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47 out of 59 people found the following review useful:

Absolutely faithful to the original

Author: rrlane from United States
2 February 2008

The original comic New Frontier was a lavish, loving tribute to both the heroes of DC comics and the spirit of 1950s America, and this movie captured both almost as well. Many of the comments here that are critical of this film apparently are not at all familiar with comics of that era, and don't realize what this story tries to evoke. Some of the incongruities (Batman and Superman's costumes, the white Green Lantern) are NOT errors or sloppiness. These were depictions of the characters as they were nearly a half century ago. Remember, there were visions and versions of these heroes that existed prior to the Cartoon Network, and this is their story.

I love the Justice League cartoon, and this movies stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of that show.

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44 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

they did a good job with this one!!

Author: zs_rambo from Canada
25 January 2008

I'm always checking out these animated superhero movies, and most of the time they're very disappointing. For example all of the ultimate avenger movies, superman: doomsday etc.

But this one did not disappoint,they did a great job with it, and it's one of the best animated movies I've seen in a longgggg time.

As a fan of the justice league series, I had big expectations for this movie, and it may not have been as good as the series but it was still very enjoyable to watch.

I advise any superhero fans to watch this. I hope they continue to make more animated movies like this one.

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32 out of 48 people found the following review useful:

Awesome adaptation. Fantastic movie.

Author: Des Embrey from Australia
2 February 2008

This is a fantastic film, retaining the style and flavour of the original tale, and for me bringing back a real sense of the earliest Justice League stories and the original heroes of the DC Silver Age.

Reading some of the other reviewers they seem to want the glitzy shiny polished versions that have been popularised these days, but I've got to be honest - these stocky built characters beat out the ballet dancer heroes of today in my book. And the feel of Jack Kirby through especially the latter part of the film.

The story itself does a great job of integrating the Golden Age Justice Society days and the Silver Age Justice League days. A worthy piece of work, and I hope we see more of these special projects from the Warner animation department (and Bruce Timm!)

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20 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

A Step Outside The Regular Series (contains spoilers)

Author: from United States
30 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can remember 40 years ago reading DC comics that would "step outside" the regular series to explore "what if" plot ideas: what if humans advanced in 100 years to be almost as powerful as Superman, or what if the Legion of Superheroes were caught in a planetary concentration camp, or what if Superman lost his powers and became a superhero similar to Batman using Kryptonian technology (and similar plots).

This movie is based on a graphic novel using a "what if" type of idea: it's the same characters as in the Justice League comic book series (and other series characters), but with variations as necessary to develop the plot.

As long as you don't expect the usual and familiar, this movie takes the characters in interesting new directions with more adult themes.

By the way, since this is more adult you may not want very young children to view this (or at least watch it without them first before you decide to let them see it). The beginning of the movie in particular may not be suitable.

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18 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Get off the JLA's lawn

Author: mhfca from Fresno, CA
2 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've collected and read since 1959, and being the consummate comics fan, I've seen all of the incarnations, followed all the Secret Crises and plot lines and threads, and what I missed, my best friend collected and we shared.

Adaption of the concept: 10. What did the McCarthy Era cause for the superheros, and would the "Common Man" plan be used as we saw?

Adaption of the characters: 9. The only reason for this is the divergence from the "new" comic reality that the WWII Wonder Woman was in actuality Queen Hippolyta.

Adaption of the comic: 7.5. It would have been better if some of the side plots were developed, and had the Losers been more explained. The last bits of King Faraday were not jarring per se, but would have gone a lot more to explaining what was going on had the Losers been developed out in the story. However, the inclusion at the beginning of the author's final moments helped clarify a lot that was scattered in the original mini-series.

Adaption of the story: 8. Hal Jordan's 'discovery' should have happened at the beginning, as indicated. Wildcat's fight should have been shown along with the various side characters, along with the Challengers of the Unknown (Ace Morgan named alone explains nothing). Likewise, Captain Nathaniel Adam, Ray Palmer and others who were merely named without explanation, as well as the Blackhawks and Green Arrow...there was only a mention of Hourman without explanation, and we needed a bit more than a "Hawwwkk-AA-AAA!" to carry on...

But...there _was_ a "Hawwwkk-AA-AAA!"...and an Arrow Plane...

And Batman at the end, putting it all together for even the most brilliant scientific minds (though I would have preferred to see Adam Strange released from Arkham Asylum...).

