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Season 1

3 Oct. 2006
Akuma wo karu shonen
Evil is spreading across the globe, and young exorcist Allen Walker is humanity's greatest hope to survive the gathering storm.
10 Oct. 2006
Kuro no kyodan
After a difficult journey, Allen reaches Black Order headquarters, but the scar above his left eye doesn't prompt anyone to roll out the red carpet.
24 Oct. 2006
Tsuchiokina to kuya no aria
An evolved Akuma - the most powerful foe Allen has ever encountered - turns the exorcist's own powers against him in a battle that can only end in self-destruction.
31 Oct. 2006
Komoriuta wo kikasete
When an Akuma destroys a sentimental moment between the Ghost of Mater and her longtime companion, painful memories wash over Allen, and a ferocious rage erupts from him.
7 Nov. 2006
Wazawai wo yobu mono
A daring attempt to save a little boy brings Allen face to face with the Millennium Earl! The two old foes play catch-up amidst a hail of poisoned Akuma bullets!
14 Nov. 2006
Kioku no bohyo
Abandoned by his parents due to his gruesomely deformed left arm, Allen is left completely alone in the world until kindly Mana takes pity on him.
21 Nov. 2006
Kuro no kyodan kaimetsu jiken!?
Allen still feels like a stranger at Black Order headquarters, and the young exorcist just can't shake the feeling that he is being kept in the dark about certain happenings.
28 Nov. 2006
Makimodoshi no machi
Allen and Lenalee investigate a town where time repeats, but a gang of Akuma is hell-bent on making sure they recover the missing Innocence before the exorcists do.
5 Dec. 2006
Fuko na onna no innocence
Allen and Lenalee must recover the lost Innocence and destroy the dream from which Miranda cannot wake. Standing in their paths is a devious adversary descended from an ancient lineage.
12 Dec. 2006
Miranda lotto no omoi
Road Kamelot has arrived to stop Allen and Lenalee from recovering the Innocence and halting the cruel cycle of repetition plaguing the town.
19 Dec. 2006
Soshite machi ni yuki ga furi...
Road reveals something about the Millennium Earl's grand scheme while battling the exorcists. Can Miranda harness her bizarre powers in time to save her new friends?
26 Dec. 2006
Coat to tomo ni
After his showdown with Road, Allen's left eye is badly wounded. Until it heals, he'll be unable to distinguish between Akuma and the humans whose identities they assume.
9 Jan. 2007
Fukkatsu no ha
Allen, Lavi, and Kanda investigate a region battered by violent weather changes. The exorcists believe Innocence may be to blame, but some locals put their faith in a mysterious legend.
16 Jan. 2007
Fubuki no hate
Allen and his comrades encounter a family that managed to escape the grasp of the Millennium Earl - but succumbed to the devastation of a helpless, heartbroken father.
23 Jan. 2007
Sennen no kenshi
When the Black Order learns of a fierce warrior who has vanquished all adversaries for over a thousand years, all signs point to the involvement of Innocence.
30 Jan. 2007
Kenshitachi no hokori
Vittorio fights for a long-forgotten princess. Allen, Kanda, and Lenalee must separate the noble brute from his mysterious weapon - or suffer the wrath of his sword.
13 Feb. 2007
Kojo no kyuketsuki
Allen is sent to search for his old master - General Cross. In a nearly deserted mountain town, he learns of a prophecy he'll be expected to fulfill.
20 Feb. 2007
Ganbare, exorcist-sama
Krory has once again begun feeding on the blood of the living. Allen and Lavi must raid the castle and put an end to his reign of terror.
27 Feb. 2007
Krory, shugeki
On a reconnaissance mission into the heart of Krory's lair, Allen and Lavi encounter a demonic army of plants with a true hunger for human flesh.
6 Mar. 2007
Eriâde no shinzitsu
Allen's old master prophesized that a member of the Black Order would return to finish business with the dark menace Krory, and now the time for reckoning has arrived.
13 Mar. 2007
Watashi ga aishita kyûketsuki
Krory and Eliade come from opposite sides of a ceaseless war. The lovers managed to find a brief moment of solace together, but ultimately, enemies must live as enemies.
20 Mar. 2007
Kurourî no tabi dachi
From the ashes of a burning castle, a new breed of warrior emerges. Gone is the vampish killer - born anew is the naïve exorcist Krory.
27 Mar. 2007
Gensui no kurari
Allen crosses paths with Yeeger - the oldest general in the Black Order. After a fierce battle, a generous meal, and a heart-rending story of loss, the exorcist's spirit is renewed.
3 Apr. 2007
Shumatsu e no makuake
Allen longs for a father figure to illuminate his path in life, and the Millennium Earl rouses the Clan of Noah to search for the Heart of Innocence.
10 Apr. 2007
Waga shi, Kurosu gensui
The Millennium Earl summons the Clan of Noah, and the past comes back to haunt Allen when he and Lenalee are assigned to protect General Cross.
17 Apr. 2007
Ekusoshisuto kurourî
Seeking the Heart of Innocence, the Clan of Noah savagely hunts down Black Order generals. Meanwhile, Krory prepares to embark upon his first solo mission.
24 Apr. 2007
Tamashii wo uru mono Zenpen
Lenalee and Allen visit a seemingly quiet village where the exorcist and his master once spent happier days. They find no sign of General Cross - only a disturbing amount of funerals.
1 May 2007
Tamashii wo uru mono Kouhen
Allen and Lenalee suspect that a hospital director has cast his lot with the Millennium Earl. In order to confirm their suspicions, Lenalee goes undercover as a nurse.
8 May 2007
Maigo no Miranda
Evil stalks Miranda as she travels to Black Order headquarters. With only her precious clock as a traveling companion, she must rely on the kindness of strangers to reach her destination.
15 May 2007
Nazo no yureisen
Allen infiltrates a gang of aspiring pirates. When the group drifts into dangerous waters, the exorcist puts his life on the line to save his new friends from a familiar foe.
22 May 2007
Majo no sumu mura Zenpen
A mysterious piece of correspondence concerning General Cross's whereabouts prompts Kanda to steal away on a secret mission, but his rogue agenda is quickly abandoned to investigate reports of witchcraft.
29 May 2007
Majo no sumu mura Kouhen
When the people of an isolated village begin to believe the whispers about a witch haunting the streets at night, Kanda suddenly finds himself outnumbered by Akuma.
5 Jun. 2007
Kaze o matou ekusoshisuto
Suman Dark is an exorcist with incredible powers, but at the dawn of an important mission, he exhibits a chilling disdain for a group of children hunted by wolves.
12 Jun. 2007
Yami no tobari
The Millennium Earl gathers the Clan of Noah for a chaotic and violent breakfast. As exorcists everywhere fight for their lives, the Earl deals a hand of cards with murderous implications.
19 Jun. 2007
Rinjin no kane: Charitî beru
General Tiedoll may hold the key to locating the Heart of Innocence, so it's urgent that the Black Order locate him before the Millennium Earl's henchmen.
26 Jun. 2007
Furowa tiedôru
Swarms of Akuma track General Tiedoll to Barcelona, and Allen and Lenalee race towards the besieged city in a fleeting attempt to save their comrades.
30 Oct. 2007
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