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Joe's offensive charm
ShadeGrenade1 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Sexy architect Lesley Baxter ( Cyd Hayman ) takes a look round the house Joe Jones Ltd. has been working on. It is an unmitigated disaster. The stairs are on the wrong side of the hall, for instance. When she switches on the lights, sand tumbles out. On discovering that Geyser is not a qualified bricklayer, she threatens legal action. To try and get her to change her mind, Joe takes her to dinner ( with Muriel in tow ). Joe is convinced he can charm her sufficiently. But he succeeds in setting the table alight. In the meantime, Geyser and the others have brought in professional builders to correct their mistakes. Lesley's husband Roger ( Derek Waring ) turns up unexpectedly, demanding to know where his workmen are. On finding out his wife is being wined and dined by Jones, he goes ballistic...

More mishaps from the incompetent builders. Cyd Hayman was 'Nina' in the 1970 wartime drama 'Manhunt', and 'Madame Cocotte' in the 'Death Can Be Fatal' segment of 'The Two Ronnies'. Derek Waring played antiques dealer 'Roland Moody' in the delightful 'Moody & Pegg'.

Funniest moment - Geyser has his head stuck under the sink. He asks Eric to pass him the lighted blow-lamp. Gormless Eric is reading a magazine at the time, and puts the flame near Geyser's backside. Cue one almighty scream...
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