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...And girls wonder why men think we're stupid
Kristine4 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ah, chick flicks, gotta love them, their non-clever formula's and clichés are always a joy to watch. OK, I'm being a little mean, it's all good, we do have some good chick flicks and from the moment I saw Bride Wars, I thought it looked promising. Sure, there are a lot of great conclusions that you come to when you see what the movie is about, two best friends who are scheduled to marry the same day, from: they're best friends who can't compromise? They could technically sue the company that mixed their dates up or even get it fixed if that company wanted to stay in business. But I just kept thinking, this is a movie, it could be a funny one if I let go. We do need movies like that that just escape reality, so I rented it the other day and I really couldn't escape how silly and over the top this movie was.

Emma and Liv are best friends who have planned every detail of their weddings since they first witnessed a wedding at the Plaza Hotel. The two women get engaged. They then schedule their weddings with New York's most famous wedding planner, but due to a clerical error they're scheduled to have a wedding on the same day. A week of passive aggressive hostility passes before the two women make it clear that neither will compromise, especially after Liv tries to take advantage of Emma's passive nature and outrages Emma in the process. The women both attempt to sabotage the other's wedding, including Liv making Emma's tan turn bright orange, Emma tampering with Liv's hair dye to make it turn Liv's hair blue-white, Emma showing up to Liv's bachelorette party to out-dance her, and Emma secretly sending Liv chocolate and lollies to make her not fit into her dress. Oh when will the madness end? Gotta love women.

Now the movie does have some good laughs here and there, but they're mostly shown in the trailer. I think one of the reasons this movie disturbed me though was due to the fact that there are women like this, one's that are so beyond obsessed with their wedding they don't even realize they're getting married. Women are competitive creatures unfortunately, I'm a woman, so I know, and we go to great lengths to prove we're prettier, smarter, kinder, etc., etc., etc. I wish that women would take a step forward where this movie is just proving time and time again that we are stupid. Two best friends who should love and support each other are trying to destroy each other's weddings, I was wrong in trying to give this movie a fair chance, it's just wrong on so many levels, wither it's the morals or just the clichéd characters, I wouldn't recommend Bride Wars.

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Unless this is the ONLY film left in your video rental store, do not rent or buy it
BaliBoAli26 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I went into the cinema with very low expectations. Very low. I'm usually very lenient with films and am not picky, but this film, honestly, If I hadn't been there with a friend, I would have got up and left. My expectations weren't even close to being met.

The film surrounds two best friends, who, by mistake, have their wedding booked in the same place, same day, and oh my gosh, can you believe it, the same time!!!! Shocking, isn't it? Neither of them want to move their date, so they start fighting. Then, the film takes you through a series of weak attempts to get back at one another. Totally unpredictable, I know. That's basically the entire film, aside from what is supposedly a "surprising twist" to finish of the film.

The script was empty and there was no chemistry at all.

I had virtually no expectations of this film, but I some how came out disappointed.

Unless this is the ONLY film left in your video rental store, do not rent or buy it. You'll regret it.
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Bride Wars Review from The Massie Twins
GoneWithTheTwins9 January 2009
If you're looking for a comedy with weird plot twists and a sprinkling of humor, then you'll still be searching - Bride Wars excels at the former and sadly fails at the latter. It's not entirely silly sabotage and witless laughs as a few scenes and characters do stand out of the cliché wedding comedy crowd, but ultimately the tragic outcomes and easy clean-up of a far too messy situation will leave viewers wishing for a more comfortably predictable plot line.

Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have been best friends since childhood and both have always dreamed of a gorgeous June wedding at the luxurious Plaza Hotel. When both girls' boyfriends ask for their hands in marriage, Liv and Emma enlist the highly reputable wedding planner Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen) to acquire their dream locale. Unfortunately a clerical error has their weddings set on the same day and thus begins a rivalry of increasingly ruthless sabotage as both girls refuse to reschedule their most important day.

No experimentation or originality can be seen in Bride Wars. Everything is terribly formulaic, from the music-narrated montages to the carefully patterned dialogue to the high points and low points for each of the heroines. When a half-expected love triangle forms, it is completely unnecessary and sorely mislaid - this is the kind of film where each event is better off contributing solely to comedy and every sad moment is best coated with ridiculous gags and off-the-wall mood-shifting resolutions. Touches of seriousness have no place in Bride Wars, which struggles so greatly with its adult dilemmas that the moments of humor feel forced - shoved into the cracks to even out the heartbreak most won't be feeling for these cookie-cutter characters.

If it wasn't bad enough that no individuality finds its way through all the girl-oriented giggling, hormonal wedding craze and subdued cat-fighting, the humor itself is oftentimes indecipherable from the drama. Sometimes it's funny to see these girls bitterly attack one another even if we're meant to sympathize, and other times it's disheartening when we're supposed to be laughing. Either way, so little of the film sparks interest or concern over two hopelessly contrived, generic best friends that it would be as wasteful to debate over them as it was to spoil two hours of valuable time watching the film. Hopefully even the target audience will realize the recycled, uninspired nature of Bride Wars.

  • The Massie Twins
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Let's get married... yeah, right
Max_cinefilo8911 March 2009
Martin Scorsese once famously said he does one movie for the studio and one for himself, and so do many other directors or actors (George Clooney admits he did Ocean's Thirteen because that way he could do Michael Clayton next). Although Anne Hathaway hasn't explicitly said she does that, one can assume it's the only rational explanation for a piece of anti-cinematic trash like Bride Wars. Shooting The Devil Wears Prada after Brokeback Mountain is one thing, tainting your Oscar-nominated legacy with this bunch of nonsense is another.

