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Season 1

10 Jul. 2009
The Trials of Jared Cooper
After being dragged into jury duty at teen court, Coop unknowingly shows his stuff while trying to get through the trial quickly to get home for Jordy's piano recital.
17 Jul. 2009
Style Conscience
Coop represents a cute girl in a case against school uniforms, but is surprised when she continues wearing the crazy clothes even after the case is over.
24 Jul. 2009
The Rusty Dougal Experience
Rusty's pumped about the upcoming battle of the bands and invites Coop into his new band... but when the band enlists Coop to fire Rusty, Coop may be in over his head.
31 Jul. 2009
Judge Tara's Decision
After a series of weird situations, the gang thinks that Tara's being bribed! But when they confront her about it, and she quits, will teen court ever be the same?
7 Aug. 2009
The Quarterback Sack
After throwing the star quarterback's case in an apparent fit of jealousy, Coop needs Kaleigh's help to prove he doesn't "like her" (in that way).
14 Aug. 2009
The Way of the Coop
While Rusty joins Knit Club to re-knit some lost evidence, Coop tries to teach a mortified Kaleigh to be more "chillz" after she emails a confidential personality test to the entire school.
Circumstantial Evidence
Coop defends Rusty when he's accused of sabotaging Howie's science fair project. But as the evidence mounts, Coop questions Rusty's innocence.
15 Apr. 2010
Take the Cheese Loaf and Run
It's now or never time after Coop goofs off during a case, prompting a student advisory council to evaluate the future of teen court at Banting High.
22 Apr. 2010
Snakes in the Grass
It's Coop versus his own hockey team, when the rules say a girl can't play on the team. But can Coop handle losing his spot on the team to the girl he helped win the case for?
Haunted High Court
As Rusty hatches a plot to stay overnight and figure out if the school really is haunted, a trapped Coop and Kaleigh deal with some ghosts of their own - ghosts from their past that threaten to tear their friendship apart.
29 Apr. 2010
So Happy Together
As Coop and Kaleigh represent opposing sides of a breakup, Rusty thinks he's fallen into the "Curse of the Dougal Men" and made Tara fall for him.
6 May 2010
While Rusty tussles in court with a bully, Coop tries to prove to his family that he is indeed handy by creating an automatic bed-maker for Jordy.
13 May 2010
Two Boys and a Baby
Rusty and Coop disagree over the importance of looking after their robo-baby for a school project. While Rusty plays proud mama, Coop must figure out how to be a better papa, or else they'll both fail.

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