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Honestly I Like it
Sammi Spikes4 December 2007
So far what I have have seen of Tin man is AMAZING, from the cinematography to the story line. It is an interesting perspective on a very classic story. While nothing can replace Judy Garland as the original Dorthy, Zooey's take on her is much more real and less "hollywood." She thinks much like any of us would in her given situation, and that alone makes her an endearing character. Yes the special effects are lovely, but that alone does not make this movie. What does is the way you are able to connect to the characters. You are part of the story, not just watching it on a silver screen. After having grown up on the old school version, this is something I could see my kids relating to. As much as I love The Wizard of Oz, it is very dated and you have a hard time NOW dealing with out candy coated the script is. The original wizard of OZ book was actually quite SCARY for it's time, so to see someone embrace that dark thread I feel breathes more life into the picture. Unlike Willy Wonka's remake, this one can actually stand BESIDE it's predecessor and hold its own. It is not trying to be like the classic which is nice. Orginality is much more intriguing.
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Not in Kansas anymore, or the old Oz.
greenwolfzada4 December 2007
If you watch this simply because you love the old OZ, whether the book or the movie, you wont find what you expect when watching this one.

Sci-fi Channel's Tin Man is a work of art on its own, though it uses some of the original characters and locations, it is its very own unique tale, completely rewritten and turned into a fantasy adventure for the MODERN age.

It's not the old adventure, instead of just trying to get home, they have to try and save the O.Z.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next. Each new episode adds a new twist making you rethink your original ideas of OZ.

It's definitely worth watching if you like to see old stories retold in completely different ways. Not what you'd expect.

if the old Oz was Kansas, this version would definitely be WAY over the rainbow.
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Tin Man Well Done
kmwilson39 December 2007
What I like about Tin Man is that it isn't a remake, but a different take on an old, classic storyline. With new characters & a different storyline. Another thing I thought was cool was all the small references to the original Wizard of Oz. A small phrase here, a quiet mention there, you had to be paying attention to catch most of it. I would say my favorite character would have to be the Tin Man. He was the most tortured one out of the small group & yet he found himself again after helping D.G., Glitch & Raw. It was an inner struggle that some of us could relate to. Glitch, definitely an interesting character you can't help but like. Raw, an intriguing take on the Cowardly Lion. And of course, D.G., focused on getting to her family, but not entirely about getting home. The Evil Queen, The Wizard, Toto & all the other characters add their own splash into the Wizard of Oz pond. There are very few TV mini-series that I care to own, & the Tin Man is definitely one of them. I have recommended this mini-series to all my friends & co-workers & they have all agreed that it is a very good & touching story.
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A fascinating take on an old tale
KestrelBard3 December 2007
More than one generation has grown up on The Wizard of Oz and its variations, from the original book to the modern musical, Wicked. Tin Man is a different take than any I've seen before, but by no means does that make it bad. Fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly will probably enjoy this, but so will anyone looking for a new way to imagine Oz. The characters are really not the same as the original story line, but we still see several similarities. The quest for belonging, as DG searches for where she belongs and encounters people who will help her. Glitch, the Scarecrow variation, seeks half a brain that was taken from him because he was previously a top adviser. "Tin Man" Cain, meanwhile, was tortured by soldiers for years, and now feels heartless and seeks only revenge. And Raw, who even resembles the Cowardly Lion, is essentially a psychic whose kind the villain uses to read the minds of others. There is still the idea of good versus evil, and, frankly, I'm glad to see a Dorothy who doesn't spend her time complaining and searching for a way out. I love the old movie, but this is a wonderful new version. I wait for the DVD with bated breath.
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Could use some work, but overall quite interesting and entertaining
Hypnotica5 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: There is no "may" about this review containing spoilers.

It wasn't love of The Oz stories that led me to watch this, despite having watching the Judy Garland version Lord and Lady know how many times as a child. It was curiosity. I wanted to see just how different this would be from the story I knew.