And yet it sounded like it could be a lot of fun, at least judging by the premise, which reverses the classic wedding stereotype: women are in it for the romance, guys are game because it's fun (that's what they make it look like in American comedies, anyway). This time around, the dudes are in it for the love, and the girls want to get married just to make a childhood dream come true. Apparently, if you're a woman and live in Manhattan, the ultimate dream of your life is to get married at the Plaza in June, so when best friends Liv (Kate Hudson with a Paris Hilton/Britney Spears haircut) and Emma (Hathaway) get asked the fundamental question by their beaus, they immediately try to book the right place and date. A mix-up occurs, and so they're both stuck with the same date, June 6th. Neither wants to postpone what's supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, therefore a full-on war is declared on both parts.

At this point, the real silliness kicks in: diet sabotage, tans gone awry and the occasional witty remark, like "Your wedding's gonna be huge, just like your ass at prom". What started as a potentially entertaining critique of materialism and shallowness is revealed to be a poorly executed farce, with a succession of lame jokes instead of a plot (then again, one of the screenwriters is best known for performing on Saturday Night Live, where the skits have no connection whatsoever, so that may be an explanation) and two atrocious caricatures instead of leading ladies.

In fairness, no one ever expected any true brilliance from Hudson, given the last really good movie she appeared in was Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous in 2000, but surely someone could have told Hathaway you just don't choose something this bland after working with Jonathan Demme (or Ang Lee, for that matter). Maybe she wanted to return to her comedic roots, but sadly there's nothing even remotely funny in Bride Wars, save for a few brief scenes featuring the reliable Candice Bergen. Everything else is just like Liv and Emma: obsessed with getting everything right, but ultimately too self-centered to get any sympathy from others.
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If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie.
A_Random_Guy_229 January 2009
Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are two life-long best friends who've dreamed of a June wedding at the Plaza since they were kids. Well, it looks like their dream is finally coming true as their boyfriends have popped the question and now all that's left to do is book the venue. But, unfortunately, due to a mistake the venue made, they've booked their weddings on the same day and the next opening isn't until June 15th... 3 years from now. When they both refuse to move their wedding, it turns to "war".

But, that's just it, the only "war" was in the trailer (the bronze tan, the blue hair, etc.) and the movie overall was rather average. I went in with an open mind and low expectations and still came out disappointed. The first hour is OK, but the last half takes a completely different turn. The jokes stop and it becomes more serious; focusing on the two girls' relationship more than anything else.

The movie appeals mostly to teen girls, so if you're anyone else, this isn't really worth the admission price. And if you still want to see it, it's a rental at best. The trailer showed mostly everything anyway and it's pretty easy to guess how it ends.
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The worst romantic comedy I have eve seen in my life
lisafordeay28 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I got this on DVD a year ago because I like wedding movies like 27 Dresses,Made of Honor,My best friends wedding and I also like Kate Hudson (who is Goldie Hawn's daughter)and Anne Hathaway(who was in ella enchanted which was a failure and Princess diaries I & II). So I decided to watch it and boy was I bored with it.

The story is about two best friends who are both getting married to their long time partners but when they book their weddings with the wedding councilor(Candice Bergin who played Patrick Dempsey's mom in Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon)they are horrified when the dates for their weddings are booked on the same day(oh what a shocker).

Of course they fight about it and they get their own back at one another like Livs hair turns blue the other girl becomes orange after a fake tan session went wrong etc etc.

The whole film was so stupid and so boring I felt like turning off the DVD and burning it. What ever made these two to star in a boring flick like this then I don't know what they were thinking.

Another thing that bugged me was that they both became pregnant in the end.

So so stupid 0 stars Thank god it wasn't on for long.(89 mins)
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Dry caricature.
Jamie Ward12 January 2009
The romantic comedy is a type of film that relies on two obvious traits; the ability to make its audience laugh, and the ability to make that very same audience tear-up or at least feel some degree of warmth towards the central characters' love story. Bride Wars, which ostensibly at least, takes the form of your typical rom-com is an example of such that constantly tries to do the former -while constantly failing-, and only hints at the latter only in the background in order to advance plot. The result from this is a middling and sluggishly mundane feature that neither offers memorable characters or even a few cheap laughs. To be fair, there has to be something said for the fact that I am not exactly within the movie's target demographic. Yet judging by the reactions of those around me, I got the feeling that what I was experiencing wasn't exactly gender exclusive.

The story here, which revolves around two best gal-pals Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) as they try to cope with their simultaneous weddings, is one that is likely to get a few chuckles from females, but less so with their male counterparts. Yes, this is somewhat expectant of a movie titled Bride Wars, but then again, if half of your audience are neglected to the sidelines then you're needlessly cutting yourself short. This stunted, polarising depiction of "every girl's biggest day" feels fitting to its source material, so women will enjoy this moreso than men, but not by much. You see, aside from the fact that Bride Wars wants nothing more than to cater to cheap gags and sappy melodrama fit to please the Legally Blonde crowd, there also remains blatant problems in just about everything else that fills the movie's first two acts. With little romance to back up the meagre plot, dull, dry characterisation coupled with non-existent chemistry between either the friends and their partners, or even themselves, the vast majority of Bride Wars turns ugly, rather quickly; the movie pushes that this cat fight between Hudson and Hathaway is meant to be fun and airy with plenty of laughs, but it's too transparent and formulated to even move beyond dry caricature.

It doesn't help at all that the majority of the performances from the main cast are border line negligible. Hudson and Hathaway, who are supposed to playing long-time best buddies who suddenly fall out over a petty dispute, are strangely forgettable, if not repelling. In all fairness, both hit the proverbial hammer on the head with their portrayals as stock-pile, cardboard cut-out typecasts befitting of the genre and only the genre, but this isn't exactly saying much. The remainder of the cast, who each have around ten minutes tops of total screen time are just as unremarkable, with Kristen Johnston giving the movie its only real favour and edge. So, what's worse than a romantic comedy with next to no compelling or memorable performances? Not much.

