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  • Linc and Michael have decided to take the keys and escape, figuring at least they'll go down fighting. FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone chased them while staying in contact with Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman who suddenly shot Mahone and gave the brothers a ride because he wants revenge on the White House; Linc wants his instead, but is offered the location of Terence Steadman. T-bag visits his wife, who tells him the children think he's their Uncle Teddy on an oil rig, but he moves in; when his wife gets the gun, he attacks her and son Zach him, so he turns the home into a private prison. In prison, former boss Bellick, who naively had made a deal in order to do his time in Illinois, shivers in general population among the prisoners he abused and their mates, he has none as the new warden sees him as an example of his new, clean ship; he soon realizes there's no pleasing them, and tries hitting hard; a loyal guard warns him the night shift is on his enemies side as he treated them badly. Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin tries to save his Kacee who is in custody, advising her to put all the blame on him; after hearing how scared his girl is, he asks one of his friends for help to run while she's on bail but the judge refuses bail. Mahone awakes in hospital, and reports to Kim on Kellerman's betrayal and the brothers' escape, which is hitting the TV news, but refuses to play anymore, even if that means jail; when his wife Pam phones their son is hurt he rushes out for Colorado, but is stopped to hear it's a warning to force him back in line; however he is trough doing Kim's bidding and shoots his man. Kim calls Steadman's bodyguards: he must be evacuated to a safe house as Kellerman knows his residence, but he is already there with the brothers- Kims orders to kill everyone, but only the FBI men are shot; Kellerman explains Steadman is made unrecognizable, including plastic surgery, so their only option is to get him to Washington, where FBI agents who know can still make the truth stick. Michael decides instead to turn himself in while informing the press, despite Kellermans gun aimed at him, but Steadman prefers to commit suicide, and his corps is worthless for the brothers.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Kellerman helps Linc and Michael escape before they can be transferred back to Fox River. He gets through a blockade by showing his badge. Kim calls and tells Kellerman that Mahone survived the gunshot that Kellerman is now blaming on Linc. He lies to Kim saying that the brothers are dead and he is in the desert preparing to bury them. Kim doesn't believe him and orders the recovering Mahone to kill all three. Mahone says he's out. He doesn't care if they put him away for murdering Oscar Shales. Kim assures him he has no choice. Meanwhile, Bellick is not having the life he expected back at Fox River. The inmates he was once so cruel to now want revenge. Mahone's son is hit by a car in Durango Colorado. Mahone heads to the airport to see his son and is confronted by a "Company" agent who reveals details of the crash and lets Mahone know he is not allowed to quit without killing the brothers and Kellerman as instructed. Kellerman leads the brothers to Steadman's hideout in Montana where he kills the guards and abducts Steadman. In a hotel room where they are all hiding out, Linc holds a gun on Steadman, blaming him for not preventing Veronica's death. He backs down, reflecting on all the deaths that have surrounded his escape. Michael calls the Channel 11 news claiming he wants to turn himself in but he's actually trying to convince Steadman to confess. Steadman chooses suicide instead. The press shows up with the cops and Kellerman holds them off by holding his gun to one of the reporters' heads while Michael obtains the keys to one of the unmarked police cars. They escape once again with the reporter as a hostage. Bellick is taunted in prison and finds no allies among prisoners or guards. T-bag finds his ex-wife and children, who know him as Uncle Teddy, by befriending then killing a postal worker. He holds them prisoner in their own home as he attempts to exact revenge on his ex-wife for turning him in and sending him to prison to begin with. Kellerman and the brothers along with the captive reporter stop at a warehouse on their way supposedly to catch up with the President and record a message relating their story for the TV cameras.

    - Written by Elle J Vann
  • Michael and Lincoln escape with Kellerman, who crosses a road block using his badge, and they fly to Blackfoot, Montana, to meet Terrence Steadman. In Fox River, Bellick is having a hard time especially with Banks and his gang. In Ness City, Kansas, T-Bag meets Susan and her children; when she tries to kill him, he ties the whole family to chairs. In Mound City, Nebraska, Dede is missing her mother and C-Note is trying to contact her. Mahone is alive in a hospital in Albuquerque; when Mahone tells that he is out, Bill Kim hits his son with a car to intimidate him. Mahone leaves the hospital and calls him telling that he is back. Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln abduct Steadman and Kellerman kills the two bodyguards. However, they realize that Steadman is actually a John Doe, since his existence has been erased by the Company. Michael decides to call the press to turn himself in with tragic consequences.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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