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Returning to Rome
Tweekums14 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This episode sees Octavian return to Rome; he expects to be granted a triumph but Cicero refuses. He then asks that he should be consul of Rome; Cicero agrees to this after Octavian tells him he will clear everything he says with Cicero first. Cicero is in for a surprise when Octavian's first pronouncement is to have Brutus and Cassius declared murderers and enemies of the state… with an army behind him no senators will oppose him. Cicero isn't out manoeuvred just yet though; he writes to Brutus suggesting he returns to Rome with his superior force. Octavian still has one surprising option left though.

While this is going on Vorenus and his family, along with Pullo, also return to Rome. Vorenus returns to his previous position and moves to make peace between the various criminal groups. He also wants to be a proper father to his children; unfortunately they can't forgive what he did to their mother and plan to escape from him as soon as they can.

There may not be much action in this episode but it is still pretty gripping. It was a lot of fun seeing Octavian out-manoeuvre Cicero in the senate and the final scene where Octavian is reunited with an old enemy was as satisfying as it was surprising. Simon Woods does a fine job as Octavian although I have to admit I still haven't quite got used to the change of actor. The scenes with Vorenus and his family were interesting enough but less important in the grand scheme of things. Overall another solid episode that sets up things nicely for confrontations that are sure to come soon.
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