Put it all together, and for me, who has seen every incarnation of the JSA/JLA/JLE/JLI/JLU...

This was a masterpiece of reconstructive ret-con. Superbly done, relying heavily on a fundamental comic book knowledge, but loosely enough that people can at least identify who the characters are and their purpose.

The closing scenes were ripped from the books, and beautifully handled, and while I'm not sure if that was his voice or a clever impersonator, it was the masterstroke to the masterpiece that completed the epic.

To those (some of whom have already posted) who will whine and kvetch that "this is not the JLA I know"...

You're absolutely right; this isn't any JLA that I knew of before reading the books or seeing the adaption, and I've been reading them long before many of you appear to have been born or even knew of Happy Harbor, Maine.

But as "Origin Stories" go, this is one of the best to be presented, and will hopefully open the pocketbooks of viewers to watch and encourage the rich history within the Golden Age, Silver Age, and Modern/Crisis Age of Comics to be brought to "life" in animation.

I just snagged the collected serials of BATMAN from 1943 in their entirety, so I'm off-line to enjoy that.

Now, if only Lucas would exercise his options to bring the Blackhawks to the silver screen...

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25 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

Best animated DC title since Phantasm.

Author: thebrainflow from USA
27 February 2008

Along with a quick moving story line, mature themes and strong character work, this is a movie with heart. It never pauses, and rarely misses a beat as it tells its story. The person who said its a mockery, really should go back and read the comics of the period, this had the best art since Fleischer did Superman, and it all works. Loved seeing Batman in his original costume, and Superman and Wonder Woman as adults. It was absolutely fantastic, wish for more work and good tidings in Future enterprises.

The story focuses mostly upon Hal Jordan as he becomes the Green Lantern. The dark themes of McArthyism and a thing called the Center that is destined to destroy us all is typical of the comic, but had not been seen in any of the cartoon ventures thus far.

Let me say it again. This is the best DC animated project since Mask of the Phantasm!


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13 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Potentially brilliant if it weren't for that stupid, stupid plot

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
28 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's a lot to like about Justice League: The New Frontier, but I'm afraid all of that is counterbalanced by one of the silliest stories I've ever seen in animation.

Set mostly in the 50s and featuring the DC hero fashion of that period the paranoid US government have blackballed all superheroes, claiming that they have something to hide beside their identities and dismiss them as Commies. The Flash is even ridiculed because of his RED costume. But soon they will have to come together again to fight a common enemy when (and I'm not kidding) a large floating, living island of dinosaurs called The Center plans to wipe out humanity.

I've read hundreds of comic books in my life and that is seriously the dumbest crap I have ever heard. Every other part of JL: TNF is far superior to this 'Center' nonsense, so it's such a shame that the main plot drags it down. I especially like the story about the Martian Manhunter and the Flash. Most of the JLA get a look-in but these two have the most substantial plots.

The animation style will be familiar to those who are fans of Warner/DC cartoons such as Batman and the 50s production design creates a nice atmosphere.

But that idiotic plot...

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11 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Epic, but still disappointing

Author: T C from United States
2 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are a lot of things going in favor of Justice League: The New Frontier. The shear scale of the storyline, a world devouring creature who's sole wish is mankind's eradication, striking in a world that has abandoned its heroes, its brilliant, and it is EPIC. From the opening montage to the closing glimpses of the future, there really is a lot of mythos and grandeur to this storyline, and that's a big plus.

The storyline is set right in the heart of the 1950's and McCarthyism, driving the JSA to shame and retirement, and causing the public to cast a wary eye on the newly blossoming roster of heroes. Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, and the Flash are all well established at this point, however the true stars of the show are Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Martian Manhunter. Not my personal favorites, but the story for them is quite good.

The voice acting was in my opinion the greatest weakness of the movie. The problem wasn't the voices themselves, but the delivery of lines that should have given me chills fell flat. The flash especially spoke way too fast, as did Hal Jordan. The 70 minute run time should easily have been extended by several more minutes and they could have allowed the actors to actually ACT and not run through their lines at breakneck speed. Jeremy Sisto did a great job as Batman, but sadly he was given about 5 lines in the whole movie, and therefore was a truly wasted talent.

The movie also took a decidedly more mature turn than its predecessors, not to spoil key moments, but blood, death, even rape are not out of bounds in this outing, so be mindful of the children. What annoys me is that while there were more mature tones in the action, the dialog and the plot still condescended to 10 year old children. WB really needs to choose who they're shooting for, because they will alienate everyone with this approach.

