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Ganesh (Venkatesh) is an unemployed bachelor for the past 10 years.

In the beginning the movie starts with the job search, interview scenes. He comes to meet his friends regularly and chating, having fun, drinking ... most regular unemployed bachelor scenes!

First time attraction (Infactuation or Love) when he saw Trisha. He visit a company where he finds Keerthi (Trisha). He suddenly lands up in a software company inspired by Keerthi (Trisha). He slowly falls in love with her and proposes her. They claim the job trip is to Australia but looks some other country - as driving the car is different pattern.

When he express love, after the dance song, too late ... she is already engaged to her bava and her marriage is due in a month.

His father, a school teacher, approaches her and request her to reconsider the decision. A sudden tragedy takes place in Ganesh life, his father death, puts him into an intriguing situation.

During the difficult emotional and personal scenes, he was forced to join a friend to his native. His friend (Ram) is other than Keerthi bava.

Travel to his village, a small fight scene, keerthi sister's love to Ganesh, his friend's family house and relations ...

Finally, they both get married.

Comedy is good and worth watching as such it is an family entertainer. The rest of the story is all about how he solves it and emerges victorious.


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