To be fair however, Bride Wars isn't really a romance at all. At least, that's what I hope director Gary Winick was trying to put across (somehow I get the feeling that I'm giving too much benefit of the doubt). If anything, the movie exists more as a mildly poignant example of companionship in the form of friends rather than romance. This tangent, which takes full form in the third act, for the most part surpasses the drudgery that comes beforehand, and establishes a touching, if slightly overly done sentimental climax. By all means, it's far too little, all too late, but I at least found myself moved by the movie's final statement, even if it was by means of extreme contrast. Yet had Winick went with this theme for the majority of his film, rather than save it for after all the silly, perfunctory cat fight scenes that in turn just about destroy all human shades within his characters, Bride Wars could have been a much more flowing, and relevant feature. Instead it exists simply as throwaway popcorn fodder for girls on a night out who have nothing better to do than to revisit the same old characters, wacky situations and sit-com dialogue typical of your average Will & Grace episode.

  • A review by Jamie Robert Ward (
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Now that is a chic flick
Tausif Rehman7 January 2009
I believe this is what truly defines a 'girly' movie... It obviously about brides and whatever stuff they love and need, and from what I can figure most of the women (including the 4 women that dragged me there) in the theater enjoyed it.

I do agree it is an original idea and does give esp the males out there the sheer intensity of how important this occasion is for women, and also to a certain extent why women may make good friends but the worst of enemies.

Overall I give it a 6 on 10 due to a lot of predictability and clichés but I did like the chemistry of the 2 leads stars, the others characters seemed rather bland in fact entirely devoid of personality.

Perhaps the only scene for men to enjoy is the bachelorette party - you 'll see - ;) Hathaway looks smokin' hot.
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Absolute waste of tape
Two best friends. Both living with their boyfriends, both waiting for them to pop -the- question they live their daily life. When one day they both end up proposed to the planning starts for two perfect weddings. Little do they know that human frailty is against them - and what starts as the perfect adventure soon turns into the most horrible nightmare imaginable. From there what once was the best possible friendship slowly turns into a terrible war.

A meager story at best, the above is the backing line of this film. It could have been enough if it had been worked out some better, but quite sadly this comedy fails to be funny and that is IMO one of the prime requisites of a comedy - making the audience laugh out loud a good number of times and keep them amused until after the ending credits.

This film fails to be funny. The two main characters and their actions are not entirely badly chosen - but the way they are acted out are just too much of a cliché or too clearly acted. There's also too little moments that could have worked out - there's far too many soft spots where the film just rolls on without anything happening.

The most positive effect of the film was the side role played by Kristen Johnson who turns every scene she appears in into a short lasting hilarious feast. It isn't enough to save the film though - it's still a piece of rubbish.

2 out of 10 bridal tragedies wasted
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A story of two girls with a bright dream
Alex Meringov22 March 2009
The movie tells a story of two childhood friends who had a dream of a perfect wedding ceremony in a Plaza Hotel. When the girls are already young and beautiful women and the day comes that they are both engaged, they start to plan their perfect wedding in Plaza. Thereby the are confronted with different problems and even try to ruin each others wedding.

"Bride Wars" doesn't really stand for movies I usually watch. Although I wanted to watch it, mainly because of Anne Hathaway. I was told she is a good actress and is playing quite good in that movie. Well I can partly agree with that. Her performance in "Bride Wars" was surely satisfactory, however I believe her role was not really challenging. For the rest, I have to confess that the story of the movie is quite poor. It is obvious that the idea of the movie is to show us how two childhood friends deal with their friendship when their most desired dream seems to come true. However this appears unrealistic in the movie. Two best friends who know each other for over twenty years wouldn't try to spoil each others lives. "Bride Wars" appears also not that funny as it probably should be. The jokes are even a bit dumb and absolutely not funny.

Summing up I think that "Bride Wars" is a motion picture made more for girls who also have bright thoughts about their wedding.
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Mediocre at Best
swinktorxer29 January 2009
Honestly, how many angry bride movies can Hollywood come out with? I thought 27 Dresses had a pretty good plot, even though it was way way way predictable, the characters were likable and different. There were no strip club bachelor/bachelorette parties, no fights that left you hating both of the women in the movie, and some pretty good acting. However,in Bride Wars, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway have reached a low point in their career, dreadfully overacting and dramatizing every little detail to the point of me losing interest. The three male leads were decent, but for the most part, left a lot to be desired. Their characters were somewhat shallow, possibly due to a predictable and weak screenplay and script. This reminded me too much of all the bride movies and over-hyped chick flicks of the past. When will Hollywood come out with another Notebook romance?
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Ill-Conceived and Executed from All Perspectives
Gary Murphy11 January 2009
This is easily in the bottom 20 movies of all time for me. I was a captive audience member and would not have chosen it myself. I expected a lighthearted romantic comedy, which I can tolerate although that's not my favorite genre.

For starters, who in the world is the target demographic for this disaster? I would guess it's tweener girls, but I wouldn't want my daughters to see women acting petty and selfish. The two lead characters are awful people acting in cruel ways. I sort of like dark comedies, but this didn't play as a dark comedy, either.

The premise is horrible. The writing doesn't take it anywhere. The acting even wasn't all that great. There was nothing special about the direction.

