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  • March 11th


    Unlike many other DVD's, the DVD of Tin Man does NOT allow language/audio selection or subtitle selection, and does not support any form of media player closed-captioning. It also does not allow access to the root/title menu until all "coming attractions" have played in full, although you can fast-forward through these.

  • The Blu Ray version of Tin Man is released on 15th September 2008! I saw it on Amazon.co.uk

  • The film takes place in the Outer Zone or "O.Z" and is populated by a number of characters who have parallels to the characters from the original Baum novel and the 1939 film.

    The Tin Man is re-imagined as Wyatt Caine who is known as a "Tin Man" due to his having been a member of the police force of the OZ. In a reference to how Dorothy found the Tin Man rusted in place, in this movie DG finds Wyatt locked in a metal suspended animation device.

    The Scarecrow is re-imagined as Glitch. He had once been the Queen's top science adviser but he was punished by having part of his brain removed, which has resulted in him being very scatterbrained.

    The Cowardly Lion is re-imagined as Raw, a member of a lion like species of humanoids who has psychic powers.

    Toto is re-imagined as Tutor, D.G.'s old magic teacher. After he betrays the group he is forced to assume the form of a little dog similar to Toto in the 1939 film as punishment.

    The Wizard is re-imagined as The Magic Man. Once the former ruler of the O.Z. he is now relegated to being a traveling magician.

    The Wicked Witch is re-imagined as Azkadelia, a powerful sorceress who rules the O.Z. with an iron hand. Azkadelia has a series of tattoos which she can cause to come to life and turn into the winged monkeys from the 1939 film.

    Dorothy Gale has a somewhat more complicated history in this film. Originally it seems that she is re-imagined as the heroine D.G., a waitress from Kansas who finds herself transported to the Outer Zone. It is later revealed that she is original from the O.Z. and is the daughter of the region's former queen. She was hidden on Earth to protect her from enemies who wished to kill her. Eventually D.G. goes to find "The Grey Gale" who turns out to be Dorothy from the original novels, who we learn is D.G.s ancestor.


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