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Fortune Favors The Bold...And The Patient...

Author: Christopher T. Chase (cchase@onebox.com) from Arlington, VA.
11 February 2007

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"Slow and steady wins the race", as the moral of Aesop's immortal fable goes. And it certainly applies to this, the Fourth episode of Season Two.

Pullo's unwavering friendship and devotion to Vorenus definitely pays off spectacularly, as Titus tracks Lucius down amidst the dregs of Mark Antony's army, trounced by the forces of swiftly-rising Octavian, (with help from Agrippa). Once Vorenus learns of his children's cruel fate, he's off with Antony's reluctant blessing to get them back.

Meanwhile, Atia's swiftness to vengeance has just cost her more than she ever bargained for. An unfortunate and fatal mistake on the part of a servant saves her life by chance, and the trail of deception leads back to Servilia, resulting in not one but two absolutely brutal torture sequences that finally push someone to the unexpected breaking point...TIMON!

Elsewhere, with the sound defeat of Antony's legions, Octavian (now called Augustus Caesar) is ready to collect on the dividends provided by his careful military and political strategies, much to the consternation of many, particularly Cicero.

And for Vorena the Elder, Vorena the Younger and little Lucius, who thought that their father's curse had consigned them to everlasting Hell on Earth, salvation is at hand in a profound and moving sequence that puts a powerful flourish on this episode.

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went too far this time

Author: rrgorga from United States
5 February 2007

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Historically, this is one of the best series ever done. Acting, scenery, costumes, look and feel very accurate. Of course I expect them to stretch and tweak the facts. This so far has been acceptable. Until this episode that is. It's the slavery thing. First of all it was illegal to enslave Roman citizens at all. Illegal. Secondly, if somehow Veranus's children were illegally enslaved, they would not have ended up in a quarry. They were educated, spoke good Latin, healthy and attractive. Worth far more than the poor wretches who ended up in the mines. And why was there a brothel in a quarry? The whole thing made no sense, either historically or logically. In general I really like the series, just this episode galled me a bit too much.

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