This is a real dog. As I yelled to the groom in the movie, "Run away. Just run away!"
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One of the worst movies of 2009
Velociraptor25614 February 2010
When Bride Wars first came out, the critic Mark Kermode was so confident that it would be on his Top 10 worst movies of 2009 that he declared he would give up movie reviewing if it wasn't (it was). Having now seen it myself, I see exactly where he was coming from. This is a horrible, horrible movie. There is nothing at all good about it.

The plot is totally nonsensical. Two best friends getting their weddings booked on the same day, and immediately turning on each other with pranks and sabotage efforts? How does that sound like a good movie concept?

But many things combine to ensure that nothing can be salvaged from this awful premise. It's no good as a comedy: none of the jokes are funny. The acting is as bland as it gets. And the characters themselves are wholly unlikeable: they are just selfish, two-dimensional people who have skewed priorities and are never properly called on it, and it is impossible to understand just why they're being so horrible to each other.

Regardless of your gender, do not watch this movie.
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Just when you thought dumb couldn't get any dumber...
fertilecelluloid14 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Director Gary Winick ought to be ashamed of himself for creating such utter garbage as this and spitting on cinema's potential. The film is legitimate "anti-cinema", sort of a big screen TV pilot that doesn't even come close to the quality of contemporary TV. It exists in a curious time warp of brainless, vapid twaddle that would boggle any intelligent mind. Clearly, "Bride Wars" isn't aimed at intelligent minds. At the session I attended with my partner, several unfortunate looking, slightly overweight women constantly texted and glanced upwards occasionally at the screen. It has become infuriating to watch movies at the cinema with these little glowing squares popping up all around you in the dark as you're trying to concentrate. I told two of these women to stop texting and was met with moronic, vacant stares. These people are the audience for "Bride Wars", although they're not the only ones texting; that's a cancer that has infected cinema going worldwide. As you would expect, the dreadful and vile Kate Hudson toplines this hideous wreck. She opted to smear her entire career with cinematic manure years ago, so her appearance in this was inevitable. Not so Ann Hathaway, who recently starred in and was quite good in the highly overrated "Rachel Getting Married". At least that had a semi-decent script and was directed by a filmmaker, not a fraud and betrayer of Real Men. Is Hathaway being groomed to replace Hudson? Or maybe Jennifer Anniston? I sincerely hope not. The story is simple and predictable. Hudson and Hathaway have been friends since childhood. They once visited a famous New York hotel and witnessed a wedding. From that moment, these vacuous, boring women have been obsessed with getting married at the same hotel on the same day. Zoom forward two decades. Hudson is now a horrible lawyer and an utter bitch. Hathaway is a slightly more tolerable, doormat-type girl who has just been proposed to. Hudson is angry about that. She is so angry, in fact, that she marches into the office of her pussy-whipped fiancé and demands he propose to her, which he does. If you're looking for strong, independent men who wouldn't put up with a minute of this woman's crap, you're in the wrong movie. These movies are all about men (most men, actually) who've been brainwashed into thinking that their job in life is to make women's dreams come true. Screw their own ambitions. These guys have no balls at all. Anyway, once these two dreadful dames are engaged, they visit wedding planner Candace Bergen, who informs them that it won't be possible for them to get married on the same day because the hotel is fully booked. That's when the film starts earning its "Bride Wars" title. Although they've been buddies for years, these so-called friends plot and scheme to ruin each other's "Big Day". This really is frightening film-making. Starting with the premise that a woman's wedding is "The Biggest Day Of Her Life" (how depressing!), it goes from bad to much worse as director (?) Winick rapes every cliché in the book in his attempt to milk laughs from the retarded script. Not only does everything end "happily" (if you can call getting married to Kate Hudson happy), the writers contradict their own logic in order to contrive a resolution. Although everybody has been told that there is no room at the hotel for two weddings (which is the basic dramatic set-up), the climax takes place at the hotel as the two weddings take place in two difference areas. Huh?! Sloppy? You bet. Hathaway is probably too young to realize that making this would do nothing for her career. Then again, she probably made a killing financially, so who cares, right? I do, but that's silly of me. Not surprisingly, the film opened with healthy grosses, guaranteeing that more of its stinking, rancid ilk will be rolling down the assembly line very soon. The fat, homely "princesses" out there should be ecstatic.
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Girls, Please Leave Your Boyfriends At Home For This One.
chippyjones19 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If you really feel the need to go to this movie, please leave anyone you know of the male gender at home. This movie is.... terrifying. My friend and I went to this with two other girls, and 1/2 way through the movie, he left, and it was just me and them. This movie was not funny at all. If you have seen the preview, you have seen the movie. They do not do any more 'funny' things to each other than what you see in the preview. The rest is full of bad, bad jokes, and very terrible plot twists, if you can even call it that. Please, do not make any other men see this movie, for the sake of his sanity. I hope you can understand, and I'm pretty sure the 4 1/2 star rating helps you understand my cause here.
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A Nutshell Review: Bride Wars
DICK STEEL24 January 2009
Anne Hathaway rules the screens this month in Singapore, with three movies hitting the screens - Rachel Getting Married, Passengers, and now teaming up with Kate Hudson for my second wedding theme movie of the day, Bride Wars. Alas this film by director Gary Winick had the trailer to thank for in letting every cat out of the bag that there's little surprise left when the girls have a go at each other.

Liv (Hudson) and Emma (Hathaway) are best friends since young, where they were subconsciously programmed that they must be each other's maid of honour, as well as to have their weddings at New York's swanky The Plaza in June. Fast forward to today, and they are on the cusp of their engagements, which of course meant that they do get to finally turn their long held dreams into reality. From being girly about attending each other's events to engaging one of the finest wedding planners ever, Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen), little do they know a small administrative screw up will threaten their very friendship.