Overall, for fans of DC comics, this is worth a look. GL fans in particular should be happy to see his story finally animated in full, however lovers of the core trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) will be disappointed by their lack of screen time. They shouldn't have tried to hard to include some action with everyone, because everyone winds up getting short changed. The throwback costumes are a big plus though. 7/10 from a hardcore Superman/Batman fan.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Golden Heroes for the nostalgic geek

Author: peteranderson975 from East Kilbride, Scotland
21 June 2011

Synopsis: This animated feature is set in the 50s during the era of cold-war paranoia with a population that doesn't trust superheroes and a government that doesn't trust anyone. There is a malevolent force which has watched humanity grow in strength and violence and it has decided it has to eliminate it. Also included in the plot are shortened versions of Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern's origin stories.

This film's setting is really used to great effect and the heroes have a classic Golden Age look about them (though their attitudes remain anachronistically modern, especially Wonder Woman). I'm sure there references to many of the other DC characters that I'm just not very familiar with.

Overall the main story was fairly routine. There may have been just too many characters and the story tried to do too much. Aquaman got one line and I don't think Green Arrow even got that. Even though I liked it I think it's going to mainly be one for the comic book fans

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Just too short

Author: xamtaro from
19 July 2009

After the short but highly entertaining and surprisingly deep "Superman: Doomsday", we have "Justice League: The New Frontier", advertised as a adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel of same name. I've never read the graphic novel so i shall not go into the differences between the print and on screen portrayals of this epic tale, though many other reviews claim it is quite a faithful adaptation.

The story is an intriguing but short one. Superheros in the 50s are frowned upon by the people and the government, Cold war paranoia is at an all time high, and into that melting pot comes "The Center": an evil entity bent on destroying human kind. I like how there is a element of mystery that builds to the climax as the movie goes along. The decision to leave the origin of "the center" ambiguous was a good one for which i applaud the producers.

Another excellent decision was to not just mimic the look of cold war era superhero comics, but the feel, dialogue and even music of that era's movies and TV shows. Green Lantern and Martian ManHunter are given the most character development and portrayed really well by the voice actors. For example, You can really feel for Hal Jordan as his pacifist ideals are challenged by the dire situations he is put into. It is easy to connect with the characters and to lose yourself in the wonderful set design, well written dialogue and thought provoking themes. The film seems to be social commentary about discrimination, conflict due to differences and fear of such differences perpetuated by the media and governments of that time. The moral, that if humans were to put aside their differences and work toward a common good, is a timeless one that would even apply to our society today

On the other hand, Justice League: New Frontier is far from perfect. For starters, the producers made a similar mistake that Marvel Animation did with their "Ultimate Avengers" movie: Too little time was spent on too many characters. You never get to feel a sense of threat from "The Center" and aside from Hal Jordan, the other Justice league characters never get enough screen time for the audience to relate to them or to the ideas and mindsets that they embody. So much so that when tragedy strikes later in the film, there isn't as much emotional impact as there could have been. The voice acting, though very well done, lacks variety. All the male characters sound almost alike aside from the Flash.

The time-frame of the movie jumps a lot too. Apparently the movie takes place over the course of a couple of months(I don't think Martian Manhunter was able to land a job as a detective overnight or Hal Jordan was able to train as an Astronaut in a day). However, due to the short length of the movie and a lack of exposition as to the time frame(throwing in "a few months later" between the 1st and 2nd act would have helped a lot"), the plot seems to unfold over the course of only a few days, leaving many apparent plot holes in its wake.

Animation-wise, it seems to be a step down from Superman:Doomsday. Though still keeping the angular and simplistic character design aesthetics of the previous movie and other DC animated series, the animation is stiffer and not as smooth as the previous animated feature. In fact the animation is fairly inconsistent with some scenes looking as bland as some of the poorer quality episodes from animated TV series. The big fight scenes are generally underwhelming with little sense of "epicness". I'm sure the directors were going for a grand scale battle the likes of Independence Day or Star Wars during the climax, but either due to budgetary constraints or lack of director's experience, the climactic conflict was no where near as great as it could have been.

A underdeveloped plot, too many characters, mediocre and inconsistent animation coupled with an overly short movie length(75 minutes for that many characters and plot threads is really cutting it too close) ended up overshadowing the great acting, intriguing story and social and political themes that this show tried to convey. All that potential, marred by poor execution and time constraints.

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