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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Although the film begins promisingly, it proves to be little more than a soap opera.
Delivers all the pain, melodrama and redemption that fans of the genre demand.
Love Happens is an oddly upbeat title for a movie that is surprisingly sad.
One of those sticky dramas.
Love Happens announces itself as a romantic comedy but doesn't speak the language of love. Instead, it trades in the slogans of self-help procedural.
Miami Herald
An incredibly lazy movie -- but not an unbearable one, thanks to Aaron Eckhart's charm.
Aniston's constituency will enjoy seeing her again in Love Happens . She's lovely and fun to be with, as always.
That this superficial romance between a successful self-help author and a nurturing florist is also a film about overcoming the tragedy of losing a loved one only makes its clichéd insipidity that much more irksome.
The Hollywood Reporter
The title is a good indication of this movie's blandness and predictability.
If that's the best Hollywood screenwriters can do, maybe they should sign up for a self-help seminar. Nothing focuses the mind like a little firewalking.
Some may wonder why Jennifer Aniston keeps taking projects about single women unlucky in love. But the bigger question in Love Happens is why, with her pick of scripts, she chose one so utterly uninspired.
No authentic emotion of any kind happens in this damp, Seattle-based romance, a fizzle for both stars.

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