One wonders if girls can indeed be so petty over such little details. You see, the entire plot hinges on this very fine condition that the two girls hold onto, and that is to be each other's maid of honour. Which doesn't make sense because they can each have their wedding on the same day and at the same venue (different ballrooms of course), but because of their insistence to be present at their best friend's wedding, they fall out, insult each other, and declare war.

So only if you buy that wee bit of irrationality (OK, so some claim that the opposite sex can get unreasonable from time to time...) do you buy into the entire bickering, where they go one up against the other, sabotaging plans to be at their best come their wedding day. It also helps that the demeanour of the girls are on opposite sides of the spectrum, with Liv being the alpha-female go-getter who doesn't take no for an answer, and Emma the good natured sweetheart. Of course the series of back-biting do change their characters both for the worse and for the better. Best friends can become your worst enemies since they know every dirty little secret you had confided in them before, and can exploit your very weakness to gain an advantage, so one can find it easy to identify with the predicament of both sides.

Those who suffer will nonetheless be the common friends, who have to sit on the fence and not take sides. The trailer has spelt out the storyline and laid out the best jokes on the table, so unless you're really hard up for jokes that you know the punchline to, this may be just an average chick flick. Having it rated PG (instead of the original NC-16) also meant that some of the more coarse dialogue in Marion St. Claire's meeting with the girls, get chopped off quite abruptly.
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Bride Wars (2009)
Craig Somerville9 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Bride Wars (2009), I potentially thought this movie could turn out to be one of those quirky, funny, well thought out and acted comedies that occasionally come out of Hollywood. To be honest that is the only reason I agreed to accompany my Girlfriend to the movies to see it.

However my enthusiasm was quickly suppressed, and I realised early on that the movie might actually turn out to be like so many other, forgettable, overly sentimental and almost pointless comedies that Hollywood are also famous for producing.

What didn't I like.

Well its not very funny, there is pretty much ZERO laugh out loud moments in the entire movie. From start to end.

The men the two lead (and talented) actresses are marrying are cardboard cutouts with ZERO character development and thanks to that are totally unlikable. How can we care about their individual engagement's and marriage's if there is no bridge built between us and them.

The "War",or more like the "playground type spats" are also extremely disappointing. No originality or real fun attached to anything they do to each other.

The "I could see it coming from 10 minutes in" ending, the whole Brother/potential failed marriage issue, once again completely unoriginal.

I also couldn't quite get it round my head that two life-long friends that plainly love each other could actually be so cruel to each other.

The WTF moment....the dance off scene, what were they thinking?? Cringe cringe and lets all cringe again.

I do however agree that both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway (particularly) are fine actresses, and are both very pleasing to the eye. The scene in which they "make-up" is actually quite touching and well acted. Shame about the rest of course.

Overall a pretty poor effort at a romantic comedy. The fact there is no romance and no comedy probably explains why.

Its not a complete car crash, but its a very empty film which I'm sure I will quickly forget I actually seen. Then one day I will spot it in the TV listings and have a vague memory of watching it.

Hopefully this is only a one time bad blip on Anne Hathaway's otherwise impressive career to date. As for Kate, well lets just think about a new agent, bad movies are becoming part of the course for her career as late.

3/10 Watchable....but only just. In my opinion not for shelling out cinema prices to experience. Leave this one for viewing via TV, rental or bargain basement DVD prices.
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At a time when women run for Presidency and lead social revolutions, Bride Wars acts like a chauvinistic 19th century relic
Sa'ar Vardi9 January 2009
What makes me sad about Bride Wars is the fact that it's going to make a lot of money on its opening weekend, and probably double or triple that amount throughout its run. Why anyone would want to submit himself to an over-clichéd chick flick that looks and acts like something we've all seen a million times before - only worse - is beyond me. Still, awareness seems to be sky high, with many unwilling boyfriends/husbands destined to be dragged to their local theaters by their mates.

At a time where quality films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire are actually making a dent at the box-office, Bride Wars existence baffles me. The story follows two BFF (best friends forever) who decided to have a wedding in June at some fancy plaza when they were little girls. Years later, an unfortunate series of events ends in both the women - still BFF well into their twenties (like duh) - setting their wedding day on the exact same date. From here on out, it's war between the two stereotypical women (one control-freaked blonde, otherwise known as Kate Hudson; and one spineless brunette, known better as Anne Hathaway). Naturally, both ladies live in a perfect world where there's no economic depression and they can each spend an enormous amount of money on this unnecessary war of theirs.

Alas, instead of being a decent display of romantic comedy, Bride Wars becomes a shallow and degrading show that implies that with all the progress the feminist movement has made during the past century, women will always be emotional and helpless beings, forever interested in superficial matters. In a time when women aim to run for Presidency and lead social revolutions, this is a real depressing conclusion. Add this to the aforementioned fact that Bride Wars utilizes every cliché in the book, and you're better off watching one of the numerous Oscar hopefuls heading your way.

I gave it 4 out of 10.
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Plot Hole Ruins Film -- Sadly, it's no Dark Knight
Tom Thayer14 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Bride Wars is a romantic comedy about a classic American rite of passage: the battle between two best friends who, through circumstances far beyond their control, can only get married on the same day for some reason.

Let me just say that I have been excited to see this movie since before it was even announced. On opening night, I arrived at the theatre promptly at midnight in my bride costume. Sadly, I must report that I was among the few that actually took the extra step to dress up. Apparently, wearing costumes to opening night is a dying tradition in American culture, because if you're not getting in costume for Bride Wars, what are you holding out for? Your own wedding? Please. Nobody is going to see that.

As much as I wanted this film to be the next Dark Knight, there was an obvious plot hole that was impossible to overlook. Frankly, it ruins the entire movie. I was actually embarrassed to be wearing the bridal gown when the movie was over.

