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I laughed until I cried

Author: ctsvette from United States
3 January 2007

I guess some people think comedy has to be crude to be funny, but I'm not one of them. I thought this was hilariously funny, and I laughed so hard my stomach hurts, especially at the improv puppet session at the end of the show. I couldn't stop laughing. All in all, I give it a 10 and hope to see more of these wonderful comedians soon. They all had a terrific positive message that was both entertaining and relevant. However, I suppose if your sense of humor is on par with your average teenage boy, I.E. bathroom humor and penis jokes, then no, this definitely isn't for you. But if you're looking for some good clean laughs that the whole family can enjoy, then I highly recommend this movie.

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Hilarious! I laughed so hard I cried.

Author: Kenny-69 from United States
27 February 2007

Hilarious! I laughed so hard I cried. It's a great deal funnier than most stand-ups you see on Comedy Central.

For me, special kudos go out to: Thor Ramsey, Michael Jr., Jeff Allen and Taylor Mason. The other 3 were very funny as well, but the 4 I mentioned were a very tough act to follow. I never stopped laughing the entire time. Patricia Heaton did a great job as well, and I wish we could have seen more of her.

The show is not "Christian" because there are Christian jokes, but it jokes that Christians can laugh at and not be embarrassed to have the kids listen.

I have never seen any of these comedians before, but I hope to in the future. Well done and a pleasant surprise.

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Thou Shalt Laugh Harder

Author: gallyboo from United States
10 January 2007

This is really good. I liked the fact that it isn't preachy, and the comics are clearly professional. There is no agenda here, just stand-up comedy in a beautiful theater (it might be a church) in the Los Angeles area. I was not impressed with Ms. Heaton's performance, but she's not a comedienne. She's an actress, clearly involved with this release because of her celebrity. Weird, but the best act wasn't even a comic. The last act used puppets, and it's the first time I've ever laughed at a puppet act. He brought people out of the audience and gave his puppets to them and they manipulated while he tried to sync his voice with the puppet mouths. Hilarious. He is worth the price of the DVD by himself.

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Who says comedians have to swear and be sexual to be funny?

Author: Erik Shaw from United States
20 January 2007

I thought this movie was absolutely awesome! The comedians are hilarious, and they don't say anything or do anything that any parent should worry about. Though one stand up says "oh my God" a couple of times. Not good... But other than that, this is awesome. You'll have a fun time watching it. Who says you have to swear and say nasty things to make people laugh until they cry? This movie is a perfect example. For Christians like me, it's hard to find comedians these days that are funny while being clean in their acts, which is why I like this. They don't always necessarily talk about Jesus, they talk a majority on just normal things in life, but they still make it funny. There are comedians of all different styles; subtle comedians, blunt comedians, wild comedians, you name it. If you're looking for a stand up movie all your family can watch without being worried about stuff said, get this!

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I loved it

Author: thebeautifulsadness from United States
12 July 2007

I was there for the filming of this movie. It was filmed at my church. Faith Community Church in West Covina, CA, which is headed by Pastor Jim and Marguerite Reeve. If you're interested, there is a TV show on channel 9 at 9:00am pacific time called "Balanced Living". I thought all the comedians, except for the one chick, were really good. The ventriloquist was really good as well, and I would've rather seen him longer than her. There is a second one that was filmed about a month or 2 ago, which, in my opinion, was better than the first one, so even if you didn't like this one, I would suggest watching the second one, which I was also there for filming and was filmed at the same location.

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Thou Shalt Die Laughing!

Author: Bill Vanover from United States
24 May 2007

Holy Smoke! This was the funniest video ever. I watched it with a group from church and we all laughed until we cried. Not only that, but we watched it a second time and after that I had to purchase it myself. Now I'm passing it around at work and everyone loves it. Each comedian was very funny in their own right. My personal favorites were Thor Ramsey, Jeff Allen, Joby Saad (The Village Idiot) and of course Taylor Mason is a super talented ventriloquist!! So pop some corn and invite the whole family to watch and not have to worry about 4 letter words or filtering out sensitive material. You'll find yourself repeating a lot of the material to your friends on a daily basis! I'm hoping this group gets together again for an encore. Very enjoyable!!!!

