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Season 2

13 Jul. 2007
Famous World War II battles using the notorious Japanese suicide attacks are depicted.
20 Jul. 2007
Jet vs. Jet
Mission turns to ambition as top Saber pilots vie for the title of jet ace during the Korean war.
27 Jul. 2007
Noted World War II dogfights of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, an American fighter class famous for its durability under fire.
3 Aug. 2007
Gun Kills of Vietnam
An pair of American-piloted, propeller-driven Skyraider dive bombers manage to elude a Mig 17 jet fighter thanks to its tight turning radius then miraculously, scores the first gun kill of Vietnam by shooting down the Mig. Originally fielded without a gun the first gun equipped F-4 Phantoms quickly score gun kills.
10 Aug. 2007
Desert Aces
In the air battles over the Middle East, Arab and Israeli aircraft are closely matched making dogfight kills very tough. This program recounts the experiences of two of Israel's top dogfighters.
17 Aug. 2007
The First Dogfighters
This program provide detailed reenactments of three of the epic dogfights of world war one.
13 Aug. 2007
Luftwaffe's Deadliest Mission
The missions of Nazi Germany's Sonderkommando aerial ramming unit, the Luftwaffe's last ditch defense tactic against Allied bombers.
30 Aug. 2007
No Room for Error
Notable low altitude dogfights.
21 Sep. 2007
Night Fighters
Famous nighttime dogfights.
3 Dec. 2007
The Bloodiest Day
On May 10, 1972 the United States escalates the air war in Vietnam bombing strategic targets in the north. On this day American pilots shot down a one day record of eleven MiGs trying to intercept the bombers.
4 Dec. 2007
P-51 Mustang
World War II battles of the noted American land based fighter class.
5 Nov. 2007
Dogfights of Desert Storm
A generational leap in technology and strategy is put to the ultimate test over enemy airspace in Iraq. The air combat of the future begins with America's first large scale air offensive since the Vietnam War.
6 Dec. 2007
Tuskegee Airmen
The story and battles of a group of African American pilots who overcame racist opposition on their own side to become some of the finest fighter pilots of World War II.
7 Dec. 2007
MiG Killers of Midway
At the end of the Vietnam war the USS Midway's pilots and airmen engaged in some of the most thrilling and intense air combat.
29 Feb. 2008
The first supersonic gun kill and two other high speed dogfights of earlier eras are described.
7 Mar. 2008
Death of the Luftwaffe
Operation Bodenplatte was a daring plan to destroy American forward air bases all over Holland, Belgium, and the Netherlands during World War ll.
14 Mar. 2008
Secret Weapons
This program explains the operation of the messerschmitt-me-163-komet, Kaiten suicide torpedo and Project Anvil's radio controlled bomber. All were military failures but effective terror weapons and research projects.
22 May 2008
Dogfights of the Future
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