The dramatic conflict is created by the two best friends who want to get married on the same day. The question burning in the audience's collective mind is: why doesn't one bride simply kill the other?

If Hollywood and MTV have taught us anything (and they have taught us everything), it is that weddings are the single most important thing to any woman, ever. Weddings trump money, love, new shoes, children, and most of all, friendship. Weddings are the only thing that gives a woman meaning in her shallow, shoe-centric life.

In fact, I only know of one girl who would not murder her best friend if her friend was preventing her from having her wedding on a specific day (and that's only because she has no friends). Back me up on this, ladies.

I know what you're going to say: " Tom, I agree with everything you just said, but if one of the brides killed the other one, the movie would have been too short." Maybe you are right, Faceless-Reader-of-this-Blog. But at least it would have been real.

It would have been so easy for them to do it, too. A mail bomb, poison, hire a hit-man, poison-by-mail, or scissors to the back of the head while they were clipping wedding coupons.

Another solution would be for one of the brides to kill the other's groom (no groom = no marriage). The consequences of this would have created a deliciously dramatic situation, as it would leave a vengeful, fiancé-less woman, who would crash the other girl's wedding drunk, and right before the vows, telling everyone "You know what, she killed my fiancé? Whaddaya think about that?" Or she might pay a homeless man $20 to marry her, and continue with the wedding as planned, just out of spite.

You see, faithless readers, there is plenty of drama in reality. Hollywood has no need to insult us with such contrived endings, such as the two girls resolving their differences and becoming friends again in the end. No more, Hollywood! We want real! We demand the promised bloodshed that you have promised us!

1 out of 5 stars.

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Completely unappealing in every way possible.
Fox Hamilton10 June 2009
I don't even know where to begin with this wretched excuse for a movie. Two very unlikeable (and hard to look at) women are obsessed with their selfish desires to have the "perfect" wedding that they can't even share it with their best friend. In the end, it says "Don't fight with your friend...they'll give up eventually and let you have your own wedding." I can't even stand to look at the poster for this crap. I don't even want to write this review. It's a waste of time. Just like this movie. Only worse. I'd rather cut off my big toes and run from Maine to Mexico non-stop while simultaneously sticking blood-sucking leaches all over my crotch. That's how bad this movie is (if you knew me, you'd know how important my crotch and toes are to me).

The utter selfishness of the two lead characters just pisses you off so much that you do hope something bad happens to both of them and when such things (and believe me, not nearly bad enough) happen, you won't laugh. You'll just sneer evilly because that's what you want to happen. Honestly, I was hoping one of them would either kill the other during a childish cat fight or accidentally stepped in front of traffic. Hell, a murder mystery does sound a hell of a lot more interesting anyway.

This is going on my list of the worst of 2009. Without a doubt. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must redeem myself for putting my mind through that kind of torture and watch something good.
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Take the film for what it is and you'll laugh and have a good time!!
Robert W.28 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly can't believe how serious some reviewers (most of them women) are taking Bride Wars. They are calling it feminist set back, chauvinistic and unrealistic. God forbid anyone let go of reality for a couple hours to enjoy a film especially a comedy and as a comedy, chick flick or not, a fun, hilarious, slapstick movie that anyone could enjoy. It's ridiculous to think that the movie is trying to anti-feminist or even try to stereotype anyone. Instead it's simply an amusing, slapstick ride about two best friends. My expectations for the film weren't all that high, I expected predictability and probably nothing too far from the beaten path but I was pleasantly surprised that the actors pulled off a riot of a movie and the story was watchable and not dragging. Screenplay co-writer Casey Wilson comes from Saturday Night Live which certainly helps with the comedy aspect but I think the style and character to the film is the lead actors. While neither actor really gets a lot of depth to her character they still have good solid chemistry and both are talented comediennes.

Anne Hathaway has really come a long way as an actor. I instantly fell in love with her style and comedy in The Princess Diaries and have enjoyed her in a lot of other roles. She is a very talented actress but she can also let loose and just have fun and that's what her role in Bride Wars is all about. She is the more serious, down to earth of the two and although some have reviewed her character as weak I think she just shows a softer side than Hudson. Kate Hudson lets loose as the darker perhaps more mean spirited side of the two. She doesn't really go so far as to make you dislike her but she certainly isn't the more likable. Still she does a decent job but honestly I think Hathaway makes Hudson look better. Hathaway just has a style for physical comedy. Chris Pratt and Steve Howey play their significant others and I'm sure they both are decent actors but this doesn't really showcase their ability. The film focuses on the two girls. Candice Bergen could have been pretty spectacular because she is a very talented comedienne but she doesn't get a lot of screen time or character development. Kristen Johnston on the other hand is hilarious as the naive and abrasive friend to Hathaway.

The key to really enjoying Bride Wars is to not take the film seriously. I mean it is a comedy and perhaps a "chick flick" but the film was made for a certain demographic and it works!! Hathaway and Hudson are great together and you will laugh out loud and just really enjoy the film. It is probably true that a female director might have made the film different but Gary Winick is not new to the concept having worked on female favorites like Ugly Betty and the film 13 Going On 30. I think it's ridiculous and to call a film chauvinistic because it features two women who have dreams of their wedding which happens to be a little bit old fashion perhaps? Point is guy or gal, date, or Saturday Night alone this film will make you smile. 8/10
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you will like this movie if
fliphop17 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i will tell you what happened at -my- theatre, full of young folks apparently on dates and so forth, packed to the gills, in flyover America.

people laughed. there were some very funny moments in this movie. i did not know there was a 'butter of the month club'. this is a line that could be found in any of the ben stiller, or Judd apatow, or will Ferrel, or Seinfeld or Larry David shows. and here, i find it just as funny.

