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Sex & Nudity

  • Suggested rating: "NC-17 for extreme graphic aberrant violence/gore, abhorrent sexual content including shocking images, and graphic nudity throughout".
  • There is a lot of gay sex that occurs, with full nudity visible. It is graphic.
  • A man is castrated, we see every bit of it as it happens, he then urinates out of the amputated penis hole, VERY disturbing and horrible to watch, it seems to go on forever too.
  • There is a lot of male nudity. A man masturbates while watching a snuff video he made (brief, no nudity, but still disturbing)

Violence & Gore

  • As mentioned before, there is an extremely graphic castration sequence, easily one of the worst castration ever filmed. There is blood spurting, and we see the dismembered penis. We also see the aftermath area is graphic detail too.
  • The penis is eaten by the two men, he cooks it and everything.
  • A man dies from blood loss.
  • A very long and graphic disembowelment sequence, he is hung upside down, and gutted like an animal. Every organ imaginable is shown being pulled from the man. He skins the body to the bone. This is extremely realistic, it is very long too, over 10 minutes.
  • A man is seen eating human organs (the organs are cooked, it is obviously beef or pork being eaten)
  • We see a snuff movie from a distance (the man was videotaping everything) and he masturbates to it.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film is very intense and disturbing, and to top it all off it is based on a true story. The castration is the worst part of the whole film, and the hardest scene to watch.

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