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17 Jan. 2010
Im Zweifel für die Liebe
Since Sean Hastings's beloved wife's death in a car crash, he lives for his children and hates the church because of 'God's injustice'. Sean largely leaves the family business, run from their grand Cornish estate, to his junior brother Ben, who ran into debt with their dodgy former business partner Harry Ridgeman. When Sean decides to cease the lease of the land an Angican nunnery runs an orphanage on, novice Megan Carpenter resolves to win him over. Even saving Sean's kid son Simon from drowning seems to fail, but it gets her hired as temporary nanny. Endebted Ben is...
14 Mar. 2010
Wohin du auch gehst
Since Norman Wellington's death, his near-clueless widow Sabrina let their Cornish hotel, on a dream estate, get into ominous debt with family banker Harding. When her friend Lisa Moore deserts her job as London lawyer Vince Stevens's secretary and secret admirer over a birthday misunderstanding and returns to Cornwall, they meet and decide to swap places for a while. Sabrina falls in love with Vince, who becomes the mediator with her estranged mother, lady Isabel, Lisa makes up with local ex- lover and sailing-partner Bob Makenzie, whose help proves crucial in ...
9 May 2010
Liebe am Horizont
Cornish painter Malcolm Caplain is famous but hides behind a secret identity, an idea of his bossy agent and ex-lover Daphne, sister of gallery owner Stuart Winslow and lover of financier Nicholas. It's love at first sight when he finally meets local art critic Helena Beaufort, whose husband died during an geological expedition in Asia. Jealous Daphne causes havoc in many ways, the worst being a semi-accidental fire which consumes Caplain's workshop, most paintings and an eye. Helena's friend Kitty's lover, charming dropout surfer and art model Jordi, proves ...
6 Oct. 2010
Wenn das Herz zerbricht
Englishman Oliver Barnes's law firm career requires him to accept a post in New York. Oliver's boss actually expected him to be suitable because his independent fiancée, Jessica Marsh, is likely to follow or accept a long distance relationship. But she grew tired of life as an aging fashion model, and during a recent photo-shoot met estate heir and organ repair expert Max Ryman. Oliver proposes and Jessi accepts, but refuses t rush the ceremony at the registrar just to facilitate the international paperwork and gets a country wedding in Max's village church. When max ...
19 Dec. 2010
Lords lügen nicht
Lord Philip Woxter, present earl in a long line descended from a Tudor age privateer, has enjoyed the good life in his glorious seaside castle estate. Alas, even devoted butler Albert's frugal management finally reaches its end: his lordship is utterly broke. Philip's son and Russel, a brilliant archaeologist, isn't informed, even promised private funding for his dig in the castle grounds, which could secure him a professorial tenure. Lord Philip expects to redeem the family fortune by finding a rich widow fast. But he thus neglects to check out the candidate he ...

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