Kate Hudson does a very good job of playing her role, and this whole 'overeating' thing is a perfect example... in the theatre i was in, it worked, the audience did, in fact, laugh out loud.

Anne Hathaway is a great movie star, because she can play the buddy thing... i mean to say that she is not trying to take over the movie, even though she could, and i loved that.

people will say she is 'wasting' herself playing these types of movies. well, maybe she should go shoot people or blow things up and make big bucks, but maybe she doesn't want to. the parts she is playing are very hard to do well, she brings so much to them. it is hard to play this ordinary life stuff.

the characters around the main are good as well. i especially liked the devious little assistant to Kate Hudson's character, he played that perfectly and it was written well, and got a good number of laughs for his antics. the crazy school colleague had several good lines, talking about "i do so much for you". very funny. and unusual. i liked seeing this type of psychology in a movie role because we all know people who act like that sometimes, but you don't see a lot of it in the movies.

why do people, then, hate this movie so much? well, i personally found the ending rather unsatisfying... it 'shocked' me out of my "suspension of disbelief"... i didn't see how things could be so 'resolved' after 10 years of courtship, to dump it all out in a few minutes. it seemed a little silly to me. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but the way it was written did not hit home with me, the way the rest of the movie did.

i can only surmise that people who hated it, found the entire thing to be what i found the last minute or two to be... a little bit too trite and neatly wrapped up.

but, i am willing to let all that slide... because at the core of the movie is a good story about relationships... which is what all movies are really, even Star Wars. OK, i don't know about Hostel because i didn't see it. but Im just saying, this movie might look superficial but it is not really.

i know they talk about dress designers and shoes and crap like that, but to some people, that stuff is the equivalent of the Rambo 'strapping on his weapons' scenes, or scenes in other movies where they go on and on about types of weaponry, or guns or techno babble on star trek episodes or whatever. or... sports. you all know the person who plays fantasy football and can go on for hours about it, well thats how these people are with weddings and everything that goes around weddings. but i think that is kind of the point..... the movie is not about weddings, its about the relationships between people.

anyways, if you are into stuff like 27 dresses, or that movie with the t-mobile lady and the dude from 'thank you for smoking', or nanny diaries, or other stuff like that... you will probably dig it, or at least parts of it. i would even go so far as to say fans of "meet the fockers" might find something in this film worthwhile.

now the other problem i had with the movie was envy, i envied these people with all their lifelong friendships and so forth and so on. but eventually it all breaks down and they find themselves just as lost as the rest of us... what can i say. i don't understand why people hate this movie so much, just like i don't understand why people hated the nanny diaries. oh well.
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Lazy, predictable screen writing with an offensively bland veneer - just as much a disaster as the pending weddings depicted
pyrocitor24 May 2009
Given its fusion of the spheres of materialistic excess and idealized romantic love, the immense presence of the wedding within popular culture should come as little surprise, being arguably the single most prevalent 'happy ending' plot point and often an easy way of concisely suggesting a lifetime of resolution and happiness. As such, the treatment of weddings within mainstream film tends to take on a somewhat birfucated approach, either challenging and questioning the reality of such a romanticized social construction, or relishing in the fun and overt sentiment of the sort of wedding everyone has been taught to yearn for. With this in mind, Bride Wars becomes an intriguing example of Hollywood's prevailing treatment of the 'wedding film' subgenre - while its premise initially suggests a critique and send up of the lavish excesses of popular weddings, the film can ultimately not avoid caving to syrupy cliché and delivering an adoring treatment to the social institution it initially promised to challenge.

The film as a whole reflects this rocky tonal imbalance, which only serves to expose many of its deeper and more insulting flaws and shortcomings. Despite a vaguely absurd sounding premise (two best friends, both engaged on the same day, are forced to fight for their ideal wedding venue, causing a rift and fighting between one another), the film retained promise, with 'sad but true' kernels of profundity (how easily a friendship can be thrown to the winds and the common theme of the superficial flashiness of weddings overcoming the feelings involved, among others) which could have resulted in a satisfactory satire in the hands of a capable director or careful, intricate script. Unfortunately, Bride Wars could not be more sorely lacking on either front, and as such, the film as a whole quickly descends into being more of a disaster than either protagonist's pending weddings, with the rare successful trace of broad satire often undermined by the screen writing's tendency to cave to easy, sap- fraught cliché and plot-be-damned circumstance, making even its occasional high points feel deflated and redundant.

Otherwise the film could be used as a textbook example of lazy, sloppy screen writing and a checklist of mainstream romance centered (if not outright 'rom-com') comedy clichés, pounded into the audience's head through drawn out, dreary slapstick lacking the necessary acerbic spark to be any sort of funny, and a particularly wearisome array of cathartic emotional speeches. If there is a single positive note among the deluge of negative, the film does boast a climactic twist which manages to be slightly unpredictable and vaguely realistic - both shocking surprises in a film which could not be farther from either quality overall. Of course, this brief moment of innovation is quickly superseded by yet another sloppy, cliché- inundated patch of screen writing, but for a matter of minutes, the film hints at the exponentially superior film which might have resulted from its chaotic, sickening mess. Even the musical score is woefully unoriginal, succeeding only in making each increasingly banal development all the more difficult to stomach.

