stander in Laurence Fishburne's role or Kirk Douglas in Matt Dillon's part). I kept thinking of this during Armored, perhaps as a way to amuse myself while the story kept chugging away on its somewhat-predictable gears. Somewhat in that there are a couple of twists that one doesn't expect (one involving a crew-member's suicide), and that there is some heavy action a couple of times, handled competently by director Nimrod Antal.

It's never too poorly acted, save for Short as I mentioned, and its story moves along at a quick enough pace to cover over the fact that it's characters with only so much personality to get them through the picture (i.e. Fishburne's a drunk and violent, which suits him fine as he appears to have rolled right out of bed before some shots). But mentioning film-noir in this context should, I hope, be meant as a compliment. Antal works in a style that is indebt to the far away past of crime thrillers as much as more modern fare that ask for action over character development. It's nice to see an action flick without CGI, and the actors are game for the film aiming for simple, meat-and-potatoes B-movie roots. It can work just as well seeing it in a theater, or on video, or late night on cable (the latter sounds about right really), and seeing it once, it's not a disappointment. That it's also kind of forgettable is also a little sad.
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What the heck, really?!?!?!?!
Mudbug71116 December 2009
This is one of those movies I will not say is good, nor bad. It is a very mediocre film. The cast is what, pretty much holds it together. I have surely seen better scripts, and story lines. The action scenes are decent. ...And, oh yeah....why would anyone freakin' care that Laurence Fishburne has gained weight??? Really?!?! That is pure, ignorant, moronic, delusional, immature reasons to not like a movie. Very petty. Get a life. It is really sad, to see that we, in general think like that. Larry is still a strong actor.

My overall reaction to this film, is to go see it as an 'early bird', Matinée, or wait for it on DVD.
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Mediocre and not that fast-paced.
Matthew McNaughton14 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Heist movies can be good (see: "The Italian Job") and bad (see: too many to list), but they can also be neither. This one is right about in the middle. With a lot of filler, boring dialogue and cringe-worthy hinge-popping, it's just a bore. The five minutes dedicated to "action" at the end weren't nearly enough to justify watching. But the exposition into Jimmy's artwork and school attendance was great. I don't understand why they couldn't have delved into that more. Maybe when the bad guys go to the house to pick up Jimmy he's actually at school and so they have to come up with another plan. Why didn't Ty just leave in the cop's car? Oh well, at least I was able to write enough sentences for it.
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