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"Sesame Street" Episode 131 (1970)

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Today on Sesame Street, Mr. Hooper accidentally spills some milk. Big Bird comforts him by assuring him in song that "Everyone Makes Mistakes". Later on, Oscar's grandmother, the enthusiastic Granny Grouch, pays a visit to shower her grandson with kisses and drive him crazy. Sesame Street is brought to us today by the letters J (and many others as well) and the number 2. Two girls are shown playing with their dollhouse. Bill Cosby, or, rather, two Bill Cosbys, say the alphabet. A polar bear tries to figure out where to hang his exit sign. Bert has trouble falling asleep because he hears water dripping. Naturally, Ernie is too glad to help. Carol Burnett talks about the functions of the nose, which then appears as the mystery guest on "What's My Part?" Grover sings about what he does when he's afraid. Finally, Sherlock Hemlock, the so-called world's greatest detective, tries to figure out who ate half of Ernie's chicken salad sandwich.


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