It is a common practice in many such female geared mainstream comedies to have frustratingly underdeveloped male characters, and Bride Wars gleefully carries on such a trait, with the barely glimpsed male figures reduced to cardboard cut-outs, or pantomimes of masculinity which fulfill only a single note of characterisation or narrative function (the "sweet guy", insensitive jock, etc.). One scene has Kate Hudson's character lying in bed with her fiancé, expressing her sorrows at how alone she feels and completely ignoring his attempts at consoling and comforting her - while a particularly insulting moment in a film chock full of them, it also demonstrates how utterly unimportant the men in the film are whatsoever. However, a less common genre trait is to have the female characters painted in just as superficial, reductionist terms as the men in the story, yet Bride Wars proves just as determined to reduce both sexes to insulting stereotypes, including, to a worrisomely large degree, its protagonists.

As such, the film's only real saving grace is the luminous presence of Anne Hathaway. Despite being stuck with a tiresomely familiar role (the overly caring woman who forgets to look after her own needs), Hathaway refuses to succumb entirely to convention, and instead infuses her character with a spark of gutsy enthusiasm and her seemingly unquenchable trademark charisma and quirky charm - the only mercifully palatable element in the film, and clearly a far better piece of acting than such a film deserves. Unfortunately Kate Hudson does not match up, making the sympathies of the viewer, intended to be evenly distributed among protagonists, feel substantially one sided. While Hudson is not a disaster by any means, she simply appears to float by on autopilot, refusing to devote enough energy, warmth or comedic spark to breath life into her character, and as such coming across as somewhat of a selfish, unlikeable miser, a black hole of characterisation. Supposed comic relief from Candice Bergen as an obsessive wedding planner translates instead into only more tiresome drivel, and her contribution of a hilariously out of place narration only further draws to light the ignorant and lazy screen writing, as if refusing to simply let the narrative develop on its own.

But what is perhaps the most objectionable to Bride Wars is how seemingly inoffensively bland it is, as if the filmmakers and cast could not muster up the energy to be as outlandishly terrible as most other films with as little going for them. As such, Bride Wars is not only resoundingly poor on just about every possible front, but unenthusiastically so, making the film not only cringe-worthy to watch, but also rather boring. Even fans of the genre in search of light, superficial entertainment are unlikely to derive much enjoyment from such an altogether uninspired and tiresomely predictable piece of cinematic refuse.

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Some war crimes prosecutions are definitely needed
MBunge18 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It takes an astounding amount of effort to make women like Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway unwatchable, but Bride Wars accomplishes it. This is one of the most slapdash and underwritten movies I've ever seen, full of inane situations and banal characters stitched together from other unfunny comedies to create a Frankensteinian monster whose very existence spits in the eyes of the gods of humor and honest human emotion. It's really that bad.

Liv and Emma (Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) are lifelong friends that have shared the same dream since girlhood. More than anything in the world, they both want to have June weddings at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Liv grew up to be a high-powered attorney and Emma became a middle school teacher, but they cling to that dream as strongly as ever. And when their respective live-in boyfriends propose to them at virtually the same time, it seems like Liv and Emma's dream will come true. Until both of their weddings are accidentally scheduled for the same day.

Now, if you're a guy or a reasonably intelligent female, you may wonder why that would be such a big deal. Whether it would be a double wedding or some other sort of arrangement, it shouldn't take much thought or effort to resolve the problem. I mean, what kind of jackass would deny their lifelong friend their most cherished desire? Well, whatever kind of jackass that is, that's what Liv and Emma are. They immediately start fussing and squabbling over who moves their ceremony, which leads to a full breakdown in the friendship and a series of lame attempts to ruin the other's wedding.

Bride Wars is one of those alleged comedies with virtually no jokes. Instead of people saying or even doing funny things, the humor is theoretically supposed to flow out of the awkward and confrontational circumstances into which the characters are thrown. When the characters are as plain as generic aspirin and the situations are as hackneyed as doing a shot-by-shot remake of Gus Van Zant's shot-by-shot remake of Psycho, the humor flows like molasses on a winter's day.

This thing is almost uncomfortably unfunny. When you add in a script that seems more like an outline than a full fledged screenplay, direction that's as undifferentiated as pea soup fog, artlessly manipulative transformations in character and the fact that Hudson and Hathaway don't even look that good through most of the movie, the end product is less like something you'd see in a theater and more like what you'd find under your seat in a theater.

Bride Wars is awful. I can't understand how anyone ever thought or even hoped it might be any good. This is the chick flick version of one of those grotesquely bad Sylvester Stallone films from the 1980s and early 90s that leave you in slackjawed astonishment at what happened to the guy who wrote, directed and starred in an Oscar-winning motion picture. If your significant other ever wants you to watch this movie, it's time to start looking at the other fish in the sea.
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I tried to like it, but it just doesn't work
TheLittleSongbird31 March 2011
I have no problem with romantic comedies and chick-flicks when they are done right. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to like Bride Wars, apart from some striking filming and a beguiling soundtrack, it doesn't work.

What was it that didn't work? The story was one definite flaw, it was very uninteresting and predictable. The characters are shallow and despite a talented cast I felt indifferent to every character that came across the screens. I also didn't like how some of the characters are treated, not that it was sexist or anything like that, but Bride Wars when it comes to the writing pretty much shrugs its characters off as though they are just little ornaments, well no characters in movies are quite important. The pace starts off well, but slackens quickly so the romantic elements especially are filled with tedium.

Which brings me to the writing. In my opinion, Bride Wars' biggest failing. It aims to be funny and romantic, it succeeds at neither sadly. The comedy elements are mean-spirited and unfunny and the romantic elements are frothy and slushy. The direction in my view is rather slack, and I didn't think much of the acting. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are lovely women and both try their best with poorly developed characters but when it comes to the chemistry it never catches fire, and in more ways than one I blame the script and direction for that. The supporting cast range from so-so to pretty poor.

Overall, had potential and I wanted to like it, but because it was so badly written I couldn't even enjoy it. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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