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Okay, heres the situation. I was born in Havana. That makes me Cuban. But, I was raised in little Havana, which makes me Cuban-American. However, since I dont see Castro as the root of all evil in the universe, nor would I strangle him with my bare hands given the opportunity, I am a little out of step with my tribe. I always have been. And I really dont care. My dad, on the other hand, does care. He cares a great deal. Back in Havana he was a revolutionary and fought alongside Castro for the freedom of the Cuban people. Then he had a falling out with his old friend and it was Miami, here we come. But his animosity towards Castro did not last and he soon wanted dialogue with the Cuban government. Perhaps, to live in peace. Thats when the shit hit the fan. Bombings, death threats and drive by shootings were a daily occurrence in our home.

But who would do this to us? We were Americans. Surely, it must be the Communists, right? Wrong. My father became the focal point of the anti-Castro terrorists. These are Americans, people, like you and me. Well, not exactly. They were trained by the CIA.

What most Americans dont know is that terrorism in America did not begin on September 11th. In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a reign of terror in Miami. There were as many as seven bombings in one day and hundreds per year. The culprits were not Communists. They were Americans. And my family was at the epicenter. Bombs away
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