The answer: Different enough to astound me.

The first section of this mini-series is riddled with references to the original story and the musical so many of us grew up with. I was expecting that. But imagine my surprise at the presence of machine guns and chain saws in Oz. Oh, excuse me, it is now called the Outer Zone, or the O.Z. Then, of course, there are hologram projectors, machines that can project what is in a person's mind, and cyborgs.

After the first section, it grows even farther from the old story. There are still references, of course, but it's definitely not what we knew anymore.

Our heroine, DG, was born in the O.Z., but sent away as a child for her own protection. Unlike her somewhat whiny predecessor, this woman has a bit of attitude and brains. And some serious guts, as she demonstrates when she tries to help a family being attacked by Longcoats, the Sorceress Azkadelia's henchmen, armed with only a branch.

I'm sorry to say, though, that Zooey Deschanel didn't do a very good job on this portrayal. I've seen her in other films and know that she can act, so I'm not entirely sure what she was doing here. Half of it was fine, but the rest was just beneath her abilities. (Personally, I blame the director for letting her get away with that.)

Azkadelia is definitely a far cry from the ugly Wicked Witch of the West. She may be beautiful, but don't let that fool you. The old witch has nothing on this new version when it comes to evil and cruelty.

In place of the Scarecrow, we have Glitch. Once a genius and Royal Adviser to the Queen, he has been reduced to a sometimes annoying, but lovable ditz. This, of course, is because he only has half a brain left. Literally. The witch had it removed so that she could use his knowledge for her own purposes. He keeps what marbles he has left sealed in his head with a zipper.

Replacing the Lion is Raw, a strange, but gentle creature with psychic abilities. Despite his timid ways, Raw is very capable of being brave, especially when it comes to his friends' safety.

The Tin Man is Caine. Or, rather, former Tin Man. "Tin Man" is the term used for police in the O.Z. He lost everything when he was discovered to be fighting for The Resistance. Worse, he was imprisoned in a sealed tin suit for years, forced to watch a holographic image of his family being tortured and taken from him over and over again. All he has left is the idea of revenge and keeping DG safe, since she is the only one who might be able to defeat Azkadelia.

The Wizard is anything but wonderful. He might have been once, but has been reduced to a stoner dependent on Vapors, a magic equivalent of ecstasy. Still, in his sober moments he is a big help to the heroes.

The flying monkeys are still in. The old version, ugly though they were, still managed to have a slight cuteness about them. Not these. When they're not out doing her dirty work, they accompany Azkadelia everywhere in quite a surprising way.

Toto is also still in... sort of. The little dog is actually a shape-shifter who was once a teacher to both DG and Azkadelia. After 15 years of imprisonment, he is all too willing to help his former pupil. The question is, which one?

Overall, I was impressed. There are spots that could have been better and things that could have been more thoroughly explained, but the concepts and story are quite imaginative. It *is* really long, but definitely worth at least one watch. (I could have done without those weird turkey-looking people who I think were supposed to replace the munchkins, though. They came off more like Oompa Loompas gone terribly, terribly wrong. I'd also really like to know how Caine could have survived in that metal suit for so long, but I guess it makes about as much sense as how the original Tin Man came to be made of tin.)

However, I must confess, I'm a little confused as to why it is titled "Tin Man." That implies that Caine is the main focus of the story, which he is not, although he is given a much more significant role in this version. Oh, well. It was still good, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
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The Wizard of OZ meets
siobhanlb913 December 2007
An interesting take on one of the oldest classics. If you love the science fiction genre and the wizard of oz, you should love this imaginative display of the original ideas of The Wizard of OZ. It has the main characters of the Wizard of OZ still searching for the same things. I found it extremely entertaining, so much so that I actually decided to watch the second part. (And I can only remember to watch shows if they REALLY capture my attention. Few do.) So far i've not found it lacking. It looks exactly like the commercials portrayed it It is extremely well acted and the scenery is amazing.

