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Plot Keywords

earth robot
love plant
future rescue
rain garbage
waste captain
mutiny dust storm
loneliness corporation
cockroach kiss
crying cult film
orphan chase
tears animal
lava baby
fire happy ending
social critic dehumanization
degradation dark future
pollution brainwash
extinction environmental disaster
ecological disaster ecological footprint
ecological environmental issue
lifting male in air lifting person in air
lifting someone into the air morbid obesity
sentience lifting an adult into the air
child slow motion
desert pixar animated film
social commentary post apocalypse
closing credits sequence sculpture
refrigerator overweight
lighter gift
collection box
very little dialogue tire
ghost town 29th century
spare part soil
shoe rat
number in character's name mission
megacorporation ipod
globe fork
diamond ring curiosity
commander acronym in title
blockbuster video surveillance
thunderstorm struck by lightning
stowaway spacecraft
self repair scene during end credits
satire repair
light bulb launch
garbage dump garbage chute
electric shock corporate executive
consumerism airlock
environmental issues modern masterpiece
bleak future spoon
man versus machine make up
dystopia cruise ship
cooler space station
videotape umbrella
towel swimming pool
space junk solar power
self destructiveness scrap metal
rubik's cube oil tanker
moon laser
laser cutter hubcap
holding hands earth viewed from space
dirt digging
computer reboot boot
billboard unconventional romance
trash compactor slapstick comedy
obesity no opening credits
first kiss fire extinguisher
film within a film exodus
escape pod biblical allegory
autopilot computer animation
part live action outer space
title spoken by character character name in title

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