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Did you see what i saw?

Author: hhaway6 from United States
28 January 2007

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Antonio banderas as the eastern man who insults brutus. I think he is in makeup and seems to be uncredited as the name does not seem to be there. watch and see. sounds like him.... he is the one in the helmet who calls brutus the coward who killed ceaser as he lay on the floor in blood. brutus then starts to argue with him and is pulled away and told that he is drunk. this is in the camp where they are trying to acquire gold to raise an army to fight Marc Antony. the other senator is the one who drags him out. they are trying not to fight with the people they are getting the money from. i didn't think it would take ten lines to leave a simple quote to allow people to see what i saw. well take a look for your self an see if it looks and sounds like Antonio i think it does.

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This could be the end of a beautiful friendship

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
9 July 2017

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After a complaint is made against one of group that runs the Aventine and the complainant demands that the offending party be punished. Vorenus refuses; even when Pullo suggests some sort of compromise. Shortly afterwards the accused party is brutally castrated… Pullo cautions restraint but Vorenus is determined that he can't let such a challenge to his authority go unanswered. It isn't long before these two old friends are at each other's throats. Meanwhile Atia has persuaded Mark Antony that when he stands down as Consul of Rome he should not accept the governorship of Macedonia as she has heard it is a ghastly place. He approaches Cicero and suggests that he propose to the senate that he is appointed to Gaul instead. Cicero appears to bow to his pressure but on the day he sends somebody to read a proclamation which condemns Mark Antony. He meanwhile pledges allegiance to Octavian; who has raised an army and declared himself Caesar. Octavian isn't the only potential threat to Mark Antony; Brutus and Cassius are trying to find allies in Bithynia, Eastern Turkey, to help retake Rome.

This was a solid episode; the friendship between Vorenus and Pullo has been tested throughout this season but here is reaches breaking point; this came as a real surprise as in many ways the series has been centred on this pair. Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson have been great as these two characters and had some impressive scenes together here. The various political machinations were fun to watch; the highlight being Mark Antony's reaction to Cicero's proclamation… it was great to see his expression change as the expected endorsement turns out to be a condemnation; James Purefoy was on top form in this scene. There are some disturbing scenes; a man has his way with a young male slave who doesn't seem that keen and another man is raped as a punishment. The episode ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger as a plot to poison Atia is about to be put into effect… this left me keen to find out what will happen next.

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no way!

Author: asa_palhaca from United States
13 February 2007

I don't believe Octavius is recast in this episode, i was so disappointed as i loved the original Octavius. Rome is a awesome show, but i heard they're going to cut it after this season, and if they do i will be very very disappointed, because its to good to cut. This show is perfect for both men and women cause it hits both sides perfectly. I don't think they portray the gays in a negative light at all, in fact i think they almost go out of their're way to show how many gay people they had back then, and the only reason they show the rape and abuse going on is because they need them to keep the show going. they have to be able to keep pushing your buttons, which is why i think they had so much sex going on in the first 3 episodes of season one.

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Lots of sex

Author: aarcher64 from Seattle
1 February 2007

There's all kinds of sex in this episode. I'm not confident this is historically accurate, but all the gay sex is either rape, prostitution, or abuse. There's no presentation of gay people or 'straight' people having sex with any emotion other than negative circumstances. Marc Anthony was said to have sex with lots of boys and it's briefly mentioned in the previous episode but they aren't showing it. In a show with lots of penis shots and all kinds of sex, I'm surprised that aspect isn't portrayed.

Octavius is recast this season, as the original actor is too young-looking so they sub him for an older man. His page, Grippa is hot, tho, and he's not credited. I don't know who he is.

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