All in all, i've found it to be a good show so far. It's twenty minutes into the second episode and i'm already planning on watching the third part. (Show's on commercial right now.)
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Rough around the edges but entertaining
helen_kupo3 December 2007
Parts of this oz interpretation are hard to swallow but none the less the show has held my interest. The way they've incorporated elements of the story into the movie is sometimes clever and sometimes not so much. The acting can be irritating and forced-Glitch is very Jar Jar Binks at times... At first I wasn't a fan of the Tin Man but as the show goes on he is starting to grow on me. I love Zooey Deschanel however in this movie there are times when it feels like shes just reciting lines from the script or seems bored. If you have an open mind and can get past the bad parts over all its pretty good. Visually it excels for a movie mini.
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buzzerbill3 December 2007
I've only seen the first two-thirds of this, so this is in a sense an incomplete review--but what fun this is! Over the years, I've found myself growing less and less fond of the 1939 "Wizard of Oz". Perhaps it was the "20/20" interview with Yip Harburg a number of years ago in which he presented himself as the greatest thing in the history of music and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as the greatest song every written. Perhaps it's the relentlessly perky, folksy tone. Perhaps it just that I'm sick to death of Judy Garland--great voice, a complete wreck as a human being, same damned performance in every film she ever made. (Yeah, I know that someone will try to pull my gay card for that remark.) In any case--an O.Z. with a steampunk castle for the wicked sorceress, who by the way dresses like a dominatrix and has her winged monkey equivalents tattooed on her bust? A consistently dark tone, more Brothers Grimm than Louis B. Mayer? As other have noted, lots of clever parallels to other films as well as the original? I can't claim greatness for "Tin Man", but taken on its own terms it's a heck of a lot of knowing fun--without a single note of "Somewhere over the Rainbow". If your teeth hurt at the very thought of "The Wizard of Oz"--and whose don't?--you are going to like this.
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A tad slow, but overall a good revisioning of a classic story
DJRumpy5 December 2007
I was rather surprised that I enjoyed this. The story was obviously dragged out a bit thin to reach 6 hours in length. The stretching causes the pace to seem a bit too slow. Possibly better editing could have alleviated that. The characters are well thought out and thankfully not exact copies of the originals. From what I gathered after seeing all three episodes is that this story takes place 500 years after the original Dorothy came to Oz. The story is much darker, which is refreshing.

The leads do admirable jobs in their roles. I found only the lion to be somewhat boring, probably due to his inability to vocalize very much. He just didn't emote very well, although he did have some decent screen time, I just didn't connect with him at all. Toto was another character that confused a bit. His motivation was questionable considering the devotion he professed to have. I also wish the Wizard was a more prominent fixture, but all in all, I was OK with that branch of the story.

To sum up. Good acting, and I think a good choice on the lead for Zooey. I found her quirkiness and general kind of cute gutsiness refreshing. The special effects are better than average and certainly better than the typical home-made sci-fi look you may be used to. The scenery was also very nice in the movie (albeit with a darker twist). If you enjoyed the original, and you aren't a die hard fan hoping for a rehash of the same old story, then check this one out. It may be worth your time ;)
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Not THAT Bad
Vintage-April3 December 2007
I'll admit, I may be giving this a higher rating than it deserves due to my VERY low expectations of it and the fact that I never liked The Wizard of Oz to begin with...

It really is more of a re-imagining of the story than a modernization. It takes the theme and the characters and takes them in broader directions than the typical, "I wish I had a heart," said the broken-hearted Tin Man.

It's also nice to see that the movie is actually utilizing real sets other than relying on a green screen 100% of the time- Are you listening George Lucas? Honestly, I'm quite liking it. Good pacing. I love Zooey Deschanel. The best thing I can compare it to is The 10th Kingdom, but it's actually much better than that movie too.

Give it a chance. Keep your expectations very low, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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