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Christians can be Funny too, but not these Christians

Author: fattymatty79 from kansas city
17 December 2006

Wow... It's hack comedy at it's finest. Christian comedy doesn't have to be pointless and glib to be funny. The best comedy comes from pain and the Bible is full of F'd up painful stories. Let's just say you won't be hearing any Sodom and Gomorrah jokes. It's produced by the blue collar comedy guy, so take that for what it's worth.

On a positive note, there's all kinds of funny in the world and even the kind that's not intentional can spark a laugh. So if you like that kind of funny, this video is for you. And it's definitely safe for the whole family to watch. It's cardboard served with a side of a vanilla yogurt. If diversity doesn't offend you, you even get a black comic, a lady comic, a young comic and even a Hispanic comic. Cause hey, there's room for everybody in Jesus's house (yeah it's filmed in a church).

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Honestly, was this one of the original commandments?

Author: Andy (film-critic) from Bookseller of the Blue Ridge
6 February 2007

When one chooses to pick up a "comedy" video, one hopes that laughter would be the only element pushed. One would also hope that if it were a variety program such as this, that the host would further gel everything together providing us with even more laughter and moments of enjoyment. That is not the case with Thou Shalt Laugh. Everything, I repeat, everything was placed in a bizarro blender and cheaply served on paper plates. The humor, from every comedian that decided to walk upon the stage, was horrid. I found myself laughing at none of the jokes -- I was unable to relate (spiritually or otherwise) to the entire gist of the program. I was at a loss with the cheap designs, the ill planned introductions by Heaton (who obviously read the cue cards and collected her paycheck), and the boredom felt by both the audience and performers. Michael Jr. is a prime example of feeling out of place, giving us a feeling of being out of place, and how the camera just seemed to linger on him even further ... thus leading further into the errors of this program. Fairness.

Fairness needs to be present when doing a film of this nature. The audience will respect the program further if each comic has the same amount of time and material. To me, and probably to others, it looks bad when one comic is allowed twenty minutes, while the next is only allowed five. Obviously director Cooke saw that the talent wasn't as strong as he liked so he cut others off, while demonstrating favoritism to the others. Boasting the next Blue Collar crew, Cooke tries -- too hard -- to reenact that same environment and sensation, but instead of transforming a bunch of unknowns into superstardom, he falls flat on his face. What made Blue Collar work was the fact that it was headlined by one already established comedian, and then two (JUST TWO) smaller ones. That allowed us to get to know the comedians, to get comfortable with their rhythm and style, before making a judgment. Alas, that was not the case here. The viewers are bombarded with one comedian after the next without any sign of acceptance or enjoyment. Sure, there are the cliché images of those viewers laughing, but Cooke tries to out do us yet again by only showing the same three people in a nonconsecutive loop. Eventually, I found myself smiling at the fact that I recognized the same old audience members, and felt more of a connection to them than to the actual comedians. Again, this was just another breaking point to an already blunderous ordeal.

I think where this film utterly failed was that it boasted the greatest and sub-performed with the follow-through. One of the taglines to this film was, "seven of the funniest Christian comedians on Earth", so with that said, laughter was to follow. Blue Collar was funny because a full range of audience members could relate. If you were not a redneck, sipping your Miller Lite from a koozie with your favorite Segar album boldly printed on the foam, than you at least knew someone that fit the mold. That element is where Thou Shalt Laugh missed the mark. It didn't appeal to a general audience. There was no profanity in the delivery of the jokes, the overall tone of the film was G at best, but there just seemed to be something lacking. From a puzzle perspective, things didn't fit together at all from the beginning to end. The host was a distraction from the main attraction which boasted big stars of which could not deliver. It was sad moment for Christian comedy, not because they didn't try (because they did), but because it was horribly constructed, falsely delivered, and held together with the worst cohesiveness possible, unfunny jokes.

Overall, anyone can tell a clean joke – but should they be considered a Christian comedian? I think these comedians could have taken it to the next level, but instead (staying on par with the theme of the film), they performed below average and watched as unsuspecting audience members uttered forced laughter and painful responses. Nothing in this direct-to-video release worked. Heaton was a waste of money and talent, Cooke's direction was horrid – almost to the point of "home-movie-ish", and the comedians – as I repeat again – just were not funny. I would think that would need to be a big element to this film, but alas, it was not. I do not suggest this film to anyone, unless you are in desperate need of a good night's sleep. I applaud Christian comics, but I believe what was demonstrated here was utter blasphemy.

Grade: * out of *****

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